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Everyone, please give disneyfan500 a round of applause for being voted as February's 팬 of the month! She has contributed a lot and really deserves it. :)

1. How does it feel to be 디즈니 Princess 팬 of the month?

I was shocked to be honest because it was only my 초 월 of being here and so many other people have been here longer that haven't been 팬 of the 월 yet.

2. How did 당신 discover Fanpop?

I was actually searching for 디즈니 princess clubs LOL. And I happened to come upon this one.

3. Who is your 가장 좋아하는 princess and why? Your least favorite?

My 가장 좋아하는 princess is 재스민 속, 재 스민 because...
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 DreamyGal Productions
DreamyGal Productions
As the tradition goes, the winner from the 이전 월 gets the interview the new winner! I sat down with our newest 팬 of the Month, AllegroGiocoso, and asked her a few questions!

1. Who is your 가장 좋아하는 Princess and why?

My 가장 좋아하는 princess has always been Snow White. I 사랑 her for a variety of reasons, including her adorableness, her sweetness, her perkiness, and her optimism. Every time she smiles, it’s so cute! I also 사랑 her voice (I think it fits her perfectly as a character), her primary color dress (One reason why I loved her so much when I was little), and her looks (A look...
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For first: šwhy do i have done this? Answer:No idea. i was bored and i wanted to make a countdown and this is the most amuzing page with the most amusing people: YOU. Bot here are so many countdowns and they are great so i deceded to make a new countdown about princesses sexi bodies. Forgive me the 침대 language an i hope 당신 will injoy the reading.

9. Is there any countdown where Snow White is not the leatest? anyway i thint she deserves this place and i can see 당신 do agree.She has no breasts, she has no,no, just nothing. Theres nothing interesting about her body.She is very childish at every...
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Even though 크리스마스 is over, like WAY over, in fact we're already in Valentines 일 (BA HUMBUG) and Black History 월 (which is a holiday), let's talk about Christmas. We all 사랑 Christmas! Who doesn't? Even people who don't celebrate it seem to 사랑 the joy it brings and some are even guilty of watching a 크리스마스 movie. We watch 영화 like 집 Alone 1 and 2, The Santa Claus movies, How The Grinch 스톨, 훔친 크리스마스 (both animated and live-action), Rudolph, Frosty The Snowman, The Nightmare Before Christmas, A 크리스마스 Carol, and even a movie that completely misses the true meaning of...
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I've been thinking of 글쓰기 a 기사 for awhile now, but I wanted to wait until after 라푼젤 came out before I wrote it. This is my first article.

10. Tiana(The Princess and the Frog)
I don't dislike Tiana, but I don't care much for her either. She's a dreamer, but her dream is a realistic one, and a like the daydreamers more. She also quite bland compared to some of the other characters, such as 샬럿, 샬 롯 and Naveen. If she wasn't the main character, I'd probably wouldn't remember her as much.

9. Jasmine(Aladdin)
Now, I like Jasmine. She's smart, pretty, and knows how to stand up for...
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In the 90s, 디즈니 was going for something different in their leading ladies. They wanted heroines who were COMPLEX, women who were INTERESTING, and they were determined to give (most of) the princesses realistic, believable, and unashamed flaws. These princesses were supposed to be relatable and a lady a normal girl could identify with. Perhaps this is why these princesses are generally preferred to the classics. These princesses had obvious dimensions to their personalities, and all were made to seem like a girl 당신 could run in to on the street.

Ariel is well known as the most realistic...
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I know I did this countdown a couple months 이전 and I said a couple months 이전 I was gonna do the 기사 when I had free time, I just didn't know I wasn't going to have any real free time for a few months. But, look! Now I've finally done it! Yay! Sorry for the wait, guys!

10. Merida fighting Fergus and Elinor fighting Mor'Du

Merida fighting Fergus was a brief fight, it was just her stopping him from killing Elinor. The excitement doesn't really start until Mor'Du comes in and is getting ready to kill Merida then Elinor goes full on mama 곰 on him. The reason I like this scene so much...
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Note: 겨울왕국 is owned 의해 Disney, not me.

Since the last 2 times Anna and Elsa went to a lake didn't work they decided to go an actual swimming pool this time.

Anna said "The lakes have pretty views of nature, but 당신 suggesting to go to a swimming pool is a better idea."

Elsa said "Thank 당신 Anna. I made sure to bring our swimsuits."

Anna replied "Thank goodness for that."

Anna and Elsa went to the female changing room and got on their swimsuits. Anna wore a green 수영복 and Elsa wore a blue swimsuit.

Elsa gently went into the pool, but Anna jumped in. Anna said "That was wicked fun."

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Note: 겨울왕국 is owned 의해 Disney, not me.

A week had gone 의해 since Anna and Elsa's accidental visit to the public lake. The 2 sisters wanted to actually swim. Thankfully Anna had a plan.

Anna walked into the living room of the kingdom and stated "We should go swimming today."

Elsa said "But I don't want us to make another embarrassing mistake."

Anna tried to calm Elsa down 의해 saying "I went to a nearby private lake yesterday so I know how to get there. Plus it's not that far away."

Elsa asked "Are 당신 sure it's not a public lake?"

Anna replied "I hanged out there for hours yesterday. Nobody...
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posted by deedragongirl
Hi guys, I noticed some similarities with both Pocahontas and another Historical Princess, Anastasia. So, here are my comparisons on both heroines.


This was the very first historical cartoon that I watched, I did not know about her real-life story after 읽기 about her in Times Magazine a few months after watching the film in Singapore.
It wasn't until that I read 더 많이 about her as time goes 의해 that I finally understood her real-life more, she died sadly on her way back to Virginia.
디즈니 fictionalised her story, 의해 making her fall in 사랑 with John Smith. Aside from saving him...
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posted by whimsywishes
Emeraldine sighed. Of all tables, why did she have to serve that one? This had to be some kind of test.

She shoved her pencil and pad into her 앞치마 and approached them.

"Hi," she said awkwardly.

When the guy at the 표, 테이블 finally looked up from his menu, his eyes bulged in surprise.

"Esmeralda! Do 당신 work here?"

"My name is Emeraldine," the waitress replied through gritted teeth. "And yes."

He would remember that if he'd paid a speck of attention on their 날짜 last week.

"Sorry I haven't called," Jason avoided her eyes. "Work has been busy."

"I can see that," Emeraldine mumbled as she glanced at the...
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 1. Working dress
1. Working dress
Hi there, My 다음 princess will be Cinderella. She has a few 더 많이 outfits than snow white so we will be having 더 많이 information today.

1. Working dress
I must begin 의해 saying it's not a dress It's just a blue 상단, 맨 위로 with a brown like vest on, brown skirt, white 앞치마 with brown flat plump shoes. Like snow whites it's not an outfit 당신 would go on a 날짜 with 또는 meet a handsome prince but for a worker then its the best for the job. 5/10

2. Ball dress A
Those step sisters just can't stand her and her dress as it was quickly destroyed. The dress is a 담홍색, 핑크 mainly with a white lower section, 담홍색, 핑크 heels...
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 Hello Merida.
Hello Merida.
Since I had watched both movies, here are my thoughts on both 영화 since they're both Celtic and centres around motherly love.

Quest for Camelot

I started watching this film back in 2007, and I was quite amazed that the song 'The Prayer' because I did not know that this song was originally from this movie! The story-line was just like our typical 디즈니 Princess movie but overall, I feel bad for Garrett and I'm glad that the movie shows 더 많이 sympathy for him.
The songs reminded of the Lion King where we have an antagonist having their own theme song and a song for the main character as sung...
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 Which is your favourite?
Which is your favourite?
Since Korean entertainment has dominated the whole of Asia, here are the 디즈니 Princesses' favourite Korean dramas and why they 사랑 it!

Iris (Mulan & Shang)

This Korean drama is about spying and espionage, this drama reminds me of both 뮬란 and Shang because it teaches them about spying.

My Princess (Rapunzel & Flynn)

Although the story is very similar to the Princess Diaries, Rapunzel did not find out that she is a princess until later of the story.

Winter Sonata (Elsa, Kristoff & Anna)

As the 제목 mentions, this drama is very old but it 슈츠 the trios. Both stories are set...
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posted by avatar_tla_fan
뮬란 was happy to go back to school the 다음 day. She knew for sure how well she did on all of her exams.

She walked down the hallway, talking with 재스민 속, 재 스민 again.

"Well, 당신 seem much happier today," 재스민 속, 재 스민 said to her.

"I am," 뮬란 replied, "I'm sure I got a perfect score on all of the exams. I'm positive!"

"Well, 당신 seem really confident," 재스민 속, 재 스민 replied back.

"I am," 뮬란 said.

Then a thought came to Mulan's head.

"Where has Aurora been? She's been gone for a while."

"I don't know. Did 당신 try calling her?"

"She doesn't pick up. Hm. Well anyways, I'm going to class, bye."

"Goodbye." And...
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The 일 began as hectic for Pocahontas. She had a teething Mace who was NOT happy at all, she had dishes that needed to be washed, she had the whole inside of the cottage to clean, and she had further arranged plans to visit Merida. Pocahontas just wanted to go "Shove it!" and just escape from it all. (A/N: That expression is inspired 의해 an old country song! XD) But, she knew she couldn't do that. Especially now since she was a mother. Yet, like all new mothers, she didn't know what to do to make Mace feel better. She took a deep breath.

"Pocahontas, what's wrong?" John asked entering the cottage....
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"Mulan, what is this all about?" Shang asked as the gang entered the hallway. "Indeed, because you're starting to worry me." John replied. "I have an idea. Why don't we throw Merida a Get Well Soon feast after she gets out of here?" 뮬란 answered. The guys thought for a minute. Pocahontas, on the other hand, was skeptical. "I don't know. Don't get me wrong, it's a good idea, but she may be required to continue resting." she said. "Well, yeah, but we could still pull it off." 뮬란 replied. "I guess that makes sense." Pocahontas stated.

"Mulan, I 사랑 the idea of throwing Merida this feast,...
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posted by BB2010
Tonight's rewatch: Cinderella
Last time watched: 2013

How much did I like this movie as a kid?
When I was a kid I mostly had this movie on for background noise. I liked the songs and the cat and mice scenes but after the ball I would suddenly lose interest for some reason. It wasn't until I was in my late teens that I started watching this movie again and actually loving it.

How much of this movie have I forgotten:
I forgot 신데렐라 had little outfits put aside for the mice living in her house and that she was the one who named them and I think that is the cutest darn thing I've ever seen. And...
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Tonight's rewatch: Both 겨울왕국 shorts
Last time watched: 2018

How much did I like this movie as a kid?
Like Frozen, these shorts came out in my 20s so I wasn't a kid but like I said before, I'm a kid at heart! I was hesitant to watch both shorts because I kept hearing a lot of 겨울왕국 haters call these shorts cash cows and said the holiday special was boring. I hardly heard anything positive about both shorts. I watched 겨울왕국 Fever about a week 또는 two after it premiered and I loved it and I finally watched Olaf's 겨울왕국 Adventure around 크리스마스 time last 년 and, again, loved it!

Why I love...
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10. Megara - Hercules

She is drawn in a very specific, edgy style to fit in with her film's 애니메이션 but still, Meg has beautiful purple eyes, pouty 담홍색, 핑크 lips and gorgeous brunette curls. I find her quite beautiful although her body is the single most unrealistic which is forgivable since it's one of the cartoonier films.

9. 뮬란

One of my all-time favourite 디즈니 characters, she is never one to 상단, 맨 위로 the beauty lists. But I actually find her to be quite lovely. Simple but at the start of the film she has gorgeous hair. Of course the designers had to make it believable that she could...
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