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posted by Inspi32
I'm counting this as opinion(Ik its as list) cuz it all took me, like, 2 hours to list these out. I 사랑 them all so much!

10. Snow White
Don't get me wrong, I 사랑 HER. But there just isn't a lot to relate to with her. She ran away because she was being hunted down, she died, got kissed and came back to life. So, since I really can't relate to her, I put her here. Sorry Snow, I still luv ya!

9. Jasmine
Again this was MEGA hard to put her here, cuz I 사랑 her! But I just can't relate to her, again. I mean, I've never really been in her situation, and I can't get over the whole "Magic lamp" thing...
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posted by arianaec
Okay, so honestly, I loved this movie. But here is my review.

1 = How did Elsa get her ice powers? It's never told throughout the entire movie. Surely it wasn't something passed down from her parents, because they didn't have them, and they couldn't even keep Elsa in control.

2 = Admit it. We all knew Hans wasn't going to stay right when Kristoff and Anna started their journey. We all knew he was going to end up being her boyfriend/love interest, and Hans was going to e pushed aside.

3 = Elsa wasn't given a lot of screen time. I mean, wasn't the whole movie circled around trying to get her back...
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posted by dclairmont
Chapter 3: The Jarring Shift

"Oh, Belle, you're alive! We all were so worried about you! What happened??" Aurora is relieved, and goes to hug Belle. Just as Aurora goes to hug Belle, Belle gets out of 칼, 나이프 and stabs Aurora in the stomach.

"You don't have to deal with 더 많이 death, because you'll be dead yourself," Belle says in a robotic voice that doesn't sound like her own. She smiles and grabs Ariel, who is now awake, and they run off the ship together.

"Aurora!" Rapunzel screams. They all rush over to see Aurora. Her 심장 still beats, but it's faint. "Why would Belle do such a thing!"

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 Pretty, isn't she?
Pretty, isn't she?
Hi guys, this is the 초 time I'm 글쓰기 a DP movie since Tangled. I hope that I'm not making 당신 all bored with this and here it goes.
Let me start first with Merida and I actually she was going to be like Ariel and Kenai from Brother Bear, but then it turns it out that she changed during the 초 half of the movie. She comes off as a funny character despite being a rebel in the family and I grew to like her.
The majority of the movie reminds of Brother 곰 as the line in which Merida said 'I don't talk to Bears!' reminds me of that movie, it's only during the ending which reminded...
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Dear Diary,
   After Auguste's funeral, my family thought it best that I 옮기기 back home. I didn't fight them on this. Living in that house had too many bad memories. I wanted to be back in my Mother and Father's house, in my old bedroom. It was like my sanctuary. My family made the grieving process easy for me. They gave me my 우주 when I needed it, and gave me company when I needed it. It was still a difficult time though. I sunk into a deep depression. That's when my Mother began her research. She wanted to find a way to bring her daughter back to life. 
She had a friend that had a similar...
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 *~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*
Belle put the diary down, and wiped the tears from her eyes. She couldn’t even begin to fathom the pain her Mother felt. Just a few weeks 이전 Belle had thought she herself was pregnant. Words couldn’t express the joy she felt. She told Mrs. Potts the exciting news first, and then they were going to plan a special 공식 만찬, 저녁 식사 so she could tell Adam and her Papa. But unfortunately, the morning of the big dinner, Mother Nature brought Belle an unexpected and unwanted surprise. She wasn’t pregnant.
She had felt guilty for the longest time for not telling Adam about it, but she hadn’t wanted...
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Alexandra was back again at the room with the 10 doors, but now only 5 doors where left so she chose the door that was to the left of the earlier ones and took the key and opened it and went in.

Now she was in a small village and stood infront of a little house that looked like it belonged to an inventor.
"This is where your sixth princess lives, her name is Belle, she loves 읽기 fairytales and her father is an inventor, there she...
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Forgive me, my fellow Fanpoppers for the out of character Eugene/Flynn in this poem, but I hope the sheer amount of fluffy Raflynnzel is enough to satisfy you.

The poem is all in Flynn's perspective. It's just about all the things he loves about Rapunzel and about them. Hope 당신 like it and if 당신 didn't, criticism is warmly welcomed! Please leave some 코멘트 below! Also, any ideas for a proper title? :)


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A radiant glow and a bubbling charm,
Big emerald...
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 Loving this movie.
Loving this movie.
Okay, I was watching the 2012 version of Les Miserables last night and I had seen the 2015 reboot of 신데렐라 last month. Both 영화 have a common theme with each other: Forgiveness. The characters also play a similar traits to each other.


While watching this movie last month, I keep thinking that the story reminds me of Les Miserables! Aside from the same filming location of France, certain scenes and characters remind of some characters from Les Miserables.
For example, during the scene after Lady Tremaine and the 2 stepsisters called Ella 의해 her trademark name, Cinderella. The...
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posted by anukriti2409
There are many things that I 사랑 about each DP but there are certain character traits that aren't as admirable in them. Though, it's because of the mix of good and not-so-good traits that a character becomes interesting. Having said so, I still 사랑 all DPs, some 더 많이 and some less. So, here's my counter-part 기사 on "What I 사랑 about each DP".

1. Snow:
Her bossiness is tad bit annoying to me. I mean, why did she have to lecture around dwarfs and act not-so-her-age. I never could fit this in her adorable, cute and chirpy personality. Her lecturing and bossiness on moral grounds are so out...
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posted by WinterSpirit809
I 게시됨 this on the Frizen 팬 club while back and now I'm posting it here.

Everyone on here that knows pretty much knows how much I 사랑 Anna and despise Elsa. I mean, I certainly like Elsa 더 많이 than I did when I joined in July, but I really hated her when I joined. So that's not saying much.

Right now, Elsa is twelfth place on my 디즈니 Princesses as opposed to thirteenth place like she was when I first joined, while Anna made it to the top, instead of 초 place. So, both have moved up on my list, but Anna is still way in front of Elsa on my list.

It may not come as a surprise, since Elsa...
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 Vincent 봉고차, 반 Gogh's Japonaiserie After Hiroshige (1887)
Vincent Van Gogh's Japonaiserie After Hiroshige (1887)
I 사랑 art! I 사랑 culture, history, 음악 and I 사랑 art. I have done some posts and 투표 about the 디즈니 Princesses in reference to music, culture and fashion but not art yet so I thought I would do that next. I like to think of the 디즈니 Princesses as "cultured" young women who have manners, etiquette, decent universal knowledge and appreciation for the arts. So, in my theory of the 디즈니 Princesses being cultured, albeit each at their own levels, here are the paintings that I think each 디즈니 Princess would 사랑 the most. (I could probably find a 봉고차, 반 Gogh for each of them as I absolutely...
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posted by laylastepford
In lines with the amazing 기사 written 의해 link,link & link, I wanted to make my own 기사 about 가장 좋아하는 things from DP films. Narrowing it all down was really hard for me so I decided to combine things into groupings so I could give 사무용 겉옷, 전반적인 things from the DP films. I hope 당신 guys enjoy!

10. Animal Friends/Sidekicks:
I always thought that the DPs having animal 프렌즈 was the cutest idea. I like the "unrealistic" elements of fairy tales because they're not supposed to be real, that's why they are "fairy tales". I always liked the idea of animal 프렌즈 helping cook, clean, sew, etc....
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posted by PrincessAyeka12
Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs

I didn't shred any tears but I felt emotional inside when Snow White was in her coffin in the candlelight of the cottage. I mourned with dwarfs, 동물 and later The Prince until Snow White awakened from the death-like coma. I just wish after the Prince had kissed her and sat mourning on the ground, 디즈니 had waited a beat 또는 two before waking her up. They spoiled the moment 의해 having her stir awake just as quickly. Oh I forgot, another scene that made me feel emotional is when after Snow White has ran into forest and is crying. At that moment I thought "She needs...
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posted by faya27
Melody's Nanny Chapter 2

Normally, Eric would be in his office, working on countless papers for his boss. But last night, after he put the nanny advertisement on the newspaper, he had requested a 일 off on Saturday from his boss thus he could find a nanny for Melody. His boss agreed and hoped to have him back at work soon.
Now Saturday came and everybody read Eric's advertisement. Many nanny candidates showed up at Eric's house. The Interviews took place in the living room. While Eric was sure to hire a nanny, Melody was not thrilled.

I don't know why Daddy is doing this! I don't want a nanny!...
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posted by deedragongirl
 I 사랑 her voice.
I love her voice.
Hi guys, since I had done for Westlife, Kenny G and Enya, now is Celine Dion's turn for this article.

1) Because 당신 Loved Me/ Goodbye's (The Saddest Word)

For a true love's kiss, Snow White, 신데렐라 and Princess Aurora would definitely play this song as a theme to their respective loved ones. In the 2015 version of Cinderella, Ella's mother passed on and during this emotional scene, Ella would sing this song together with her parents.
Interestingly enough, Shania Twain was the backup singer for Goodbye's (The Saddest Word)!

2) Tell Him

Sang as a duet with Barbra Streisand, Ariel attempts...
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Hello everyone! Okay maybe this "favorite princess list article" sounds too mainstream on this club. But as I find I rarely create any 가장 좋아하는 list 기사 unlike most of users here, I decide to write one.

Happy reading ^.^

Bottom 3

11. Jasmine

Aladdin is one of the interesting 디즈니 prince, but the same thing not happen with Jasmine. Nothing special with her. During the movie I just saw her as a princess who was forced to marriage under the law. Nothing 더 많이 than that. What I like from her is only how generous and outspoken she is. Unless for me, she is lack of development, probably because...
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The countdown is over and the results are in! DP club 팬 have voted for their 가장 좋아하는 landscapes in DP movies. Surprisingly 팬 were 더 많이 divided for choosing the lower ranks and had almost a united say about the 상단, 맨 위로 ones. Here are the results. Hope you'll enjoy.

11. Princess and The Frog
I was a little surprised to see it leave first. I know its not much liked around here but I thought having 신데렐라 and Snow White and Seven Dwarfs around, this might just skip being eliminated first. Well, I was wrong. 팬 didn't really find the bayou magical and swamps looked garish and dull to them....
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With Disney's Moana coming up, I'm so pumped up for 더 많이 princess stuff. It inspired me to make an 기사 about my 가장 좋아하는 songs of all the movies. And be reminded, I 사랑 all the songs; these are just my 상단, 맨 위로 favorite. Enjoy! xx

5. Tale As Old As Time

Most people would probably go for "Something There," but, to be honest, this song is so beautiful. When I first watched it, I could feel the chemistry between Belle and the Beast and it literally made me so happy. The background is beautiful, the dancing is so precious, and Angela Lansbury's voice is perfect for this part. I would've cried,...
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 1. Forest dress
1. Forest dress
Hi there. Thanks for the positive feedback from this i will reply to each 코멘트 to say thanks 또는 give my opinions on what 당신 think. Today we will be discussing Princess Aurora from sleeping beauty, the last of the classic princess.

1. Forest dress
Unlike the first two she is not a slave, but must hide from malifecent in the forest. Her dress is a black 상단, 맨 위로 with grey sleeves, a black 치마 and a black headband. Sometimes she will have a light brown head cover. Despite her bright blonde hair this is a dark dress for her but it fits well. It is a not a dress for a princess to though but that...
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