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In the Southland, there's a city, way down on the river, where the women are very pretty...
"He's talking about me, 당신 know," 완두콩 fluffed her hair.
"Pea, don't 당신 find it weird how ever since we got here, there's been some voice following us around 노래 about how dreams do come true in New Orleans?" asked Conrad.
"It's no weirder than the girl I met who had feet one 초 and a fat green tail the next. When you've seen all the stuff I have, 당신 learn to just go with it."
New Orleans had an upbeat, fun-loving vibe to it. Although Princess 완두콩 was impressed, she still preferred her old home....
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posted by WinterSpirit809
I am bored and it's been a while since I've written a non-poll based article, so why not? Just so 당신 know, I am not going to make their professions crap like "fast 음식 worker" 또는 "housekeeper", because that would be kind of unfair. I will do things based on their talents.

This is entirely MY OPINION, so don't get upset if we differ, though I've never really had any problems with people on here.

Snow White: Zoologist

A zoologist is someone who studies 동물 in their natural habitat, something that I believe would be the perfect job for Snow White. Snow is obviously an animal person so...
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posted by anukriti2409
 source: disneyprincessfanart.tumblr.com
source: disneyprincessfanart.tumblr.com
As I mentioned in my recent 기사 that all of princesses were not shown to have a childhood, their stories begin when they are much older. So, i thought it may be nice to imagine the childhood of these princesses and how have they matured to be such people. Since everything written here is my own imagination, all the opinions in the 기사 are just my speculations based on their personality, as i see it.

Therefore, there's no ranking in this article.

Her father would have read stories to her at bedtime, that's why Belle is so imaginative and fond of reading. Also, Belle would have taken...
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A long time 이전 I wrote an 기사 about my 가장 좋아하는 DP Movie Intros, this time I'm 글쓰기 about my 가장 좋아하는 scenes where the princesses are introduced for the first time at their movie age (the age they are majority of the movie) so for some princesses it's their very first scene (Snow White, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas and Mulan), for others it comes slightly later (Cinderella, Tiana, Rapunzel and Merida) and for some it comes much later (Anna and Elsa)

13. Anna

Anna is one of my 가장 좋아하는 디즈니 Princesses, but her introduction scene is my least favorite, it's unmemorable...
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posted by CRaZy_rawR

13. Cinderella

Cindy has plenty of classic, charming qualities that any girl 또는 boy would kill to have. She is kind and faithful and remains this way through all the abuse and suffering she goes through. Although these traits are quite redeeming, I find my self becoming bored 의해 her very quickly. She is bland, but that doesn't mean I hate her. She is the only princess I simply like; I 사랑 all the others. Cindy is a great character, but I much prefer the others.

 Haters gon' hate.
Haters gon' hate.

12. Elsa

I'm going to keep this short and simple. Elsa is...
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posted by WickedAlice
Hello everybody. I'm new here, and 의해 new I mean I just created an account roughly 1.2 분 ago. Now, since I have no idea how to write fanfictions and I can't draw to save my mother's life, I decided to write. Which I enjoy. and I'm also feeling strongly opinionated on the subject of 디즈니 princesses, so what the heck? I'm going to shut up now and get on with it-

13. Aurora

There's a lot a girl can do with 18 분 when she's the main character. And when she has three fairie mammas watching over her. Honestly, Aurora, there's no excuse for being boring.

12. Ariel

I used to 사랑 Ariel. When...
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posted by Flutey_Girl96
 First Renaissance movie
First Renaissance movie
This is the fourth of a set of reviews and analyses that I will be doing on each 디즈니 Princess movie. I will try to be as unbiased and analytical as possible. I watch the movie so that it is fresh in my mind, and review 10 categories: the princess, the prince, the couple, the villain, other characters, the plot, animation, songs, score, and mood. I then give each category a score out of 10, then the movie as a whole receives a total score out of 100. All categories contribute equally to the final score.

 A beautiful, headstrong, slovesick teenager
A beautiful, headstrong, slovesick teenager
Princess – Ariel
Ariel is the first of...
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Since I am trying to make the Princess Of The 월 더 많이 popular, this is another one of my ideas. In the end of each 월 I'll post articles, based on the countdowns for songs, hairstyles and outfits. There everybody will have the chance to discuss whether they agree with the results, what corresponded to their expectations, and what they wish would have been different!

Once again, I will be using pictures for my articles. A few months back I would have made a detailed explanation about each result, but since the recent changes, 팬팝 has been 연기 really weird. And yes, I don't like the...
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posted by AllegroGiocoso
    “We still have a whole 일 before any princess comes,” Lumiere stated energetically.
    Maurice then stated, “Glad to be a help! I have to go rebuild my log machine.” Maurice then shuffled out of the castle.
    Lumiere stated, “I have another idea! Let’s provide entertainment for the guests!” Mrs. Potts , Chip, and Cogsworth turned to face Lumiere, and then he suggested, “When the first mirror copy comes back to us, indicating that a princess has arrived here, let’s turn into our old forms in order to surprise...
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Hi everyone!

Recently, I 게시됨 a 질문 asking 팬 to list five personality traits most desirable in a 디즈니 princess. My traits poll, which was going to be the foundation of this article, was based on TheMusicalMolls' list of traits; the first response. I didn't bother to check my 질문 again for other responses, but when I returned to my 질문 after I 게시됨 the poll, I was surprised to see that 더 많이 팬 had bothered to answer my question. At that point, it was only a handful of people, and since I found their lists highly similar to TheMusicalMolls', I let it be. I hope I didn't...
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posted by LittleLottie
 신데렐라 bids 당신 to save
Cinderella bids you to save
There are several requirements one must fulfill in order to consider themselves 팬 of Disney. These may range from simply picking a 가장 좋아하는 movie 또는 song to creating a lake of tears whenever a commercial for Disneyworld comes on TV. But lately, in the past ten years, one 더 많이 requirement has popped up: One must memorize and pick a 가장 좋아하는 among the official line of princesses.
Ever since it began in the early 1990’s, the 디즈니 Princess Lineup has been the most successful series of merchandise the 디즈니 Company has produced. Walk into any Kroger 또는 Wal-Mart and before 당신 know it, you...
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I held this same countdown not too long 이전 and I really wanted to chime in with my own opinion on the matter. I think all of the princesses show at least some strength emotionally, so I decided I couldn't rank them! Anyways I hope 당신 enjoy 읽기 this! Also, my definition of emotional strength might be different from your own. After 읽기 some of the descriptions in people's list for the countdown I realized that not everyone has a similar definition. ((the princesses are in a totally 랜덤 order, sorry that this 기사 is such a mess...))

재스민 속, 재 스민

Jasmine's emotional strength is underrated....
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I will start 의해 saying 겨울왕국 is a good quality film. The story is tight as a drum, the 애니메이션 is crisp as the snow and ice it centers around, the characters serve their purpose well, and the 음악 is perfect for the characters and story it's meant to showcase. I can see where it would draw such a large audience, and I can see why so many people would say words to the effect of "This is the best 디즈니 movie" 또는 "Best 디즈니 movie since The Lion King."

Unfortunately, like the Lion King before it, I think this film is... a tad over-rated. It's not bad, 또는 undeserving of praise, but I don't...
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posted by Queenofpink
I don't think any of the Princesses are ugly 또는 unattractive at all first of all. I think they are all beautiful in their own special way and I decided to write an 기사 with my placements of them. I will start with last and 옮기기 up to first. This is not based on my favorites but merely on who I believe is prettiest. I also plan to include Anna and Elsa because I've seen enough pictures of them to place them as well. So here goes.
13. Merida- I 사랑 her curly, long, thick red hair. It reminds me somewhat of my own, with mine being not quite so wild, but the color and curl is very similar....
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저기요 guys it's me again and I have to say that this girl can be a handful. She ran off to the cottage to meet her "Dream prince" so I had to run off after her to make sure she doesn't get hurt, let's face it this girl can't handle herself she's a fragial as a flower. I can't wait to get her out of my hair, but until than I can't let anything harm one golden hair on her pretty little head. So anyway when I finally found her I she was the the cottage so I had to grab her and have us fide behind a tree.

"What are 당신 crazy" I asked

"What are 당신 doing here" asked Aurora

"To make sure 당신 don't get...
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So, I don't know how many people will actually be interested in 읽기 my list of favourite princesses, but I decided to make one anyway so too bad. :P One of the main reasons I made this is so I can have a structured list as to who my favourites are, as the only thing I seem to know in my list is who is first. So, let the countdown begin!

9. Aurora

I don't know what it is about her, I've just never really liked her. Sure, she's beautiful, but that's about all I can say in favour of her. She's hardly even in her own movie and her voice just really bothers me. Never been a big 팬 of Aurora...
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posted by AllegroGiocoso
    The loud sound of a tooting horn awakened Aurora from her sleep. She was wondering where she was…she just remembered, she was with the other princesses. However, she was taken away 의해 Gaston, and now she had no idea where she was. She rubbed her eyes and realized though, that she was in a dim area in a small enclosed space.
    She stood up and stated, “Oh no, where am I?”
    “So, you’ve woken up,” a voice stated weakly.
    Aurora twisted a bit and stated, “Gaston, stop it! Let me go!”
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I made this same 기사 a couple of months ago, but my opinions have changed a lot since then, so I thought I'd update it! So yeah, hope 당신 enjoy!!! :) WARNING: THIS 기사 WILL BE HUGE.

Snow White

9 Months Ago: 5th

9 Months ago, I loved Snow, but thought that there wasn't much to her besides being happy go lucky all the time. This is literally a quote from my article, "Andddd......that's about it, she's happy..."

7 Months Ago: 8th

THE HECK WAS WRONG WITH ME. This was before Anna/Elsa were princesses, so she was in the bottom four. That is just so crazy to me. Again, I thought she was a...
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 She's so pretty in this picture,no?
She's so pretty in this picture,no?
Yes...the usual. Our beloved Snow White. Let's get this on with everyone!!! I mean...please?

Ah, Snow White's hair and lips are totally cute but the skin?...well....her skin is as white as Michael Jackson's

Yes his, teeth. I mean if Michael Jackson ever smiled 당신 know what I would do?
"Oh Michael show us your smile!!"
"Okay... -smiles-"
me- *keeps morphing his mouth so it can close*
back to Snow White. Her skin is way too white. I don't know if the animators didn't have the...
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