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 "Love her dress. Hate her" -A 신데렐라 Story
"Love her dress. Hate her" -A Cinderella Story
I´ve already written an 기사 for my favoirte DP Wardrobes, 당신 can read it here if 당신 want to: link :D, so now I decided to write an 기사 for my 가장 좋아하는 outfits. I have to say this one was 더 많이 difficult because I couldn´t decide between so many outfits (no sequels included).

I also couldn´t decide whether 또는 not to include Ariel as a mermaid. 당신 see, since I am judging outfits and technically her tail is part of her I couldn´t really count that as an outfit, and a pair of purple seashells is not much of an outfit either so as much as I 사랑 how she looks I decided not to include...
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In this article, I plan to create a list of the actors and 여배우 that were chosen 의해 the 팬팝 users to portray each 디즈니 princes and princesses.

To each 디즈니 couple, I made an edited picture of how these couple would look like if they dressed up similarly as their represented 디즈니 characters.

As of August 19, 2011, these are the results in the following 디즈니 couple:

1. link and link
The 팬 picked: Avan Jogia and Aishwarya Rai

2. link and link
The 팬 picked: Emmy Rossum and Michael Fassbender

3. link and link
The 팬 picked: Chace Crawford and Diana Argon

4. link...
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 *~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*
I have been wanting to compose a list of my 가장 좋아하는 Princess outfits for a very long time, but honestly haven't had enough time to put a lot of effort into it. I decided to finally set aside some time to write it, and I discovered how difficult it would be to choose which outfits I really like best. So, to make it a little easier for myself, I decided to write it in three parts; Casual Wear, Formal Wear and Bridal Wear. It's still going to be hard, but I figured this would help. There are nineteen outfits in part one of my article.

19. Mulan's Armor
I originally did not include this outfit,...
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 *~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*
 In my wildest dreams, 당신 always play the hero. In my darkest 시간 of night, 당신 rescue me, 당신 save my life
In my wildest dreams, 당신 always play the hero. In my darkest 시간 of night, 당신 rescue me, 당신 save my life

I originally wrote this 기사 a 년 ago, which was obviously before 라푼젤 was released. This countdown was much longer; I included 26 moments in this one, and only 9 in the last. I wanted to make sure ALL of the "romantic" moments were included!

26. Mulan: Would 당신 Like To Stay For Dinner?
 사랑 at first sight is possible, but it pays to take a 초 look. ~Author Unknown
Love at first sight is possible, but it pays to take a 초 look. ~Author Unknown

As great as a movie as 뮬란 is, the only thing missing from it is romance...which is sort of a no-brainer...
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저기요 everybody! I saw a lot of 기사 on here about "pretty 디즈니 princesses" and thought I would write one too. Keep in mind, this is just my opinion. If 당신 disagree then do something productive, like write an 기사 yourself! Please no negative comments. Thanks(:

Belle is absolutely beautiful! Personally, Belle is my favorite. I think it's good that 디즈니 made a princess that wasn't typical blonde haired-blue eyed (not that there's anything wrong with that!). Plus she has a beautiful 심장 shaped face, 아몬드 shaped 초콜릿 brown eyes, and bow shaped lips. Also she's very kind,...
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I think everyone on this site remembers having their first crush on a 디즈니 character. I definitely remember mine, and to be honest, I still kind of have a crush on my 가장 좋아하는 디즈니 guy. So let's get down to it. I won't make a Hottest princes list, I'll just roll their personalities and appearances together and see what comes out. Here are Phantomrose89's 가장 좋아하는 (And Hottest!) 디즈니 Princes.

10)John Smith
I know that many of 당신 are surprised to find John Smith this low, because with most of you, he's in the middle. I, personally, dislike him 더 많이 than I dislike the other princes,...
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 What's a 디즈니 Princess?
What's a Disney Princess?
What makes a 디즈니 Princess?

There are several points that make a 디즈니 female character a 디즈니 Princess;
She must be produced 의해 hand drawing, she must sing at least once in her movie (in solo 또는 duet) and she must either be born to royalty 또는 marry into royalty 또는 in some cases, both.

The OTPs

Princess Snow White, Princess Aurora, Princess Ariel and Princess 신데렐라 were all painfully hand drawn 의해 the 디즈니 artists and were animated to have at least one song meeting the technical side of their requirements. Princess Snow White, Princess Aurora, Princess Ariel were born to royalty and...
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posted by phantomrose89
20) Dwarves are known for their hospitality. If 당신 happen to be 로스트 in the woods, staying with a dwarf is much cheaper than a hotel.

19) The most frightening villains are the ones who truly believe that they are doing the right thing.

18) If 당신 have a problem, quick-fixes are never a good option (i.e. making deals with sea witches, eating the red apple, etc.)

17) 사랑 comes in many shapes and sizes; your Prince Charming may be disguised as a beast, a 거리 rat, 또는 even a frog.

16) If 당신 feel the need to bless a newborn princess with magical gifts, skip the "song" and "beauty" mess. Just give...
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Since Beauty and the Beast is my 가장 좋아하는 디즈니 film, I wanted to write about a few of my 가장 좋아하는 scenes.

#8:Shes Being Difficult!

I 사랑 this scene because suddenly this monsterous Beast is being childish. Also this is the first banter 당신 see between the Beast and Belle, 당신 also get to see how desperatly the 성 staff is trying to get him to be polite and get the girl to fall in 사랑 with him.

#7: The Library:

When the Beast presents Belle the 도서관, 라이브러리 and shares his desperate attempts to win her 심장 to cogsworth and lumiere 당신 just want to go "Awwww" the look on his face...
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 Which outfit will show as the best *(picture borrowed from disneyprince's article)
Which outfit will show as the best *(picture borrowed from disneyprince's article)
Dweeb started making these countdown, but she never made one with Mulan's outfits, so I decided to make one since in honor of 뮬란 month.

During the countdown, people noticed that, even if they don't put 뮬란 high on their best dressed list, all of her outfits are pretty and she has nice clothes in general.

There are 9 outfits that 뮬란 wore, and I separated them in 3 categories:


Casual clothes
Or lets call it what it really is- underwear. People don't really like those outfits because they are simple, not very pretty and they weren't worn...
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posted by madisonsavanna
 Baby Luna
Baby Luna
We all know the story of Sleeping Beauty. Of how a girl named Aurora was put in a sleeping death, and was awaken 의해 the 키스 of her handsome prince, Phillip. The two were soon married, and they lived happily ever after, but did 당신 ever wonder what happened after their happily ever after? Well, I’ll tell you!

The week after Aurora’s 24th birthday, she gave birth to a baby girl, a little princess. They named her “Luna,” which means moon. They named her after the moon because Aurora was named after the dawn, so naming Luna after the moon was to represent how Aurora wanted Luna to be her...
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I have been 읽기 around this site: Picks, Articles, Etc...and it kinda upsets me that some people get angry at other people because they like a character they dont like.
Well each 디즈니 Princess honestly brings something different into their story i guess thats why everyone seems to have different opinions on whos their favorite.

Snow White
Stands For: Pure Innocence
Snow White was the first glimpse we really got of the other princesses...who was the one that convinced us to like the others? She is in a since to nice for her own good, if 당신 know what I mean. She has a childlike way of looking...
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Belle is a young woman living in the French countryside with her father, an inventor. She's a lovely free-thinker who likes to read and go on adventures within her own imagination. She is not shy and is not afraid to speak her mind, especially in tight situations. She is very compassionate and takes care of those in need. Belle can also be stubborn, but she tries to protect people she truly loves and is very patient towards others.
Belle is a shrewd nonconformist for her time in many ways. The most pronounced is her 사랑 of books, adventure and knowledge, which the townspeople find...
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Before starting, I would like to thank everybody who left a 코멘트 in the 57 picks that covered this countdown. Here's the last 기사 for the Best 디즈니 Princess sidekick countdown. It covers the places from 21 to 30. Enjoy!

10. Grumpy
Grumpy starts our 상단, 맨 위로 10 character list. He's the Snow White dwarf that went 더 많이 far in the countdown (something that I already expected). Grumpy is one of the most memorable characters from Snow White and the only one that doesn't act dumb through the movie, but people do sympathize with him. In fact, grumpy characters like him and Merryweather made...
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So, we did this countdown a while ago, but I’ve wanted to write my personal opinions on it, and the 기사 I’ve written since just seemed to fit with the timing better, so this one kept getting pushed back. Sorry about that! However, if my 글쓰기 this late keeps the conversation going, I’m glad I kept pushing it back!
Warning: Tiana’s section contains a LONG rant.

10. Aurora
Aurora doesn’t really do much in her movie, heck, she isn’t even really the protagonist. This film isn’t really about what Aurora does but 더 많이 what happens to Aurora. Aurora sets very little of the film in...
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