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posted by anukriti2409
I think having 프렌즈 in life gives it a great lift, makes it living worthwhile as much as 사랑 does. Without friendship, life would have been such a drag. They are the best form of relationship adding so much in our lives - fun, comfort, support and even the 쓴, 쓰라린 truth for our better future. I 사랑 the kind of confidence 프렌즈 brings in me and make me strong to do and be what and who I want to be.

So, as much as 디즈니 princess 영화 are about 사랑 stories and happily ever afters, I 사랑 the strong underflow of friendship that is always there in each of the movies. I 사랑 seeing the...
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posted by TheMusicalMolls
I did the 20 Worst DP outfits, and not wanting to waste time on the mediocre ones, will now rank my favorites.

20. Ariel's Nightgown
 "So excited to wear this frilly 담홍색, 핑크 nightgown!"
"So excited to wear this frilly 담홍색, 핑크 nightgown!"

Yes, it's just a nightgown, and yes, 담홍색, 핑크 is not her color, but yes oh yes does it look pretty, comfortable and just appealing.

19. Snow White' Servant Dress
 "So fab rn."
"So fab rn."

If the ends were just cleaned up a bit, and she changed out of those ugly clogs, this would be an adorable outfit. She is rockin' that hairbow.

18.Cinderella's Servant Dress
 "They can make me work, but they can't make me stop being amazing."
"They can make me work, but they can't...
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added by tiffany88
added by tiffany88
Here's my list of 디즈니 Princess couples, it's primarily based on what connected with me in their relationship and what i find admirable. I do have some ifs and buts with few couples but that's just my way of looking at how a relationship grow

1. 뮬란 and Shang:
Theirs a relation that I actually look up to with great admiration and respect. They both were mature to handle a relationship before falling for each other. Their 사랑 grew out of mutual trust, understanding and respect rather than romantic feelings. It is to not say that romantic feelings are not true 또는 valuable, it's my personal...
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added by purplevampire
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posted by sweetie-94
I got inspired 의해 laylastepford's link about which American Cities the 디즈니 Princesses would live in and as I'm from Sweden I decided to write an 기사 about which Swedish Towns (since most falls into that category, only a few falls into the "city" category) each 디즈니 Princesses would live in, it's hard to identify each town's personality so I based it on mostly other aspects. I haven't been to all these towns so I'm just basing on what I know about each town

Snow White: Alingsås

This town lays only about 30 분 train ride from Gothenburg and from what I've read and seen off...
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.... 또는 Are They? I keep hearing this massive distortion that Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora and sometimes others are "unrealistically perfect". Well first of all, they're not actually "perfect" but yes they strive for it and come pretty close. The number one reason? The earlier DPs were made in a time where families were still valued as well as good morals and they were on their best behavior in front of children, hoping that the kids would learn to embrace positive traits and reject negative traits so they would be 더 많이 positive people. They cared 더 많이 about well-roundedness, being modest...
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 Credit: Gabriel Fichera
Credit: Gabriel Fichera
As I mentioned in its first part that this 기사 is for those princesses who got their wedding in original 또는 a sequel. I have re-imagined the gowns for all the princesses as honestly, I don't quite like the ones 디즈니 has shown. The dresses lacks the effort as much as they deserve in my opinion. A princess wedding 겉옷, 가운 should be thoroughly thought through and designed. Cinderella's and Mulan's are 의해 far the only wedding dress that actually fits their personality the most, in my opinion.

So here's my selection of the re-imagined wedding gowns for the remaining princesses.

1. Cinderella:
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 Credit: Gabriel Fichera
Credit: Gabriel Fichera
I have been wanting to write this 기사 since beginning but it took a lot 더 많이 time to find that right kind of dresses for each princess. I 사랑 weddings, the festivity of it, the promises in it, the preparations for it. I'm kind of disappointed that 디즈니 hasn't made it a ritual kind of a thing in its movies. Though I understand, different plots need different settings, but I'd still 사랑 to see 더 많이 of 디즈니 weddings especially in a romantic plot. I so wish especially Aurora's and Snow's wedding, with them finding their prince in the classic fairytale set-up.
Initially I had wanted to...
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So I really, really, really 사랑 the 디즈니 Princess dance sequences, particularly with the waltz, as I find it to be so sweepingly romantic! The 애니메이션 of the dance, the way the dress twirls with the women, the romantic and powerful score in the background, the gorgeous scenery in the background and the usually gorgeous dress worn 의해 the princess... I 사랑 everything about these sequences! That's not to mention the show of romantic 사랑 developing. I am very much an old soul so I really 사랑 the process of "courting" which often included the man taking the woman out to dance 또는 dancing...
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posted by laylastepford
link" alt=" Credit to: link" width="300" height="168" />
Credit to: http://matthoworth.deviantart.com
The content in this 기사 is rated PG-13 for mentioning horror-thematic elements though no explicit details are given.

So I was inspired 의해 anukriti2409's link and was inspired to do my own, especially since I knew 할로윈 was coming up! Props to link for her 기사 as it was actually what inspired me to want to do "themed" articles.

Some Factors in the Countdown: Before I begin the countdown, I want to let everyone know that I think crimes done to children/innocent are the absolute worst and my countdown will no doubt reflect that entirely. Additionally, I tend to believe that it is worse...
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Pics have been added and updated!!
So here is the Part 2 to my musical countdown: Scores. I 사랑 디즈니 음악 and I honestly 사랑 the scores over the songs. They have all of the "magic Disney" feel that I absolutely adore. Also, I 사랑 how the scores can provide a blend of the different songs from it's respective films as well as stir up all of the emotions and/or memories from it's respective scene(s). For those reasons, this list was much harder for me to make than Part 1: Songs, but I managed to finish! As I mentioned before, I cannot get enough from the musical team of Alan Menken and Howard...
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added by anukriti2409
Source: anukriti2409
The saddest moments from DP 영화 that made me cry and most often they still do. Some are close to 심장 while some are so well enacted and animated that i'm moved 의해 the simplicity of emotions.

13. 3 good 요정 put the entire kingdom to sleep:
Despite their best of efforts, they lose Aurora to the spell and the only way to make things work is to put the entire kingdom to sleep, waking only when she awakens. It makes me sad to see them blame themselves for this loss. It doesn't make me cry though, but yes, it puts me in a sad mood.

12. 신데렐라 crying in the forest:
More than her dress...
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