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posted by MadameLee
I was on 유튜브 recently link]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mx1MmY1Bb50[/url][/url] (If 당신 go down to the 60 replies). Someone thought Belle didn't have a job (and the triplets did) because she had enough 'free time to read and became delusional about life in 'poor provincial town' (not my words). The exactly wording of what the user said was "I'm wondering that Belle are doing then even those triplets have their own jobs and responsibilities. Maybe idleness made her delusional? That life can be found outside of her town? " I pointed out that in historical speaking in those times women were...
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Hi Everyone! This is my first ever 기사 so please excuse me if it's absolutely terrible (English isn't my forte). So with that I'll begin with my list of 가장 좋아하는 디즈니 princesses. Also I'm so sorry for no pictures, I just didn't know how to do it, well enjoy!

10. Tiana

SHOCKERR!! I know that all of 당신 are so surprised to see Tiana as the last one on my list. I'm kidding of coarse, but 당신 can't blame me. Now, I do see the good in Tiana, my personal 가장 좋아하는 scene being when she first meets Naveen, but sadly the bad outweighs the good. I 사랑 her sassy attitude, but I hate how she doesn't...
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posted by shanyuisboss
 My all time 가장 좋아하는 T.V Show discluding animes, W.I.T.C.H!!!!!
My all time favorite T.V Show discluding animes, W.I.T.C.H!!!!!
Hello everybody! I am kind of new to 팬팝 and I have been hoping to make an 기사 like this for a while. I am going to introduce myself. I will try to not make it to long, lol.

First name: Aliyah Al-Kareem

Age: 17

Orgin: Jordan

City: Salt Lake City

Hobbies: Singing, acting, 글쓰기 poetry, playing sports, 일 dreaming.

Movies i like: Mulan, lion king, BatB, Pocahontas, (basically most of the renaissance era movies) Sprited away, 성 in the sky, first 4 바비 인형 movies, Kung fu panda, 나루토 and Pokemon movies, Harry potter movies, 아나스타샤 and 백조 princess, ect.

Shows I like: Most old disney...
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posted by 324anna
Rapunzel is one of my favourite princesses. I'm tired of listening to people criticizing Rapunzel and saying that they don't like her for the same reasons, so I wanted to write an 기사 to explain why I don't agree with them.

Rapunzel is flawless

She is not perfect! She's very insecure and at the beginning she's not very brave. Also, she's indecisive. Of course, these flaws don't make her a bad character, but it's just easier to relate to her.

Rapunzel remains the same during all the film, she doesn't change.

Ok the truth is that we don't see a dramatic change in her character, like with Eugene....
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I've been thinking to do this 기사 for a long time. Please excuse if my 기사 is poorly written but i'm french and english isn't my native language. Enjoy!


I don't dislike Rapunzel as much I used to but i don't like her either. First of all,It really annoys me that everybody loves her when they meet her. Secondly,I just feel that 디즈니 tried too hard to make her funny (for example the scene when she from happy to sad again and again, it was nnoying). In therm of personality,sometimes she's sweet,creative and very cute but most of the time she's irritating,annoying and...
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I'm a bit bored, and obviously I'll be 집 tonight, so I decided I might use some of my already doomed to be useless time to write an article. And what's a better 기사 than the timeless Favorite 디즈니 Princess List... So sit back, relax and enjoy the show :-)

Just a side note first: I am not trying to offend anyone with the jokes in the text, 또는 the captions under the pictures. They are put for the sole purpose of making the 기사 a bit 더 많이 entertaining. So please do not feel offended 의해 them!

It's not that I hate Aurora. But I am not really fond of her. And it's not because...
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I saw sweetie-94 make one, so I decided to make one too. Technically I should have 게시됨 this on the 디즈니 Crossover spot, but I have seen people on here say they don't know how to make icons/crossovers so I 게시됨 it here in case some people want to know what sites to use. I only have four recommended sites, and all four were in sweetie-94's list, if you've read it. So I'm just making this 기사 for fun, really.

4: Ribbet
This was the first 사진 editing site I've ever tried, and at first I thought it was amazing. But now, I realize its effects aren't as good as the other sites. But...
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Got inspired 의해 avatar_tla_fan's link

Favorite Princesses:
1. Snow White
2. Anna
3. Rapunzel
4. Ariel
5. Aurora
6. Mulan
7. Merida
8. Cinderella
9. Belle
10. Pocahontas
11. Elsa
12. Jasmine
13. Tiana

Prettiest Princesses:
1. Snow White
2. Anna
3. Belle
4. Rapunzel
5. Elsa
6. Cinderella
7. Aurora
8. Tiana
9. Mulan
10. Pocahontas
11. Ariel
12. Merida
13. Jasmine

Favorite Movies:
1. Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs
2. Sleeping Beauty
3. Frozen
4. Tangled
5. The Little Mermaid
6. The Princess and The Frog
7. Pocahontas
8. Mulan
9. Beauty and The Beast
10. Cinderella
11. Aladdin
12. Brave

Singing Voice:
1. Anna
2. Snow White
3. Aurora
4. Rapunzel...
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After thinking much about this I decided to put up my own personal favorites of the House of Mouse. :) After all we're all big 팬 of Disney, and each of us have our own 가장 좋아하는 영화 of this company, so I wanted to see if any of 당신 guys had similar lists 또는 the like. :)

Keep in mind that my favorites are due to the fact that they are MY favorites, I liked them based on how much I enjoy it, and generally don't care about the public reception and critics. :)

So, without much further ado, here it is...

10- Princess and the Frog:
This movie is horribly underrated, it's sad that so many people...
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I was re-thinking the Princesses, and I thought it'd be a good idea for me to talk a bit about them, my general feelings and thoughts concerning each of them, which ones I'm neutral, ones I like and ones I don't care about.

Soo...Let's start!

1- Snow White- Never liked her, but never disliked her either. She was always just kinda there for me. I do like her sunny and kind disposition, how she always expects the best of people (that's a rare thing to see nowadays in this jaded world we live in), and she does have a few funny moments in the film (when she imitates Grumpy and she inquires the dwarves...
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 dclairmont's default pic
dclairmont's default pic
We all voted, and here is our winner. At long last, after much anticipation, the exclusive 팬 of the 월 interview with dclairmont! Enjoy!

1. Congratulations! How does it feel to be 팬 of the Month?

Amazing! I'm so grateful to be part of this amazing site with all of these amazing members! Thank 당신 all sooo much!

2. Your 가장 좋아하는 Princess and why?

Well, it's a 3 way tie. Rapunzel because I can relate to her in many ways. I 사랑 her character development, and how strong she is. Aurora because she's very different than the rest of the princesses. There's much 더 많이 than meets the eye. In the...
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posted by CRaZy_rawR
Okay, I decided to do one(: This list doesn't change too often, but still.. I'm not big on descriptions and such. And I will apologize for the way I talk, which a lot of 당신 will think I'm crazy for, in advanced. Okay.. Go!

11. Merida
I have seen very little of her movie, but what I have seen is a bratty, unspecial, and annoying girl. Enough said, broski.

10. Snow White
She is too cheery and happy. I'm optimism, but not all her crazy junk. I do enjoy her manipulative and sarcastic side. (;

9. Cinderella
I admire her attitude towards everything, but meh..

8. Ariel
No.. Just no. And for your nosy little...
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 So excited to see it this Friday. :D
So excited to see it this Friday. :D
I'm doing this 기사 in honour of the fact that 메리다와 마법의 숲 just came out, and I can't wait to see it. It's definitely not the typical princess movie. Before we begin, I want to say that I hope hope hope HOPE that Merida will be added to the line-up, because I think she'll add some valuable traits to the line-up, and I think Punz needs another computer animated character in the line-up so she wont look as harsh against the 2D animated princesses. So here goes, my favourite 디즈니 Princess movie line-up! :D

10. Beauty and the Beast

No surprise here. If you've read any of my other articles, you'll...
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posted by magicfairydust
 dancer <3
dancer <3
Hi guys! So I'm jumping on the bandwagon and 글쓰기 a little something about myself :)
My real name is Gerri and I live in the United States of America (woo exciting, I know). Anyways, I grew up with 디즈니 princess and everything about 디즈니 has been in my life for the longest time. I remember one of the first 영화 I watched was 신데렐라 and The Little Mermaid. I fell in 사랑 with the characters and stories so here I am :D
 TLM <3
TLM <3

 beauty and the beast <3
beauty and the beast <3

I am 14 years old and I'm an only child. It gets lonely sometimes but I don't mind it much. I have black hair and brown...
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Yeah so this is my opinion which DP some people here look like. And I admit that my opinion can be far away of what 당신 think and my opinion which one they look isn't in any way "right"one. This is really.. eh.. simple 기사 but well I tried to be simple.
Thanks to everyone who 게시됨 their picture(none of 당신 are ugly!) and please don't get offended, from one picture it's really hard to create ful image of 당신 and if 당신 think something I wrote it's competely wrong it's just my stupidity. 당신 know yourself the best :)

link Belle[/b]

Well sadly from this picture is hard to say much when...
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A lot of people have been complaining that 겨울왕국 and 라푼젤 are so alike, how Anna and Rapunzel look like twins 또는 cousins and blah....well, I'm here to give reasons on why they're different.

1: Anna and Rapunzel

I know, I know, so Anna and Rapunzel "look alike." I feel like the 팬 say this because they were both structured the same, with a circle/oval head, the young eyes, and young face. Hey, at least they don't have the same hair color! Anna and Rapunzel were both made up 의해 the same base, meaning the same body, but with different looks, that's all!

Anna and Rapunzel both ran away/went...
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I had my list perfectly figured out. Then I saw Frozen. Now it has changed again. It's harder now than it was before to place everyone, especially after deciding I 사랑 both Anna and Elsa in addition to all my older favorites. My list could still change again after I think about it even more, but for now here it is.
13. Snow White
Well she dropped back to last again after moving up an impressive two places. (She's always been low on my list.) She just kind of annoys me with her high pitched voice and I've just never been drawn to her like the other princesses. I really don't like her hair either....
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Okay I got the inspiration from watching The Muppets, but this one is about how it all started and well here's a short summary of the story: The 디즈니 Princesses meet one 일 and decides to start a tv-programme where they each week do something like talking about a special subject 또는 노래 a song 또는 basically anything, well the rest 당신 have to wait with hearing. About my other two fan-fictions I'll finish them someday in the future.

We have seen the 디즈니 Princesses in their 영화 and on photos, but we've never seen them together outside the 사진 world and 당신 maybe always have...
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As usual, I have a hard time making lists so don't pay too much attention to the rankings and just read what I have to say.

12. Brave
If you've known me over a 년 ago, you'd know that I'm not much of a 픽사 fan. Yes, I know I'm an awful person for discriminating between 애니메이션 studios and this is 픽사 we're talking about. So yeah, I'm guessing this is why I can't get into 메리다와 마법의 숲 no matter how hard I try, considering it's also one, if not, my least 가장 좋아하는 픽사 movie.

11. The Princess and the Frog
I've had issues with Tiana in the past because of her inconsistent morals that gets shoved...
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