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I got this idea from avatar_tla_fan, so 당신 should go check out her article! It's only two below mine, so ^^ Anyway this'll just be a quick look at some of my lists, no explanations, just giving my lists because I'm still somewhat new here and I'd like for 당신 guys to know my opinions ^^ Anyway here we go! {By the way none of these lists are explicit, I'm unsure on almost all of them}


13. Belle
12. Rapunzel
11. Ariel
10. Mulan
9. Merida
8. Elsa
7. Tiana
6. Cinderella
5. Aurora
4. Anna
3. Jasmine
2. Pocahontas
1. Snow White

 Her high spirits, multi-layered attitude, what's not to love?
Her high spirits, multi-layered attitude, what's not to love?

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 PrueFever interviews 팬 of the 월 avatar_tla_fan for September 2014.
PrueFever interviews Fan of the Month avatar_tla_fan for September 2014.
When avatar_tla_fan won 팬 of the 월 for September, I got the pleasure to do the FotM’s Interview with her. So let’s get to it, people.

1. How does it feel to win 팬 of the Month?
Well, it feels great! I was really surprised when I won, I haven't been on the club for that long, only a couple months. But nevertheless, I am still very happy (and surprised) that I won. Thanks to all the people who nominated and/or voted for me. :)

2. It says on your 프로필 Page that you've been Fanpopping since July 2014. What made 당신 가입하기 팬팝 in the first place?
Well, I 사랑 읽기 articles. One day,...
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posted by secretlife98
I look up to 신데렐라 because she is an amazing princess who takes pride in her personality. 신데렐라 never let's others bring her down, when her evil step sisters and step mother would say mean things to her and force her to be their maid she never stoop to their level. 신데렐라 would always stay positive and know that someday her happy ever after would come and sooner 또는 later it did. So I think everyone should be like 신데렐라 and never give up hope and stoop to others level. Whenever someone mistreats 당신 또는 makes 당신 feel down just remember 신데렐라 and have hope that someday 당신 will have your Happily Ever After.

I hope that everyone learns something from this article.
Scene 18- Spaceship, Hallway #4
Rodney: Well this is just great.
Bobby: What?
Rodney: I think weve been running in circles!
Peggy: We hav? *Slaps* C? I told ya we needed 2 go 2 th 3rd hallway, but did ya listen? Nooooooo-
Bobby: Alrite alrite, I freekin get it!
Jackal: *Shushes them* Some1s comin.
*Th sounds of footsteps were comin closer, Rodney and Co. hide Bhind th walls and wait 4 th rite time 2 strike(Attack). The footsteps were comin closer and closer, then they go near th walls 2 C if any1 was there(Closer and closer blah blah blah), until suddenly... WHAM! They get knocked out. Only...
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This is a sequel I haven't seen in forever so I'm actually a little excited to watch this movie, even if it's a movie I'm not that big a 팬 of :P

Tonight's rewatch: Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World
Last time watched: 2005-2006

How much did I like this movie as a kid?
I was 5 또는 6 years old when this movie came out on vhs and of course, with it being a cartoon, a 디즈니 movie, and featuring familiar faces I begged my dad to get me a copy. I wasn't too big a 팬 of the original at the time, but, again, cartoon, Disney, familiar faces, but I still wanted badly to watch it. When I did watch it...
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O = Original
R = Remake
O and R = Original and Remake

Favorite Belle
O 4
R 3

Both versions of Belle are fine, but there is something about both of them that people 사랑 that makes them prefer one over the other. The people who picked original Belle grew up with Paige O'Hara's voice who put her 심장 and soul in her role as Belle, and then the people who picked remake Belle like that she's an inventor. One user said they prefered original Belle because they didn't like Emma's 연기 and compared to Paige Emma was pretty wooden and even with any positive changes made to her Belle bad 연기 can ruin...
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I used to give into the hype and I still like her but I've recently realized that she's not that strong 또는 effective of a villain. I've never seen the Angelina Jolie live action movie and quite honestly I don't think I ever will. This is all based on the original Sleeping Beauty.

Now, Maleficent definitely has the classic villain personality (sinister, petty, arrogant) and aesthetic. (she can turn into a dragon, and green 불, 화재 is cool) She's one of the most quotable and meme-able villains in all of Disney. In fact, I think she's the one who really perfected the look and feel of a "Disney Villain"...
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After all that waiting here's the results of the first Old vs New survey, Sleeping Beauty vs Maleficent! I think this one is the only one where pretty much everyone answered the same thing and I'm not really surprised 의해 the results for this one. The results are from the 답변 of users and my own answers.

O = Original
R = Remake
O and R = Original and Remake

Favorite Aurora
O 7
R 1

I didn't get much of an explaination as to why most people preferred to the original over the remake, the only explainations I got was one person said they thought that Elle Fanning's 연기 was stiff for some of the...
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This is a movie I've been looking 앞으로 to rewatching for a while :) I 사랑 the 디즈니 Princess 영화 (except maybe Brave, still need to watch that again) but The Little Mermaid brings back so much nostalgia for me. This movie isn't number 1 on my 가장 좋아하는 DP movie list but it's still one of my all-time 가장 좋아하는 movies.

Today's rewatch: The Little Mermaid
Last time watched: 2017

How much did I like this movie as a kid?
I hope you're all comfortable because this is going to be a long one. When I was little 인어 were my 가장 좋아하는 thing and it was all because of The Little Mermaid. For the...
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posted by LMH5113
Hey, guys! I recently returned 집 from the new 알라딘 movie, and I have to say it was a lot of fun! Now that I’ve seen this movie, I’m going to give 당신 my full review. However, before I get into this, I should inform 당신 that while I do really like the animated version, I would not consider it to be one of my 가장 좋아하는 디즈니 movies, and this wasn’t a movie I ‘grew up with’ and watched all of the time. I was also quite excited since seeing the first teaser trailer and thought that it looked pretty great from what I had seen from it. So if 당신 are a massive 팬 of the animated version...
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Like I said the princess list, this just a 미리 보기 of how well Moana does if 또는 when she joins the lineup, so it's a smaller pool of users, no 인용구 from users and no extravagant pics. Without further ado, let's get to it.

12. Brave-196 points

Fanpop is not very kind to this film at all, much like its princess. 픽사 made a very halfassed attempt at 글쓰기 a 디즈니 Princess movie and strangely, it doesn't feel like a 디즈니 film 또는 a 픽사 film. Some may even compare it to early 2000s Dreamworks. (read: Shrek) People also find this movie to be a rushed mess with the only well done aspect...
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posted by Likerodeo
Everyone has their personal favorite, ranking of the 디즈니 Princessess n thoughts of who should b included. In my eyes, this is the ranking of the maidens from the house of mouse:

15. Aurora, indeed the sleeping beauty is beautiful, graceful, n has a heavenly operatic voice, unfortunately she has little agency in her own story n personality.

14. Anna, a spunky n cute go getter but most of the other princesses that have come before her have these traits checked off too.

13. Moana, a real cookie cutter of a modern 디즈니 princess, she is pretty much just an ethnic variation of Anna but is ahead...
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9.Sleeping Beauty: True 사랑 conquers all.
Coming in last place is Sleeping Beauty's moral, "True 사랑 Conquers All". While many of us agree this would be a wonderful moral, it doesn't apply to real life. In real life, true 사랑 rarely conquers anything. Certainly in real life it wouldn't conquer something to the equivalent of Maleficent. While it's a wonderful moral that everyone wishes were true, sadly it isn't, which is understandably why it gained last place in our countdown.

"True 사랑 can't didn't conquere Hitler, 9/11, 또는 the Vietnam War. Actually, the 더 많이 I think about it, doesn't...
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posted by anukriti2409
I loved my childhood, it was fun and crazy and there were no responsibilities but to study and to play. Sometimes i wish i could de-grow sometimes, if there's a word like that in any dictionary and be a child again. I 사랑 being an adult too - freedom to make my own decisions, doing things the way i wanted and of course spending my own hard-earned money (haha). But i loved my childhood even more, the best part was not having any complex emotions to resolve.

I was just going over my photographs with my brother and we laughed and laughed till our ribs cracked coz we were looking absolutely ridiculous!...
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As an adult, I viewed the name Gaston of Beauty and the Beast's villian, Gaston, as Gaston's last name. I only assume its his last name because 1)the triplet girls call him "Monsieur Gaston" which is basically saying "Mr. Gaston" in the opening song called "Belle" in the reprise that Belle sings 의해 herself the line "Madame Gaston, his little wife?" Most of the time saying "Madame (name" would be like saying Mrs. Gaston. And there's the fact Gaston is a first name but it could also be a last name as well. The name of Phantom of the Opera's author.
This is a series I'm starting, I did some research, I'm not gonna say I was 100% thorough, and tried my best with each princess. Some of them were easy, some were harder than others. I won't talk about Anna and Elsa because 1. I hate to say it but it's hard to pin Elsa anywhere and 2. The less princesses to write about, the easier for me. Let's go.

Snow White-Earth
She was difficult because she shows aspect of water, 불, 화재 and earth. Ultimately I went with the latter, Snow White is motherly, practical and the most grounded classic princess. She's doesn't have her mind in the clouds as much....
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Awhile ago, linkabout which Houses the Princesses would be in, and several of 당신 requested that I do one about the princes as well. I’m pleased to announce that this is it!

But before I begin my analyses, it’s time for some disclaimers…

1. About the Houses. Here’s how I tend to think of the Houses of Hogwarts. (Note: I will be saying the most about Slytherin, since Slytherin is most often distorted.)

Gryffindor: values bravery, daring, bold decision-making, rule-breaking, following one’s dreams, standing up for one’s friends, and being 사무용 겉옷, 전반적인 “fun”/pleasant/courageous.

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 Why don't they sell princess dresses like these? I'd buy the heck out of these!
Why don't they sell princess dresses like these? I'd buy the heck out of these!
Since it's Veteran's Day, I thought I'd use some rare time off to write an article. The only 기사 idea I could think of that wouldn't take all 일 to research and explore would be a list of princess "peasant" dresses rated in order from the ones I like least to the one I'm seriously considering commissioning my Ren Faire 프렌즈 to sew for me.

Most people seem to 사랑 the princesses' fancy, sparkly, poofy ballgowns, 또는 their iconic princess dresses. I personally was never a fan. I'm a real stickler for comfort and practicality. Ballgowns tend to be made with a material I find uncomfortable...
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13. Snow White
Snow would definitely be higher on my list if her curls were 더 많이 defined. I like the idea of her hair styled in a bob with a red bow. Unfortunately, that idea didn't come out too nicely to me.

12. Cinderella
Strawberry blonde is my 가장 좋아하는 hair color and Cinderella's burnt 주황색, 오렌지 hair color is no doubt uniquely gorgeous. Speaking of unique, so are her bangs but I can't say I really like them as they look like plastic to me.

11. Tiana
The little strands of curls that hang down are pretty cute. Although it doesn't look like 당신 can do much with Tiana's hair but tie it...
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Just a quick 기사 to compare Gaston to the Beast and decide who is really the villain...

Gaston: Vain, selfish and doesn't really care about anyone else.
Beast: Spoiled, selfish, cursed for not having any 사랑 in his heart.
Gaston: Only wants Belle because she's beautiful.
Beast: Only wants Belle because she's the first girl who's come along since the curse.
Gaston: Locks up Belle and her father.
Beast: Locks up Maurice and keeps Belle prisoner.
Gaston: Relatively level-headed. Acts 더 많이 out of jealousy than anger.
Beast: Quick temper. Yells a lot for...
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