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This is my list for favorites order for these 10:

Snow White(1937), Cinderella(1950), Aurora(1959), Ariel(1989), Belle(1991), Jasmine(1992), Pocahontas(1995), Mulan(1998), Tiana(2009), and Rapunzel(2010).

Also, feel free to leave a 코멘트 if 당신 disagree/agree with me 또는 leave your 가장 좋아하는 DP list! :)

10. Snow White
Snow White is kind to every person and creature she meets. She is also fair and beautiful above all the maidens in the land. 동물 and people alike share their 사랑 for this sweet princess.

9. Pocahontas
Pocahontas is brave, fearless, fun loving, and willing to stand up...
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posted by BelleAmie
 With love, BelleAmie :) <3 x
With love, BelleAmie :) <3 x
저기요 guys! If you're interested, I have an idea for a new 기사 series- like phantomrose89's idea forlink artcicles. The idea is to write an 기사 about your Dream life. So my 제목 could be BelleAmie's Dream Life

당신 could write about:

1.Your ideal name

2.Where 당신 would like to live- maybe Maldonia?

3.Your dream partner (as in boy/girlfriend 또는 husband/wife)- whether they're a 디즈니 prince/princess 또는 a 디즈니 hero/heroine.

4.Dream career

5.Who your Best 디즈니 friend would be

6.Who your worst 디즈니 enemy would be.

7. What 당신 would look like

8. Any super powers 또는 abilities

....etc.- If 당신 want, 당신 can write an explanation why 당신 chose those specific people/things :)

당신 can add 더 많이 if 당신 want. 당신 don't have to do this if 당신 don't want to- it's just for fun :)
posted by MagicPrincess
This is a countdown of Magic Princess' 가장 좋아하는 non-traditional/peasant/regular outfits from the DPs!
(Note: Pocahontas and Rapunzel is not included because Poca wore one dress and Punzie wore her Traditional dress but later wore a 더 많이 princess dress at the end)

8. Snow White's Maid/Peasant dress:
This dress to me is not the best. I know that she was treated badly and that the 퀸 tried to hide her beauty with this outfit, but this dress is just BLEEUUUGHHHH for me :)

7. Jasmine's Peasant disguise:
This. Outfit. BLEEUUGHH! Sure she's trying to be a peasant but couldn't she dress a bit...
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 Which one have the best Eyes?
Which one have the best Eyes?
Here are the the Results from the Best 디즈니 Prince Eyes Countdown as voten 의해 you!!

10 Charming

Well in my opinion (and all the other fans' opinion) he has the worst eyes out of all the princes and like TigerRanma said his eyes are only look good in his close-ups when he dance with 신데렐라 and 당신 can see his eyelashes and in the third movie!

What 팬 Said:
blablablu95 - i hope he and the Prince leave soon!
Mongoose09 - they display no emotion..
sweetie-94 - They look so horrible, I actually like most of the others.
pretty_angel92 - omg, charming looks dead. ahah xD anyway, the prince...
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All these cool 기사 on here and I haven’t written one, so I just had to. I noticed that no one wrote an 기사 about 사랑 stories and let’s face it, that’s one of the reasons why we 사랑 them. Because of their amazing 사랑 stories that we ourselves could never get unless we go to war, lose a shoe, trade our voices, play dead, 또는 become a prisoner. Keep 읽기 to see who made it to the #1 spot and check out the added bonus at the end. (Princess and the Frog not included)

Coming in dead last was Mulan’s 사랑 story. Personally it’s not my least favorite,...
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posted by DreamyGal
 *~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*
I was so close.
They thought I couldn’t handle it, I suppose.
I have worked so hard for this dream.
This hurts me so bad I want to scream.
What’s worse is I feel like I let my Father down.
He always wanted to open a restaurant in this town.
People will never get to taste his amazing recipes,
And that really upsets me.
I have worked so hard that I have missed out so much;
Spending time with friends, going out dancing and such.
I don’t want to be a waitress anymore,
I want to be a chef, not stuck taking orders and doing mundane chores.
It just doesn’t seem fair,
Because I was almost there.
This isn't the official Countdown of 가장 좋아하는 songs, merely our collective 가장 좋아하는 songs from each movie. There weren't many surprises in store, however, 팬팝 has proved two things: 1) we 사랑 emotional ballads sung 의해 the princess, and 2) We have impeccably good taste. :)

1) The popularity of this film proves that deep down, most of us 팬 are the romantic types. In this opening song, the sweet, romantic, charming tone for the film is set, and we get to hear Snow White admit that what she longs for most in the world is true love. Fortunately for Snowy, he happens to be just outside...
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Scene 1- outside of th stepsister's house.

Narrator: Once upon a freekin time, there was a tall guy named Carl, and a little girl(that's her daughter) named Hella. They used 2 been happy 2gether doin alot of stuf, havin such great memories, talkin, playin, and laughin at other people injurin themselves on AFV. One day, the 2 of them were going 2 visit Carls new wife at her old,tall,wrinkly,ugly(AND EVIL!) house(shes Hella's stepmom), Along with her daughters Anabella and Denaji(but no one cares about them since they have no life).

Scene 2-Hospital(fast forwarding a few days).
It was a pity that...
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posted by princecatcher93
 당신 guys before the team games.
You guys before the team games.

1) If 당신 signed up, please stroll down to one of the teams 당신 signed up for, meet your teams and then vote on a leader (By Sunday).
2) If 당신 still want to join, find one of the teams that is not full (It will be in bold if it's full) and 코멘트 또는 message me if 당신 want to 가입하기 that team and we will set 당신 up
3) This was a first come first sever game 또는 의해 how often 당신 come onto Fanpop. If 당신 had 재스민 속, 재 스민 as choice one and Belle at choice to and Belle's team only had one person who comes on every...
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Now, Tiana's up. This was pretty easy. An honourable mention for Zoe Saldana, though quite honestly I don't see the resemblence. She would make a much better Kida.

5.Naturi Naughton
Some of 당신 may know her from 3LW, she's the one who didn't 가입하기 the Cheetah Girls. Now she's a successful broadway actress and played Lil Kim in Notorious. So clearly she can sing and act very well.

Everyone says she should play Tiana, I don't really think 리한나 looks like her. She has Tiana's smile, that's about it. But I think she could do the part, she really isn't a bad actress.

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*** 라푼젤 SPOILER ALERT***

Ok, I haven't written an 기사 in a couple of months, so I decided I might as well write one now. And the best topic I imagined to be my 가장 좋아하는 scene is each DP movie. So enjoy :)


My 가장 좋아하는 scene is the one, where the dwarfs are rushing towards their house in order to save Snow White from the Queen, while in the same time the hag and Snow White talk about wishes and apples. I find this scene really amazing, because of all the action and all the emotions: dwarfs are scared that Snow White might be harmed, Snow White is enchanted...
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posted by shanyuisboss
 My all time 가장 좋아하는 T.V Show discluding animes, W.I.T.C.H!!!!!
My all time favorite T.V Show discluding animes, W.I.T.C.H!!!!!
Hello everybody! I am kind of new to 팬팝 and I have been hoping to make an 기사 like this for a while. I am going to introduce myself. I will try to not make it to long, lol.

First name: Aliyah Al-Kareem

Age: 17

Orgin: Jordan

City: Salt Lake City

Hobbies: Singing, acting, 글쓰기 poetry, playing sports, 일 dreaming.

Movies i like: Mulan, lion king, BatB, Pocahontas, (basically most of the renaissance era movies) Sprited away, 성 in the sky, first 4 바비 인형 movies, Kung fu panda, 나루토 and Pokemon movies, Harry potter movies, 아나스타샤 and 백조 princess, ect.

Shows I like: Most old disney...
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posted by wavesurf
I shall begin this 기사 unconventionally, 의해 speaking of something personal. This 년 has been very rough for me in a lot of ways. The roughness has impacted every single sphere of my life, from my finances, to my job, to my 사랑 life (which remains laughable), and to my very health. I have been really sick. I relate to the 알라딘 of the 1992 film, even 더 많이 so now, than when I first shook his hand in 1992. I relate to being constantly dirt poor, scared out of my mind, living 일 to 일 on the edge of the precipice, and skirting 의해 through just the slimmest of margins. Every 일 is starting...
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posted by JNTA1234
Though not nearly as much as Merida and other revival princesses,Tiana is occasionally bashed for contributing to Disney's current trend of "meta", "woke" commentary with her whole "hard work, 당신 can't just wish" shtick. While this does irritate me, I try to separate film makers' intentions from the actual context of the movie and the character.

In the first act of the film, she's portrayed as diligent and determined but she's not as in your face about it. For the most part, her thing is "partying and dancing just isn't my for me". She's not insistent, condescending 또는 critical of others for...
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 Dark & Lightness
Dark & Lightness
Hi guys, so this 기사 is literary my first impressions on the 2017 live-action reboot of the 디즈니 Classic that we all grew up with it.

The Cast

I was initially a little disappointed that 디즈니 didn't get either Emmy Rossum 또는 Anne Hathaway for Belle, but one problem with the latter is that Anne will be typecast as a royalty. So, Emmy would be the possible choice due to her 노래 experience.
Whereas the Beast may either be play 의해 Gerard Butler, Patrick Wilson 또는 Joaquin Phoenix, but with Emmy as Belle. It would be like Gerry has played the Phantom's ancestor while Emmy is Christine's...
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이전 기사 in the series;

Disclaimer: Character Profiles (copy and pasted) from link

New Update edit: I wasn't happy with Belle, 재스민 속, 재 스민 and Pocahontas' new backgrounds so I changed them to something a bit 더 많이 funny.

Ariel's Background

"Ariel is an independent, headstrong and determined young mermaid. She spends most of her time outside the palace walls of Atlantica singing, daydreaming, and adventuring with her best friend 가자미, 넙치 the guppy fish, and sometimes Sebastian the 게, 크랩 who is also the royal adviser to Ariel's father. Ariel is the youngest of Triton's seven daughters and...
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 The Irish Lads
The Irish Lads
Hi guys, since I had done for Enya and Kenny G, here is another list of 디즈니 princesses favourite Pop songs, only this time it is Westlife songs.

1) My Love

Snow White, Aurora and 신데렐라 will definitely sing to this to their respective princes. I absolutely fall in 사랑 with this song, and the lyrics is perfect for the 3 princesses.

2) Obvious

Talking from Prince Eric's point of view, he first meets Ariel and she could not talk due to a deal with Ursula earlier on. Eric finds her obvious first until her voice came back at the end!

3) Soledad/ If I Let 당신 Go

Again, talking from the Beast/...
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Hi guys, here is my theory on why Gaston insists on marrying Belle.

Childhood Sweethearts

Okay, this was my first reason on why Gaston insists on marrying Belle. The fact that he comes from an arrogant and snobbish family, he has this arrogance stuck in his head and Belle initially thought him as handsome from young until they grew up that Belle saw the light in him that he has a supersized ego and grew out of it!


As mentioned, Gaston has a supersized ego due to his body build thanks to Arnold Schwarzenegger! He reminds me of a High School bully 또는 Brom 본즈 from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.
Speaking of him, maybe Brom 본즈 and Gaston are cousins 또는 close friends!

Do 당신 Agree?

Another 디즈니 Doppelganger moment, do 당신 agree that Brom 본즈 and Gaston are relatives 또는 close 프렌즈 또는 is it???
 Massaging my feet?
Massaging my feet?
 Greetings Brom Bones.
Greetings Brom Bones.
 2. Fighter dress
2. Fighter dress
Now it's on to my least favourite princess Merida. I've never seen 메리다와 마법의 숲 but I feel that she is strict and quite horrible at times. However we are here to discuss her outfits but before we begin, there is just one Rapunzel dress I forgot to mention that is her 담홍색, 핑크 dress she wears with short hair il explain that quickly.

1. Rapunzel 담홍색, 핑크 dress
WI think short hair rapunzel wears a smarter, prettier all 담홍색, 핑크 dress. Like Auroras formal dress except with 더 많이 features such as 꽃 on the dress and really nice Tiara to wear I feel that this is a better dress than her first dress she wears. 9/10...
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I made no secret of mine that Frozen's "Let It Go" is my 가장 좋아하는 디즈니 song of all time and one of my 가장 좋아하는 songs of all time. From my analysis of the song, to putting it as Number 1 on my "Top 5 가장 좋아하는 디즈니 Songs" article, to referencing in many articles, but I never talked about which version I liked the best.
Back when it premiered "Let It Go" was everywhere and even the 년 after it was released it was very popular, which paved the way for numerous artists and to parody 또는 make their own cover for the song. I'm honestly surprised that Weird Al hadn't made a parody of the song,...
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