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before i beggin, i have to make clear that i don't have the intention to ofend anybody, and my english is a little bad,so am sorry for it

For this is i am going to ignore sequels
note: i didn't add 이미지 cause i still have to learn how

[b] 11.Cinderella and Charming [b]

i have to say it always bother me the fact than he didn't went to find her himself , it would had been easer for the duke as he knows how the girl looks.
i also sometimes doubt that he would pick her if he had seen her in her maid costume.
My biggest problem is that 신데렐라 have a lot of positive attributes , she is kind,persistent,...
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posted by jacksfrost
Hello! I've decided to start up a new series titled "Character In Review" where I will be making 기사 for each of the 디즈니 Princesses "reviewing" them and giving my opinions on them and their movie. I plan on going in chronological order which is why Snow White is first, but it just so happens that I'm starting with my 가장 좋아하는 princess ^^ Anyway, I hope 당신 enjoy, onto the article!

Opening Thoughts:

Snow White hasn't always been one of my 가장 좋아하는 princesses, in fact she was once rather low on my list. I just dismissed her for being traditional and personality-less, but just in this last...
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We can't seem to get enough of these three, who have recently become the most 인기 디즈니 Princesses!! So, why not bring them back in their own film? When a family crisis breaks out the two blonde cousins (which is revealed, as well as the fact that all blondes in the family have powers, thus Anna does not as she is a brunette) must head into action, leaving Anna behind to feel left out. However, as expected, they underestimated the situation and send a distress call. Anna does not believe she will be of any use, but checks it out anyway to see if she could get help for them elsewhere. But what she doesn't know is that she has a different power, one of 사랑 and determination. She must get them out without magic (or cliches!). It is not an easy task, and audiences will be on the edge of their seat!
I judged this 의해 what he said, and where I assumed very Princess would be placed, I will show what he said, and my conversation with him throughout asking him. Keep in mind that he's only 5, so I don't want to see any 코멘트 angry at his opinion, he's just a little kid.

Also, I'm going to be doing it 의해 how he said it, so 당신 may see phrases like "I like her because she hit him with frying pan."

And sorry for no pictures, he didn't want to use them.
13. Cinderella
I don't like her because she just work and dance.
But do 당신 like how she acted?
Did 당신 like ANYTHING about her?
No shes not good....
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posted by iwasneverhere
Okay. Hello, it’s me providing 랜덤 thoughts as usual. I’m not sure my ramblings are worth reading, but I offer them up, anyway.

Today’s topic is a whole mish-mash. I will be telling 당신 indirectly which 영화 I like (of the 디즈니 Princess cohort) along with some others that aren’t strictly princess 영화 (Disney canon). I’ll make it simple for everyone, though. It will be 가장 좋아하는 villains, 가장 좋아하는 랜덤 hot guys, 가장 좋아하는 랜덤 cool gals, 가장 좋아하는 랜덤 singers and voice actors/actresses that carried the movie, without whom it would have flopped entirely as an idea, and...
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posted by icemily42
I know I already did one but I didn't agree with most of it and it was kinda of pointless making three parts if I'm going to make it back to back.I seemed to hate Ariel 더 많이 than I thought so she's going to be lower.And I still haven't watched 메리다와 마법의 숲 so sorry,And since that's the only dp movie I haven't seen It's not gonna be counted.And my reasons wasn't explained all that good.

She seemed very bland and even through 당신 might disagree she's the dumbest dp.I know she didn't had a lot of time on screen I can't help but to think her personality would be the same as Snow White mixed With...
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Aurora = I've noticed a lot of people (mostly teens/young adults) who go to see Aurora usually complain about her being snobby and rude toward them because they're not kids. It's just, I've never heard any good reviews on the Aurora face character at all. Maybe it's because she's not as 인기 as all the other new princesses? I know Anna and Elsa must be getting buttloads of people meeting them everyday, so maybe the face character for Aurora just feels kinda down and useless because she's not visited as much as the other one's are.

Elsa = I know I probably have no place to judge on this, but...
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Alright, I skipped my trips to the gym for this article, I'm such a slacker! Anyway, at least it is 게시됨 now. A total of 21 users 제출됨 their 가장 좋아하는 DP 영화 lists and I averaged out the rankings. WARNING this list is very typical and expect 2 ties!

12. Brave

I'm going to be honest, the main reason why it's last on my list is probably because it's Pixar. I don't get that feeling of magic watching 픽사 영화 that I get when I watch 디즈니 movies. I only 사랑 a few of 픽사 영화 and 메리다와 마법의 숲 is not one of them unfortunately. People have called it unoriginal and I can't say I disagree,...
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저기요 guys! Team 재스민 속, 재 스민 is BACK! Last time we did an 기사 about ourselves and why we 사랑 Princess Jasmine. But this time, we are ready to share our opinions of ALL the 디즈니 Princesses, including the new ones, Anna and Elsa.

In the article, we combined each team member's opinions on each DP and wrote our 사무용 겉옷, 전반적인 opinion.

Team Members


First we want to start with our opinion on each DP era.

Classic- The Classic girls were obedient, kind, and good natured. They were seen as good-willed and kindhearted, while having...
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posted by rhythmicmagic
Dear Frozen,

Thank you. Thank 당신 for being pretty much the only realistic portrayal of 사랑 in mainstream media in the last- oh, I don’t know- at least five years.

Thank 당신 for showing that Hans, the handsome gallant prince of the Southern Isles who seemed a perfect match for Anna is fallible. Thank 당신 for showing that the idea of a “one perfect match” isn’t necessarily realistic. Thank 당신 for showing us that 사랑 is like with Kristoff, how everyone has their rough edges, how no one can fit the mold of perfection. Thank 당신 for reminding us that “everyone’s a bit of a fixer-upper,...
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posted by randarful
This is my first 기사 on this website, so I thought I'd start with my opinions on how I feel about each one! I had a little bit of a hard time ranking them because I just really 사랑 them all so much!! I suppose it's because one of my college english professors thought they were all horrible role models, so I always feel the need to defend them all because all her reasons are based off of things that never happened in the movie. I also wanted to stay pretty positive for the most part because I feel like they get enough hate already.

13. Surprise, surprise...Aurora's at the bottom. However...
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 Best Hair All Around.
Best Hair All Around.
This is part one of my most beautiful princess articles. I will be judging the princesses by: Hair, Waist, Face, Legs, Eyes, Smile, Knees, Arms, Hands and Shoulders 또는 in other words the things that I find attractive in girls. Then I will have an all around 기사 where I rank them all with the points. So this is article, I 사랑 hair, all of the princesses have hair on their heads, so that's an important thing to know and talk about. Also I will be bring how the hair's personalty, because hair does have that. Now time for my ranking.

13: Aurora
 Okay hair
Okay hair

I'm so sorry Aurora, your very beautiful...
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Hello, ladies and gentlemen of the 디즈니 Princess 팬팝 Spot!! *The crowd goes wild!* I am your beautiful and super smart host, disneyfan9648! *the crowd loses it's mind!* Okay everyone, calm down, calm down. I am here to tell you, all of you, yes even you, the girl in the front, why I 사랑 Frozen, but 더 많이 specifically, to answer TheFabulousFan's question.

FabFan 게시됨 in her "Why I Dislike Frozen," article: "Anyway I recently made a 벽 post hoping to find someone that could tell me WHY they liked 겨울왕국 so I could watch it with an Open mind. "

She then put ME in the article! She showed...
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So, I've been doing a countdown for the past couple of days about Fanpop's 가장 좋아하는 디즈니 Princesses, and instead of going from least 가장 좋아하는 to favorite, I went from 가장 좋아하는 to least favorite. So here are the results! Thanks to everyone who voted in the countdown and left 코멘트 :)

11. Pocahontas

 She is such a great character- I really can't even find the words to describe it! She's so strong in her convictions and willing to go against the accepted belief, but she is also such a- scared character. I really can't put her into words, but I 사랑 her
She is such a great character- I really can't even find the words to describe it! She's so strong in her convictions and willing to go against the accepted belief, but she is also such a- scared character. I really can't put her into words, but I 사랑 her

10. 재스민 속, 재 스민

 *sits in a corner and starts sobbing* Oh Jasmine, if only there was someone else out there who loved 당신 :( -MissAngelPaws
*sits in a corner and starts sobbing* Oh Jasmine, if only there was someone else out there who loved 당신 :( -MissAngelPaws

9. Snow White

 Snow <3 -Snow-Boy
Snow <3 -Snow-Boy

8. Aurora

 사랑 her. -euny
Love her. -euny

7. Ariel

 I 사랑 Ariel! I'm pleasantly surprised with the results so far. -ApplesauceDoctr
I 사랑 Ariel! I'm pleasantly surprised with the results so far. -ApplesauceDoctr

6. 신데렐라

 신데렐라 <3 -Danderfluff1
Cinderella <3 -Danderfluff1

5. Merida

 She's 메리다와 마법의 숲 and beautiful, no matter what others say ♥ -Clumsyfox
She's 메리다와 마법의 숲 and beautiful, no matter what others say ♥ -Clumsyfox

4. Rapunzel

 Come on, Rapunzel! 당신 can do this! -disneygirl7
Come on, Rapunzel! 당신 can do this! -disneygirl7

3. Tiana

 A wonderful well-rounded character! -goldenivy
A wonderful well-rounded character! -goldenivy

2. 뮬란

 Mulan: Strong, brave, and beautiful -Shiki_Otherside
Mulan: Strong, brave, and beautiful -Shiki_Otherside

1. Belle

 Always my 가장 좋아하는 forever -Beastlysoul25
Always my 가장 좋아하는 forever -Beastlysoul25

So those are the results!! Thanks so much for 읽기 :) Do 당신 agree with the results?
posted by Alantlm
(More a "question piece" than an "opinion piece"...commentary will be very helpful for my third and final write-up on Aurora's personality)

I cannot remember if I read this somewhere 또는 if I misread something about Rapunzel who has three books... but Aurora seems to have 2 books?

Now, if this is correct, then I'm so happy! Partly because it supports my belief that she's educated (=obviously literate) well beyond the regular peasant, but also, makes her all the better of a role model which might make her 2nd fav princess now (Sorry Cindy).

Historically speaking (=14th century, 1300s), she is set...
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dimitri_ and I decided to do a collab 기사 together and I think we had a lot of fun doing it! Picture credit goes to dimitri_ and I wrote the article. I apologize if I ramble a bit 더 많이 than dimitri_ does, she has 더 많이 self control than I do lol. Let's get started with the lists :)

dimitri_: Pocahontas & John Smith
I think they are wrong for each other since Pocahontas is hard to match with and that they ''love'' each other way too much, it still feels rushed to me. John changed his entire point of view that he was raised with when Pocahontas sang "Colors of the Wind." It's just...
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posted by Annabethandco
 Spent a little too much time asleep...
Spent a little too much time asleep...
After the prettiest princess 투표 was such as success, I decided to do a ‘Bravest 디즈니 Princess’ poll. I was a lot happier with the results this time around (although naturally I still disagree with some). Here is the public’s verdict on the Bravest 디즈니 Princess.

11. Aurora
Around 50 people voted in this 투표 and nobody chose Aurora. She was also ranked last on commented lists. Is this justified? Well, maybe. Despite being in movie full of evil witches and dragons, Aurora never has a chance to demonstrate bravery. She is asleep for a good part of the action which means she takes...
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I've seen a few of these collaboration 기사 floating around the spot and I thought it would be fab to do this with my closest 팬팝 friend, starlight77!

starlight77: Pocahontas (PREVIOUSLY #10)
Pocahontas is a character I've always wanted to like her. She's independent and she's a peace maker. I feel like we haven't ever seen a 디즈니 character like her ever. Unfortunately, I'm just never interested in her. Like the rest of the movie I just don't get into it. I feel like I go through the entire movie and I learn barely anything about her.

BelleAmie: Merida (NEW ADDITION)
I'm sorry...
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posted by snowsowhite
I might not be black, 또는 have dimples and I may don't have blach hair, but in Tianas eyes I saw me. She is an amazing character who works hard to get that she wants. Her movie is amazing all that travelling to tastes and jazz 음악 of 1920 makes 당신 feel that 당신 are there, even If 당신 have never come there, believe me I never had the change to see how those people lived and enjoy jazz music. I find all this with the princess of 20th century amazing, cause it shows us that a princess can exist in every time period. The friendship she has with 샬럿, 샬 롯 it shows us that friend can be with any...
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First I would like to thank 당신 for voting and say "enjoy" to all you!

Rapunzel - she gets 4% in the 투표 and has good places to most 상단, 맨 위로 10 role model articles
Pocachondas- she gets 8% in the 투표 and has amazing places in all 기사 about role models.
Ariel-she takes also 8% in the 투표 and also has good places in some articles.
Snow White- she gets 8% in the 투표 and have good places in most articles.
Belle- she gets 13% in the 투표 and has good places in most 상단, 맨 위로 10s.
Cinderella- she gets 13% in the 투표 and gets good places to most tpo 10s.
Tiana-she has 46% in the 투표 and good places in 상단, 맨 위로 10s
Mulan-in all 상단, 맨 위로 10s she is n 1 and she desirves it.