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I wanted to do something creative for 뮬란 month, and here it is. I though of making countdown for this, but I realized I would be very unhappy if the results don't turn out the way I want. If you, however, are interested in countdown, leave a comment.

I had really had time deciding which princess would be Mulan's 가장 좋아하는 so thank 당신 princeslullaby billion times for helping me sort things up. I tried to think the way 뮬란 would, and to rank the princesses based on her values, I hope I did it good, if not, well, I'm sorry.

Aurora and 뮬란 are almost exact opposites. Aurora...
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All of the 디즈니 Princess films are works of art. Every shot of every film is literally a piece of art. In this countdown, we celebrated the gorgeous art of all of the 영화 and looked at one of the most under-appreciated aspects of some of our 가장 좋아하는 childhood films.

10. Tangled
Most people agreed that the 애니메이션 in 라푼젤 is impressive and visually stunning, however, it seems those on 팬팝 prefer hand-drawn animation. Most of the 코멘트 that gave a reason for why they voted out 라푼젤 involved the fact that 라푼젤 uses CGI animation. Many people tried to avoid the issue, but in...
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Alright, it’s getting toward the end of summer, and before it’s over I thought I’d do something entirely superficial. The placements are based purely on looks alone, I’m just going to be entirely shallow. These are just my opinions, they’re weird, I know. This is going to get very long. The pictures are their prettiest shots in my opinion.

11. Merida
*Blows out a deep breath* Merida. (Read in same intonation as Nostalgia Chick uses when she says “Anime” in her 상단, 맨 위로 ten hottest animated guys countdown- watch it, it’s hilarious.) I want to like the way Merida looks, I really do....
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This was 의해 far the easiest to do and I bet 당신 can guess who #1 is. Don't expect to see Lucy Liu because she's too old.

5.Ashley Argota
I don't really think she can play Mulan, I just put her hear because I needed someone to fill the #5 spot. She doesn't look all that Asian and I don't think she'd look good with short hair.

4.Kristin Kreuk
Well she's only half Asian but I think could be a subplot for the movie. Kristin certainly has the 연기 ability to play a strong and vulnerable character. I liked Smalleville, it was a pretty cool show.

3.Breanda Song
The longest running, most...
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posted by KataraLover
First name: Chris and nobody but my family has called me Christopher and lived to tell the tale.

Country of Origin: The United States of America, 더 많이 specifically Kentucky. Where there's a bunch of people who just act like rednecks and 사랑 anything related to being a redneck like 오리 다이너스티 and Hunting.

Hobbies: Well, for one, coming on Fanpop. I also 사랑 to sing, write stories, act, watch movies, imagine, listen to music, and watch 유튜브 videos.

Education: I am currently going to Somerset Community College with an Associate In Arts degree.

Music I Like: Well, pretty much anything Disney....
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Keeping along with my Halloween/Autumn-themed articles, I wanted to make a "DP 가장 좋아하는 Scary Movie" post! I 사랑 to binge watch scary 영화 in the 월 of October; I suppose it's my way of celebrating the 할로윈 holiday since I don't do trick-or-treating 또는 anything like that. I have heard plenty of complaints about children being on this site so for that reason I will only be providing films with a rating of "PG" 또는 "PG-13" so that it is all content-friendly. (I even provided the rankings for each film along with the 년 since there was no "PG-13" rating pre 1984 [coincidentally!].)...
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I have to say, this was a pretty good countdown. I'm happy with most of the results and we barely had any issues. A few fake accounts here 또는 there, but nothing that big. A huge thank 당신 goes out to everyone who participated & left comments, and also to Dreamygal, for sharing her picture-making secrets with me. I hope 당신 enjoy the results, & please feel free to 코멘트 how 당신 feel about them.

10.Snow White
Voiced by: Adriana Caselotti
Sings in: I'm Wishing, With a Smile & a Song, Whistle While 당신 Work, Someday my Prince Will Come.
Snow White, the beauty that started it all, is a...
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A/N#1: Listened to the song "Beauty and the Beast" and saw a 코멘트 about a piece of the song inspiring someone, so I picked one that always seemed to give me goosebumps...I dont know why this part of the song does...I just think after seeing Belle/Beast from beginning to end...its enchanting to see how nervous about 사랑 both of them are.

Disclaimer: Dont Own the Lyrics, 또는 the characters...or Beauty and the Beast...thei Disney's.

Song Lyrics: "...Both A Little Scared, Neither One Prepared..."

[Belle POV]

Tonight was the night, the night I finally figured out what was truly going on with me...
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posted by BKG201
 Cheer up, your in prison
Cheer up, your in prison

21. 마리나, 선착장 is sent to prison (The Little Mermaid 3)
This was knocked out first because Benjamin was sent to prison to. i thought this one would of gone a little bit further
because Benjamin is also sent to jail, and Benjamin is pure awesome.(PercyandPotter)
I think Benjamin doesn't deserve to go to jail.(Kiaragirl200)

 Psycho teacups!
Psycho teacups!

20. LeFou and the townspeople are chased out 의해 the 마법에 걸린 사랑 objects (Beauty and the Beast)
This one came last because this fate wasn't harmful to anybody. Anyone can run away and nothing happens to them except getting tired.
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posted by disneyfan500
I don't know if 당신 guys will find this interesting 또는 not but I found this off a website called partysupplieshut.com and I found it somewhat interesting and thought I would share.

Disney Princess claims its history as part of the Walt 디즈니 franchise. This series based on prior line ups in 디즈니 영화 that have contained past 디즈니 Princesses. Those such as Pocohontas, Mulan, Tiana and others come together in this group. There have also been a host of 'unofficial' princesses that have joined the ranks of 디즈니 Princess. Those such as Alice from Alice in Wonderland, Tinker 벨 from the...
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posted by Katie219
The first and eldest princess is 19 또는 20 년 old Cinderella. She had been living with her wetched step-mother and step-sisters for much too long. Thankfully, she escaped and met the Prince at a good time!

Tiana, the 초 oldest, was actually only 19! She had such big plans to open her resturant adn was a very driven young lady. Very, very Impressive of her!

As we know, Rapunzel turned 18 and wanted to go see the lights and... stuff. Her age we know. Also at 18 is the princess Pocahontas.

Next, at only 17, is Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She was so mature, brave, and thoughtful, most...
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*cuing annoyed Charlie Brown scream*

I have been so frickin' busy this time of 년 and I put off practically everything I should be doing. But I still have 4 기사 to go counting this one.

In said article, this one will be my 가장 좋아하는 디즈니 Princess movie and why it's there.

Now for the record; I want to say none of these are my 가장 좋아하는 디즈니 movie, but a few of these are 상단, 맨 위로 10. I'm going over 가장 좋아하는 디즈니 PRINCESS movie. I myself prefer the underrated 디즈니 movies, but that's just me.

Moving on...

Favorite 디즈니 Princess Movie

These are my opinions, I'm also doing this 기사 solo,...
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기사 counting down the favourite unofficial 디즈니 couple, which were created 의해 these picks:

10. Shang and Pocahontas

I'm not surprised that this couple was the first to leave. I think this couple might clash just a tiny little bit because they are COMPLETE opposites (imo) and would have very very different views on life. Shang is a war general and Pocahontas hates war, somehow don't see this one working.

- PociandSmith: 'they are not made for each other'

- Justinfangrrl:' ^I agree, It just doesn't fit. 뮬란 is the only one I can see with him....
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It looks like everybody has done a list with the favourites scenes so I decided to make one too. I haven't included 겨울왕국 because there are still many people that haven't seen it. Anyway, enjoy!

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Ending Scene

I'm not sure about my choice because the last time I saw the movie I was 6 years old, so... Anyway, the 애니메이션 is stunning when they walk away and 당신 see the castle. I find that scene very romantic and sweet and I believe that Snow White totally deserves her happy ending.

So this is love

Soo romantic! I 사랑 the 애니메이션 and the atmosphere...
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I like the "romantic" song, I 사랑 the "I want" song, I 사랑 the beginning and I 사랑 the funny scenes, but for me, the most enjoyable scene of a movie is its climax. A good movie has to chill me in its action scenes even if it's the 30th time I'm watching it. So here I wrote an 기사 explaining what are my 10 가장 좋아하는 final action scenes from DP movies. I might make a countdown about that (with the public's opinion) in the future, but at the moment, I'd like to share my opinion with you.

10. The Princess and the Frog
This action scene has an interesting setting - New Orlean's cemetery...
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 chericherry productions
chericherry productions
Hi, it's me, Chericherry. I'm spent a boring, cold Saturday, typing up this article. The 제목 says it all. From each princess, I'm going to tell 당신 what I most desire from each princess. From clothes, hair, personality, and more. It's close to Christmas! Hope 당신 like it!



Snow White

 high heels and bow
high heels and bow

Have 당신 ever noticed Snow White's shoes? They're almost the same as Cinderella's glass slippers (they are also beautiful) except its not transparent, the color's in between tan and yellow. They are really cute, they look comfortable, too.

That cute little red bow says it all! Its...
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I wish 더 많이 people participated in this, but since it is new, I am sure there will be a gradual build of participants when the 다음 few come up. And YES I included the disguises of some of the other characters because their bodies have an altered look, cresting a different look to discuss. Let's get right to it.

7. Mordu

He makes it here for a few reasons. One is that half of the participants did not even rank him, since they think he does not really count. It also does not help that the ones that DID rank him did not rank him high. Some felt he should not have been here, but I say he...
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 Her 프로필 picture
Her profile picture
Hello, Everyone! Today, it is my great pleasure to introduce --- Scarletunicorn, 팬 of The 월 for March 2015!!!! CONGRATULATIONS, Scarletunicorn, on winning 팬 of the 월 for March 2015!!!

It’s good to catch up with you, today, my friend. I’m proud 당신 were selected. Do tell me some 더 많이 of the unique things ( we should all learn) about you!

[ b ]1. How does it feel to be 팬 of the Month? Surprising? Heart-warming? It’s certainly impressive.[ /b ]
     It's wonderful! I'm honestly very surprised and grateful for this. I never imagined I could ever get nominated...
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I'm sure many of 당신 are aware that Beauty and the Beast is my 가장 좋아하는 디즈니 movie, since I can't help but trumpet that fact everywhere I go, but lately I've been hearing a lot about the plot holes present in the film. I hadn't ever noticed any of these discrepancies until people pointed them out to me, and I was surprised to find that their presence did nothing to diminish my 사랑 for the movie. Normally the revelation of these plot holes would have bumped the movie down several spots on my list, but instead they provided 음식 for thought. I'm not here to deny their existence, because they're...
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posted by MaidofOrleans
Wow, it's taken me forever to write this but I've finally finished it! This was one of the most difficult lists I've ever written because I find all of the princesses very pretty. Let's just establish that right now - none of the princesses are unattractive, so please don't be offended if I say there's a certain aspect about one of them that I don't like. Enjoy!

11. Jasmine
People have said it before, and I’ll say it again: 재스민 속, 재 스민 looks a bit like an alien. It’s her eyes. They get to me. They’re too slanted and the eyelashes seem weird. On 상단, 맨 위로 of this, her body is incredibly unrealistic....
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