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 Hello Merida.
Hello Merida.
Since I had watched both movies, here are my thoughts on both 영화 since they're both Celtic and centres around motherly love.

Quest for Camelot

I started watching this film back in 2007, and I was quite amazed that the song 'The Prayer' because I did not know that this song was originally from this movie! The story-line was just like our typical 디즈니 Princess movie but overall, I feel bad for Garrett and I'm glad that the movie shows 더 많이 sympathy for him.
The songs reminded of the Lion King where we have an antagonist having their own theme song and a song for the main character as sung...
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posted by MaidofOrleans
Alright guys, this article's going to be one of the longer ones in this series, if not the longest. There are so many blue outfits among the DPs! I'm also really regretting not including the blue-green outfits in the green countdown instead of this one, because it ended up being so long, but oh well. I hope 당신 enjoyed it anyway!

Previous Articles

10. Mulan's blue sleepwear

I didn't think this outfit deserved to be the first one eliminated. I like the style of the top, and it looks very comfy to sleep in. I can see why people wouldn't like it though.

Anyways, this one is the most...
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Hi everyone!

I was looking at 기사 that were 게시됨 before I arrived on 팬팝 and there were several Fanpoppers that wrote this type of article. So I thought it'd be fun to write my own.

1. What name would 당신 change yours to?

Anna. It's simple and it just sounds really pretty to me. It also means "grace" in Hebrew.

 At least my name is graceful.
At least my name is graceful.

2. Which skills would 당신 like to develop?

Literally everything 뮬란 did while training for war. I'm currently studying martial arts and it would be amazing to be able to perform at Mulan's level.

3. Who would 당신 want for a parent?

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 Which is your favourite?
Which is your favourite?
Since Korean entertainment has dominated the whole of Asia, here are the 디즈니 Princesses' favourite Korean dramas and why they 사랑 it!

Iris (Mulan & Shang)

This Korean drama is about spying and espionage, this drama reminds me of both 뮬란 and Shang because it teaches them about spying.

My Princess (Rapunzel & Flynn)

Although the story is very similar to the Princess Diaries, Rapunzel did not find out that she is a princess until later of the story.

Winter Sonata (Elsa, Kristoff & Anna)

As the 제목 mentions, this drama is very old but it 슈츠 the trios. Both stories are set...
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posted by laylastepford
 Courtesy of: cruella
Courtesy of: cruella
Hello everyone! Are 당신 new to this club and looking for a quick and easy way to get to know members of this community? Perhaps you're a long-time user wondering 더 많이 about the new users? Whether you're a new user, senior user, 또는 something in between, here is a chance to get to know a ton of the 디즈니 Princess 팬팝 community members! Each person involved is listed according to their 가장 좋아하는 princess, and there is a short summary of that person so we can all get to know each other better. I hope 당신 all find this to be a nice and useful guide coming into 다음 year.
This is a tradition created...
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posted by TheMusicalMolls
These are some Polyvore outfits I made based on the 디즈니 princesses' styles. I tried to stay true to the 색깔 of their outfits and the styles they would wear in the modern age.

I made this set based on Snow White's dress colors, and her sweet personality goes well with the cardigan, shirt, and 사과, 애플 earrings. Whoever wears this outfit can "look the part" with the red lipstick.

This set is based off of Cinderella's elegant style. She would keep it simple, yet very pretty. White skinny jeans seem like her thing. The hope 목걸이 represents the way she always stays optimistic.

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posted by disneymagic93
This is the 1st 기사 I have written in ages so forgive me if it is not very good.

My name: I prefer to not say my name online.

Why I chose my username: I was born in 1993 & I 사랑 Disney!

Favorite 디즈니 Princess: As 당신 can tell 의해 my icon, Ariel hands down!

Favorite 디즈니 villain: Maleficent hands down!

Favorite 디즈니 movie: The Little Mermaid!

Other 가장 좋아하는 디즈니 영화 I like: Beauty & the Beast, Tangled, Pinocchio, Lady & the Tramp, Sleeping Beauty, & Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs

Other 영화 I like: Honestly, I'm not a big movie buff but I like My Big Fat Greek...
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posted by sweetie-94
 View from Lidingö over to Stockholm, picture taken 의해 me
View from Lidingö over to Stockholm, picture taken by me
I've written several getting to know me articles, but I felt like it was time to write an updated article, hope you'll like it

I don't really have a good reason to why I chose my username, it just was the first one that came into my mind (but I've been on 팬팝 for nearly 5 years so that might explain), but 94 is the last two numbers of the 년 I was borned (1994) and I just thought sweetie was a lovely word

My real name is Teresa, I have no idea what it really means, but one time I got to know that it means huntress in latin. I was borned September 16th 1994 so I'm 20 years old, I'm a Virgo...
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posted by avatar_tla_fan
These will all be explained eventually. :)


13. Mulan.
12. Belle.
11. Rapunzel.
10. Tiana.
9. Ariel.
8. Merida.
7. Elsa.
6. Jasmine.
5. Anna.
4. Pocahontas.
3. Aurora.
2. Cinderella.
1. Snow White.


13. Tiana.
12. Jasmine.
11. Belle.
10. Aurora.
9. Elsa.
8. Ariel.
7. Rapunzel.
6. Snow White.
5. Cinderella.
4. Anna.
3. Pocahontas.
2. Merida.
1. Mulan.


13. Belle.
12. Pocahontas.
11. Snow White.
10. Mulan.
9. Cinderella.
8. Aurora.
7. Rapunzel.
6. Jasmine.
5. Elsa.
4. Anna.
3. Ariel.
2. Tiana.
1. Merida.


13. Rapunzel.
12. Ariel.
11. Anna.
10. Elsa.
9. Aurora.
8. Belle.
7. Snow White.
6. Pocahontas.
5. Cinderella....
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posted by avatar_tla_fan
뮬란 was happy to go back to school the 다음 day. She knew for sure how well she did on all of her exams.

She walked down the hallway, talking with 재스민 속, 재 스민 again.

"Well, 당신 seem much happier today," 재스민 속, 재 스민 said to her.

"I am," 뮬란 replied, "I'm sure I got a perfect score on all of the exams. I'm positive!"

"Well, 당신 seem really confident," 재스민 속, 재 스민 replied back.

"I am," 뮬란 said.

Then a thought came to Mulan's head.

"Where has Aurora been? She's been gone for a while."

"I don't know. Did 당신 try calling her?"

"She doesn't pick up. Hm. Well anyways, I'm going to class, bye."

"Goodbye." And...
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The 일 began as hectic for Pocahontas. She had a teething Mace who was NOT happy at all, she had dishes that needed to be washed, she had the whole inside of the cottage to clean, and she had further arranged plans to visit Merida. Pocahontas just wanted to go "Shove it!" and just escape from it all. (A/N: That expression is inspired 의해 an old country song! XD) But, she knew she couldn't do that. Especially now since she was a mother. Yet, like all new mothers, she didn't know what to do to make Mace feel better. She took a deep breath.

"Pocahontas, what's wrong?" John asked entering the cottage....
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"Mulan, what is this all about?" Shang asked as the gang entered the hallway. "Indeed, because you're starting to worry me." John replied. "I have an idea. Why don't we throw Merida a Get Well Soon feast after she gets out of here?" 뮬란 answered. The guys thought for a minute. Pocahontas, on the other hand, was skeptical. "I don't know. Don't get me wrong, it's a good idea, but she may be required to continue resting." she said. "Well, yeah, but we could still pull it off." 뮬란 replied. "I guess that makes sense." Pocahontas stated.

"Mulan, I 사랑 the idea of throwing Merida this feast,...
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posted by sweetie-94
 Today I'll focus on why I 사랑 Anna
Today I'll focus on why I love Anna
Today it's 2 days until my birthday and today I'll focus on my 2nd 가장 좋아하는 DP Anna and why I 사랑 her
Previous 기사 in the series:

Even though Anna isn't my 가장 좋아하는 DP I still 사랑 her very much

I 사랑 how funny, awkward and clumsy, but how she despite that is very social, not only for those reasons, but she's been kept away from other people for many years and yet even though she's awkward she's not afraid to talk to people

I 사랑 how optimistic she is, despite being lonely for many years she's still so happy in pretty much every scene she's in...
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뮬란 and Shang had walked in when they saw John and Merida on the ground in a 원, 동그라미 praying for Pocahontas. 뮬란 listened carefully to what they were saying. "Please help Pocahontas get through this in your name." they said. "Should we join?" Shang asked. "Let them do this one 의해 themselves." 뮬란 suggested. It wasn't long before John and Merida looked up and noticed her and Shang. "Come 가입하기 us." Merida greeted. 뮬란 and Shang knelt down her and John and continued with the vigil.

"Ancestors, we need 당신 now 더 많이 than ever. Pocahontas is in great danger." 뮬란 prayed. "She can't afford...
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John was getting restless. Nightfall had come, and Pocahontas was still being tested on. Shang and Ping had already fallen asleep before the moon came up. Mulan, Merida, and the princesses were keeping a vigil while Ling, Chien-Po, and Yao acted as guards. "Ancestors, hear our prayer. Watch over Pocahontas!" Mei prayed. 뮬란 silently cried. Just when all hope seemed to be lost, the doctor came in.

"Well, the early tests indicate that she may have been under too much pressure. In order for her to get proper rest and a speedy recovery, we're keeping her over night." the doctor said. "Then I'll...
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Merida spent the 다음 few hours crying hysterically in her room. Her cries pained the others, especially Pocahontas, since she got her in that shape. "It's all my fault." she said with a load of guilt in her voice. "Pocahontas, 당신 did nothing wrong. Merida just has a high level of sensitivity." John soothed. "Then again, 당신 never should've gotten all up in the gal's face." Mushu pardoned. "MUSHU!" 뮬란 exclaimed. Shang put a hand on Pocahontas' shoulder.

"Remember what I told 당신 earlier, OK?" he comforted. "I'll go check on her." 뮬란 said as she went into the hallway. Pocahontas found...
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posted by icemily42
Hello I'm doing part two the last one did good enough so i'm ready to do number eight.

8. 신데렐라
A lot of people say that she is the most famous one. But i'm not sure that is true for many reasons. First a lot of people like Belle and Ariel 더 많이 than her. 초 she is usally on the

number 9 spot. Anyway i can't keep going on about this so I'm going tell 당신 how she got to this place. One thing for certain that she is just as a hard worker as Tiana is. And she seemed to have a lot of the same person as Snow white and she's also very smart And that pretty much it.

7. Anna
She's a lot...
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posted by faya27
Melody's nanny chapter 6

The sun rays flew in the windowsill as Eric groggily rose from his bed. He groaned, stretched and rubbed his eyes.
Today was Sunday which was another good 일 for Eric because he had off.
He wouldn't have to worry about driving Melody to school, being late to work, and being late to pick her up. The only thing he wanted to focus on right now was cleaning his house a bit since Ariel was coming over.
Eric got dressed in a white shirt, blue jeans, and black shoes. He combed his hair, brushed his teeth and went downstairs.
Melody was already up. She was eating Lucky Charms cereal...
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posted by BB2010
Tonight's rewatch: Cinderella
Last time watched: 2013

How much did I like this movie as a kid?
When I was a kid I mostly had this movie on for background noise. I liked the songs and the cat and mice scenes but after the ball I would suddenly lose interest for some reason. It wasn't until I was in my late teens that I started watching this movie again and actually loving it.

How much of this movie have I forgotten:
I forgot 신데렐라 had little outfits put aside for the mice living in her house and that she was the one who named them and I think that is the cutest darn thing I've ever seen. And...
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 *~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*
9. Snow White

Snow White may be adorable, sweet and charming, but when she sings, glass breaks, 개 bark and car alarms are set off. I 사랑 her...she is precious, but her 노래 voice is a bit high for my tastes, and apparently all of yours, since she came in last place.

"Even thought I've grown to like Snow's voice, it still gives me a headache when she sings I'm Wishing." -VGfan30

"I 사랑 Snow White's voice too it's sweet and charming. It's not one of my favorites but it's really pretty I 사랑 how she hits those high notes." -KataraLover

"I don't think Snow White's is awful, it just definitely...
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