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posted by MaidofOrleans
I've been absent from 팬팝 for a while due to the end of school, but I'm back! And I figured it was about time I wrote another article. So after wanting to watch it for YEARS, I finally got around to watching Hercules. I know it's not officially a DP movie, but I've heard it mentioned a lot on here and I wanted to share my opinion of it.

Overall Impression
Fun to watch! A bit cheesy as 디즈니 영화 go, but still a good story. It was an interesting take on the original legend, and though they changed a lot I found that I was still able to lose myself in Disney's version. I liked most of the...
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posted by hatelarxene
 This is me
This is me
가장 좋아하는 디즈니 Movie: 신데렐라 and Beauty & the Beast, I absolutely loved 신데렐라 ever since I was a little kid, and Beauty & The Beast is so exciting and romantic.

Hobbies: Daydreaming, singing, swimming, reading, watching TV and movies

Education: High school

Music I Like: 디즈니 music, Miley Cyrus, Big Time Rush, and a lot more...

Movies (besides 디즈니 Movies) I like:
To name a few...
The 백조 Princess, Anastasia, The Wizard of Oz, The Land Before Time, Shrek, Rise of the Guardians, 할로윈 (1978 version), Scream, Silence of the Lambs, Jaws, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, The Hunger...
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I was in the mood to do another countdown, so I came up with a 디즈니 Heroine one. This was about the Heroine (Protagonists, Deuteragonists, Tritagonists) who would fit in with the 디즈니 Princesses (and the franchise the most), so here are the results.

These are the factors that were counted in the results:
By any factor, I mean:
-How successful the movie is
-If she is a Princess
- If she is 인기
- If she is personally like some of the Princesses
- Is she too young 또는 old

10. Nani (Lilo and Stitch)

She was definitely the obvious choice to be the first eliminated, and for many reasons....
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Hello, and welcome to my 기사 ~**FANPOP'S 가장 좋아하는 디즈니 PRINCES - MAY 2013**~. A total of 30 팬 took part in the countdown, and gave me their rankings. I would like to thank all of them for their help! Enjoy the article.

 이전 rank: 10
Previous rank: 10

No surprises here. Very few people have him high on their lists, and in most of these cases his high ranking is based on the 3rd movie. Basically he's disliked for the lack of strong personality, and the laziness tendencies.

High Ranking (1-3):
Beastlysoul25 (3)
starlight77 (3)
sweetie-94 (3)

Middle Ranking (4-7):
PrueFever (5)
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posted by mhs1025
6.Jasmine-I started warming up to her when I first started watching the 알라딘 TV series. She's very independent and wants to find what's out there in the outside world. She feels like she's been trapped in a cage and I can totally relate to her on that! She has alot of faith in 알라딘 in the sequels. Speaking of the sequels, to be honest with you, I think Liz Calaway is the better 노래 voice for her than Lea Solonga. Call me whatever the f*** 당신 want, but that's what I think. Another thing-I wish that they'd include in LOADS of the merchandise like they used to! Though I wish Pocahontas...
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So I made a 투표 and asked all of 당신 guys to give me your DP 노래 voices lists. The winner is determined 의해 points. Whoever has the least amount of points will be the winner. So if 당신 have Snow White in your #10 spot, she will receive 10 points. If 당신 voted Ariel for #1, she will receive 1 point. I will give the final point score at the very end. The Princess with the least amount of points will be Fanpop's 가장 좋아하는 DP Singer! :)

Thanks to all of our 26 participants!

Okay, let's get started... I will also give the amount of every ranking the Princess recieved. How many 1's, how many 2's,...
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posted by girlygirlspwn
 the spoiled but sweet Southern beauty
the spoiled but sweet Southern beauty
I saw one made for Nakoma, a nondisney girl, so I thought I would do one on 샬럿, 샬 롯 who is not only my 가장 좋아하는 princess (yes I do consider her one, even if she isnt in the toys and stuff) but my 가장 좋아하는 디즈니 female ever! =D this is all just my opinion. here is why I 사랑 her!!

1. She's hilarious.

everyone who likes 샬럿, 샬 롯 always talks about how funny she is and its true- she is the funniest character in the movie! she is very lighthearted and makes the funniest faces. she is so energetic and driven and it makes for a really funny character 다음 to serious Tiana.

2. She's generous.

I know...
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posted by AudreyFreak
I'm gonna jump on the bandwagon! Of my 가장 좋아하는 princesses who has yet to have an 기사 like this written for her, I felt Aurora would be the least likely to have one done. I 사랑 her (obviously), though I didn't always like her this much 또는 understand her, and wish she got 더 많이 appreciation, so here's why I 사랑 her. Yes, I know I always praise the classic girls. But I'm about to do it again, so be prepared!

1. Her sense of duty.

By far Aurora's best strength. Few heroines put their people 또는 duty before themselves, because it takes a huge amount of emotional strength to, as humans are basically...
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Since I am trying to make the Princess Of The 월 더 많이 popular, this is another one of my ideas. In the end of each 월 I'll post articles, based on the countdowns for songs, hairstyles and outfits. There everybody will have the chance to discuss whether they agree with the results, what corresponded to their expectations, and what they wish would have been different!

I was recently informed that the problem with the pictures in the 기사 is gone, and now the pictures can be put inside the text. However, I'm going to continue using mainly pictures for my articles, because first of all, that's what I've been doing for the rest of the 기사 from these series, and second, I like this way of doing articles! So maybe at some point I will switch back to the explanatory and sophisticated words articles, but for the time being I will stick to my picture articles!

Here are the results of the POTM Songs Countdown: ~*Snow White*~ (April 2013)! Enjoy and share your opinion!
 ""With a smile and a song" has such a nice meaning to it." - iHyrule
""With a smile and a song" has such a nice meaning to it." - iHyrule
 "I really 사랑 all these it's hard to choose one I like the least but most likely this one as it's the only one I could remember after 'growing out' of 디즈니 for a while." - LatinoLollipops
"I really love all these it's hard to choose one I like the least but most likely this one as it's the only one I could remember after 'growing out' of Disney for a while." - LatinoLollipops
 "I 사랑 Whistle While 당신 Work!" - rhythmicmagic
"I love Whistle While You Work!" - rhythmicmagic
 "I 사랑 I'm Wishing!" - rhythmicmagic
"I love I'm Wishing!" - rhythmicmagic
 "I hope Someday my prince will come wins!" - Popcornfan
"I hope Someday my prince will come wins!" - Popcornfan
 디즈니 Princesses
Disney Princesses
Hi! Here is my current 디즈니 Princess list so I hope you'll like it! Let's begin with the bottom ranks...

11. Snow White
I do not hate Snow White but I also do not 사랑 her that much! I hate her voice and her eyes. Yet, I 사랑 her optimism! Even if how bad is happening to her she stays cheerful, and it is her best trait! She is also very caring and kind! I 사랑 her but I prefer the other princesses more!

10. Aurora
Aurora is very gorgeous! But the lack of her screentime really affects my impression on her! I know that she has personality, but I do not find her interesting!...
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posted by sweetie-94
As promised here's my prettiest DP Lists, well let's get started

11. Mulan

She has some pretty shots, but 사무용 겉옷, 전반적인 I find her very plain looking. Her eyes are just black and doesn't have details like the other princess' eyes has, her lips looks weird whenever she smiles, but looks good whenever she's sad like in this picture, her smile is nice, but looks a little weird because of her lips, her hair is good sometimes, but other times it looks strange. Her faceshape is good, but would look better without the features that it has. Her figure is decent looking, it's thin, but not anorexic looking...
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 One 퀸 to rule them all
One Queen to rule them all
I did a countdown for both the princes and the princesses. I saw on done a long time back and this time the results were different. Here it is for the princesses

10: Ariel
 The 퀸 of the People and the 물고기
The 퀸 of the People and the Fish

Why is it during a best at something wise she’s first one out? Maybe because she has the attention span of a middle schooler girl sleepover (Do not go to one of those!) and she’s not the best at making good choices. In fact her choices left her and Eric in a hard spot right after they got married. To 물고기 또는 not to Fish, is she for the fishermen 또는 the fish. Oh well, 물고기 are friends...
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I am so sorry that I did not so this earlier. I am so glad that I am interviewing you. Answer the 질문 below each one. Please respond ASAP.

Oh, thank you! I'm glad you're interviewing me too, you're a really cool member! I'm gonna have to do this in parts...

1. Congratulations! How does it feel to be 팬 of the Month?

Thank you! It feels awesome! It was really exciting because it meant my contributions were well accepted and people thought they were good.

2. Your 가장 좋아하는 Princess and why?

As always, Mulan. I just absolutely 사랑 her. She's smart and 메리다와 마법의 숲 and selfless. I 사랑 her character...
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This is just my opinion. I don't mean to offend anyone with it, and I'm 더 많이 than open to thoughts, comments, and suggestions.

1. Minnie Mouse: She does portray a princess, queen, duchess, lady, pretty much everything from time-to-time, but she's also like the 퀸 of ALL things Disney, so I don't think she needs to be a 디즈니 Princess. And the Mickey stories aren't consistent with each other like DP ones. Each movie/TV series/special has its own plot, setting, and character development, so it'd be hard to place who exactly Minnie is. There's really no strict canon, and she already gets enough...
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 I, I 사랑 You, Like a 사랑 Song Baby.
I, I Love You, Like a Love Song Baby.
This was a very disappointing countdown for me personally, hopefully it isn’t for the rest of you

10: A Girl Worth Fighting For

I need a 사랑 song for 뮬란 and couldn’t really think of one besides this one as everyone said it was 더 많이 of a sidekick sound and not really a 사랑 song.

Comments "It's humorous, not romantic. It's an okay song, but a bad 사랑 song if 당신 get my drift." AllegroGiocoso
"I 사랑 this song, but not as a 사랑 song...and I don't think it's supposed to be one." Swanpride
"As many people have already said, I don't consider it a 사랑 song, and it doesn't work as one for...
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 Snow, the kind one. Cindy, the hard worker. Aurora, the elegant one.
Snow, the kind one. Cindy, the hard worker. Aurora, the elegant one.
I took a 투표 and gathered some information to try and find the most common misconceptions about each princess. Let me start 의해 saying that although this site is pretty hard on a lot of the princesses, this brings a lot of interesting discussions and topics to the table. Although, I do feel we need to go a little easier on the princesses as a whole. Well anyway, I'll begin. (btw, this is not a ranking, just a listing giving each princesses misconceptions) Also a special thanks to shanyuisboss, Mongoose09, Great_Lance30, rhythmicmagic, and 더 많이 for giving me suggestions for this article.

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I don't feel like 글쓰기 tons of list of things I've written about before so I decided to write a 가장 좋아하는 DP List and a prettiest DP List with not just my ranking of the princesses, but also with other rankings such as where the movie is placed for example. Hope you'll like this idea :)

11. Ariel
Just because she's my least 가장 좋아하는 princess it doesn't mean that I hate her, no I like her, especially as a human, she's so hilarious and expressive, as a mermaid she annoys me a little bit, but I still like her. I just 사랑 the 10 above more

Prince: #8
He's nice, but doesn't have much of a personality...
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posted by bluethunder25
As most of 당신 may know, Ariel is the only one of the Princesses to actually have a child; Melody. This gets me to thinking a very important question: what would happen if all the 디즈니 Princesses had children?

First off, I'm not so sure about Merida right now, as she doesn't have a 사랑 interest at the moment, but as for the others, well.....it's somewhat possible for them to have their own kids.

The 디즈니 Princesses stand as role models, mainly for girls, but role 모델 nonetheless. So, with that being said, if all of them became parents, they could be role 모델 for other parents in the...
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posted by rhythmicmagic
 They've really changed these girls...
They've really changed these girls...
I saw that this countdown was done with the old designs, and I thought it would be fun to do it with the redesigns! Of course, this was a lot of fun because- well everyone knows these redesigns look nothing like the film characters did.

10. Cinderella
I think everybody knew 신데렐라 would be the first to go. Everything about her look was changed. They gave her a very different face, an entirely new hairdo, and a dress that barely resembles the one that was used in her marketing before- which barely resembled the one in the movie. People said they made her look Barbie-fied and she looks nothing...
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posted by LupinPrincess
People seem to either hate characters that are full of flaws (ariel merida) 또는 hate characters that are too perfect (Cinderella, belle)

I feel like this has to do with how the princess reflects on ourselves...even if we hate to admit it

we like flawed characters cuz they have similar flaws to ourselves, the are 더 많이 human...or we like perfection to look up to as a role model...

또는 we hate flaws and act like critics, wanting the princesses to be better, 또는 we hate perfection because we feel undermined cuz we don't meet the same standard 또는 maybe because it's un realistic

What kind of princess do 당신 like more?
A girl that deals with the bad inside herself and learns 의해 the end of the movie...or
a girl that is almost perfect that deals with the bad around them instead?

Very interesting stuff....

Any thoughts?