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posted by disney_prince
DisneyPrince's Favourite: link//Couples//link
After a hectic few weeks of travelling, working and illness I decided to take a duvet 일 for my self and had little to do, so I thought in celebration of the theme of this 월 being 디즈니 Princess Couples I should do an 기사 detailing the 9 couples in order of how much I like them. Like every detail in my life I find things very hard to decide on, so please bare with me while I make what seems to be the difficult decision in my life.

9. The Iconic Couple
Cinderella individually is pretty high on my rankings for my favourite princess,...
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Users have been picking their least 가장 좋아하는 character for each round. Thank 당신 to all of 당신 who took part in this countdown! So here are the results:

19. The Matchmaker
 Too skinny ... not good for bearing sons.
Too skinny ... not good for bearing sons.
I was so surprised this stern lady 또는 man left first... yeah not really. Nobody liked her because she is the most loathsome character in the movie and she isn't truly important to the plot to begin with.

''I could see the movie doing very well without even exposing the audience to the matchmaker, let alone her snobbish, inconsiderate tendencies. Mulan...
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So sorry this took SO long!!

Female characters today are a far cry from the demure, lady-like heroines of the Classic Age of Disney. They are allowed to wield weapons, they are allowed to lead rebellions, they are allowed to be the brains of the operation. But on the other hand, have we really shed the need to fit every character into a preconceived ideal? Really, I’d say the female characters of today are every bit as idealized as those of the pre-Civil Rights era, simply reflecting our ideals of our modern society, juggling a career, relationship (or entirely rejecting one,)...
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posted by maryksand

At this point it is 안전한, 안전 to conclude that the 음악 is the most prominently outstanding aspect of Frozen. Moreover, the soundtrack, score and presentation of marvelously spectacular and masterfully performed songs are objectively and noticeably superior to those of any of the other 영화 pertaining to a so-called “New Era” of 디즈니 such as Princess and the Frog, Tangled, 메리다와 마법의 숲 and Wreck it Ralph. That undoubtedly have their merits and are exceptionally competent and engaging in terms of using 음악 to set up a necessary mood. However, are nowhere in the neighborhood of the breathtakingly...
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After I watched the first 7 seasons of My Little 조랑말 Friendship is Magic I started listening to the songs on repeat whenever I felt like it and there are songs from that show that had me thinking of some of the princesses and some of the characters in the movies. Here's a list of the songs, which characters the songs reminded me of, and why.

Song: 무지개, 레인 보우 from My Little 조랑말 the Movie
Character: All the princesses

This song is actually mostly for a character in the movie who was a villain but then reformed which isn't what happened to any of the princesses (except maybe Elsa, though...
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11. Cinderella

This was one of the easiest. Despite being the first DP movie I've ever seen, it is also the only DP movie with no aspects I enjoy. I don't like the characters, 애니메이션 또는 songs. I find nothing enjoyable about this movie and I have no desire to re-watch it. I don't hate this movie but I wouldn't say I like it either. My least 가장 좋아하는 DP movie wth no doubt. There are adaptation of this fairytale I like more.

10. Sleeping Beauty

I 사랑 its animation, it's gorgeous and one of the best in 디즈니 history. I feel like artistic style of Pocahontas was inspired 의해 SB and...
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So this had been hilariously enjoyable and challenging for me! Doing a silly 기사 can be totally fun, but be sure to respect my opinion, okay? Admit it 또는 not, we all have some guilty pleasures. What if 디즈니 princesses lived in the MODERN 일 world and had some guilty pleasure? It would be hella awesome to know about it! P.S. = Those memes are JUST FOR FUN

Snow White – Sneaking into 음식 and being a comfort lover

Yup! Ah, taking a tid bit out of refrigerator is something pretty naughty and silly and mischievous! I think Snow would hate being on a diet, just a wild guess lol! She...
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PART 1~ link


Awwww, I actually like this couple. Seeing Lucifer fall in loves just makes him seem vulnerable. It’s nice to see him in that light considering his actions in all three movies. Although it was so sweet to see the kinder side of him, he definitely got what he deserved. I’ve seen celeb couples last longer than these two. Going back on his word and helping Pom-Pom attack the mice who helped him get her in the first place. Not cool.

Funfums picked Lucifer and Pom-Pom:
I don't like this couple.

anukriti2409 picked Lucifer and Pom-Pom:
totally blah

21 KING...
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Hi guys! Very much inspired 의해 deedragongirl’s post, I decided to write this 기사 coz 크리스마스 is fast approaching. I am so thankful to deedragongirl for letting me use the idea, this is an excellent concept! Now let’s start this 기사 right away

Cooking – Snow White, Tiana and Rapunzel
Snow white can whip up a pie and make some 수프 in no time at all! She is an excellent cook! We can leave the 크리스마스 pie to Tiana, although we would enjoy her beignets and delicious gumbo! And Rapunzel can cook well, she’ll prepare tasty 사과, 애플 pie and some 초콜릿 chip cookies! Yum!
Writing a...
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Note: 겨울왕국 is owned 의해 Disney, not me.

Since the last 2 times Anna and Elsa went to a lake didn't work they decided to go an actual swimming pool this time.

Anna said "The lakes have pretty views of nature, but 당신 suggesting to go to a swimming pool is a better idea."

Elsa said "Thank 당신 Anna. I made sure to bring our swimsuits."

Anna replied "Thank goodness for that."

Anna and Elsa went to the female changing room and got on their swimsuits. Anna wore a green 수영복 and Elsa wore a blue swimsuit.

Elsa gently went into the pool, but Anna jumped in. Anna said "That was wicked fun."

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 크리스마스 Carol Style!
Christmas Carol Style!
Hi everyone, since 크리스마스 fever is on! Let's write down the suggestions for what the Princesses shall do on the festive season.

1. Baking

Snow White and Tiana would be the chef for this coming Christmas, they would entertain their 프렌즈 and visitors alike. Especially, the other 디즈니 Princesses!

2. Cleaning the Castle

신데렐라 and Princess Aurora will clean the 성 with the help of the Fairy Godmothers and the 마법에 걸린 사랑 objects from Beauty and the Beast.

3. Decorating The Trees

Ariel has some nice ornaments from the sea, so it would make the 크리스마스 나무, 트리 colourful and vibrant.

4. Writing...
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Hi guys, I notice that there is no Viking princess, so here are my suggestions on how a Viking (or Norse) princess will look like.

1) Maria Lucia Rosenberg (Denmark)

The Danish Elsa, I personally think that she has the looks for a Viking princess, she has a bubbly personality and she's pretty too!

2) Trine Lundgaard Nielsen (Denmark)

Another Danish beauty here, She actually looks like Princess Aurora with that blonde hair and long bony face of hers.

3) Lisa Stokke (Norway)

Another Elsa from Norway, she has a very cute personality like Maria Lucia and she could be the third Norwegian princess after...
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 misscindyspice made this
misscindyspice made this
A while ago, I did a 투표 series called "A Movie Staring 디즈니 Princesses" , deciding what roles 디즈니 Princesses would play in a movie (results are down below. And then I 게시됨 a forum, deciding plots. Although I did decide most of the plot, many people helped me get started and got the plot going in my head, so I can't take all the credit. Thank 당신 to those who participated- whether 당신 helped in the forum, voted in the 투표 또는 both, and I'm sorry for the long wait. This will take place in a few parts- I don't know how many exactly, but I estimate four-five.


 Advertisement 의해 Sparklefairy375
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posted by 220340
 Rapunzel, anna, and ariel
Rapunzel, anna, and ariel
Did 당신 ever know that Elsa and Anna had a cousin? Well 당신 do now! Elsa and Anna have a cousin and there cousin is Rapunzel. Never knew that? Now 당신 know. Rapunzel is cousins with the sisters Elsa and Anna. Rapunzel seems like she forgot she had cousins. I am not sure about Elsa and Anna if they forgot they had a cousin. How are they cousins? Elsa and Anna's mom is the sister of Rapunzel's mom. Now they are Cousins. Another weird thing. Both shows are created 의해 the same person. I never knew they were cousins till I saw a YouTube show that said they were cousins. Another weird thing. Ariel...
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The infamous line that annoys a lot of 디즈니 fans, including myself. I felt like I should just give an FYI as to why exactly this whole "thing" in 겨울왕국 bothers me, because I think some people are unclear. Plus, I felt like 글쓰기 an article, so why not?

1. Anna's motivation is pulled out of nowhere.
In writing, there's the thing called set up and payoff. Throughout the whole first sequence of the film, which is essentially Anna's entire childhood, not one instance indicates that Anna would be a romantic. Her motivation is so specific, bizarre and contrived. I know some people are like "it...
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This is another sequel I haven't seen in forever. Longer than forever, actually. I would say I'm excited to watch this but after Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World I'm not looking 앞으로 to watching this one.

Tonight's rewatch: 신데렐라 II: Dreams Come True
Last time watched: 2002

How much did I like this movie as a kid?
The beginning of this story is exactly the same as the one about Pocahontas 2; I wasn't into the original that much when I was a kid, but then this cartoon 디즈니 movie with familiar faces came out, begged my dad to get me a copy, fin. But unlike Pocahontas 2 I actually did...
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While it hasn't been confirmed, various clues have pointed to Moana eventually joining the 디즈니 Princess lineup. This process only involved 20+ users, which I think is a good thing, we'll save the BIG survey for after Moana's official coronation. That's why I didn't ask for 코멘트 또는 use fancy pics. Since the pool of users is so small, I wouldn't say these results are absolute and concrete. This is just a small 미리 보기 of where Moana as well as the other princesses stand.

12. Merida-178 points

To the surprise of literally no one, Merida is dead last. Often criticized 의해 DP 팬 and...
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I used to give into the hype and I still like her but I've recently realized that she's not that strong 또는 effective of a villain. I've never seen the Angelina Jolie live action movie and quite honestly I don't think I ever will. This is all based on the original Sleeping Beauty.

Now, Maleficent definitely has the classic villain personality (sinister, petty, arrogant) and aesthetic. (she can turn into a dragon, and green 불, 화재 is cool) She's one of the most quotable and meme-able villains in all of Disney. In fact, I think she's the one who really perfected the look and feel of a "Disney Villain"...
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posted by BB2010
I know 겨울왕국 isn't part of the 디즈니 Princess franchise but this movie was on the list of 영화 to watch for months before I finally started doing these 기사 so please just go with it. 또는 don't read it. Whichever keeps things drama free.

Tonight's rewatch: Frozen
Last time watched: 2014

How much did I like this movie as a kid?
I was 20 going on 21 when this movie was released in theaters so I wasn't exactly a kid, 더 많이 like a kid at heart. I wasn't excited about this movie at the time and it didn't help when 디즈니 released childrens 책 that spoiled the plot, including the Hans spoilers,...
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posted by BB2010
This is a movie I'm really not looking 앞으로 to watching. I don't mind watching sequels because I used to 사랑 them so much when I was a kid but 뮬란 is one of my all-time 가장 좋아하는 영화 ever and this sequel is like on a Maleficent level of ruining original characters.

Tonight's rewatch: 뮬란 2
Last time watched: 2005-2006

How much did I like this movie as a kid?
I saw the commercial for this movie when I was 11 and I was excited because, again, 뮬란 is one of my all-time 가장 좋아하는 movies. I didn't actually watch the movie until I was 13 또는 14 because I was starting middle school when this...
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