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In order as they voted on fanpop:
 Simple and comfy
Simple and comfy

9.Pocahontas: The main flaw of this ocher dress is that it is very simple. Well it has to be since she lives in nature, runs all the time and jump into the river. Perhaps Pocahontas doesn’t have huge, amazing gown, but she have nice and comfy dress and she sure had better time in it then some other princesses in their dresses.
 담홍색, 핑크 and puffy
Pink and puffy

8.Ariel: I mean, what were they thinking?! Red hair and 담홍색, 핑크 dress. No, no, no! Were those who draw her dress lazy, 또는 was the royal wardrobe empty, I don’t know. However, the dress clashes...
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I'm not so good at lists so this is going to be really half-assed.

This name just sounds...awkward.It is fun to say but it's plain compared to the others.

Fun Fact:In the original story a woman was pregnant and would only eat rapunzel which was a type of 상추, 상 추 that only grew in their witch neighbour's garden so her husband snuck into her garden and the woman caught him,promising to spare him if he gave her their daughter and when she was born,she kidnapped her and named her after the plant.*gasps for breath*

12.Snow White
I do like this name but it's 더 많이 of a description.It has a...
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Here's the fourth 기사 for the Best 디즈니 Princess outfit countdown. It covers the places from 11 to 20. Enjoy!

Read the Best 디즈니 Princess outfit countdown: places 41-55 기사 link
Read the Best 디즈니 Princess outfit countdown: places 31-40 기사 link
Read the Best 디즈니 Princess outfit countdown: places 21-30 기사 link

20. Aurora - peasant dress

I was actually quite shocked to see this dress eliminated. Last 년 it was the winner of the Best DP outfit countdown; this 년 it barely made it to the 상단, 맨 위로 20. I quite like it. The 치마 is really pretty, and I adore the corset....
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I realized that it would be too long to put all 20 hairstyles in one article, so I 스플릿, 분할 it up in two 기사

20. Snow White's hair with blue ribbon
Omg, did just Snow White entered 상단, 맨 위로 20, despite already 23 hairstyles had been eliminated? Quickly, we have to take her down!

Well, this hairstyle isn't that great, it makes look pale and unnoticed.
 "Say what? 당신 don't like my hair?"
"Say what? 당신 don't like my hair?"

"I hate that hairstyle... Too short, too ugly. Not that I don't like short hair, sometimes short hair looks great, but not when it comes to Snow White." skypirate

"I like her hair with a red bow,...
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Meet the Team Members
Leader-coolsinger198,Gabrielle- Gabby has been a 디즈니 팬 since the age of 4. She especially loves the princesses and villians! She is spunky and creative and loves speaking her mind. Her 가장 좋아하는 princess is Jasmine.

Vice Leader- LaurelJade,Crystal- Crystal is sweet, caring and kind and has loved 디즈니 Princesses for a while now. She is always kind to others. Her 가장 좋아하는 princess is Jasmine.

goldenivy-,Ella- Ella is very smart, clever and resourceful, and she knows a lot about 아이콘 making, banner making, and all that techy stuff that the rest of us dont have a clue...
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WOO-HOO STILL STANDING! Honestly, thank 당신 all for the feedback I 사랑 hearing what others think and thank 당신 for respecting my list and tolerating my weirdness- it's not easy to do. So now I present part 2 which takes a 더 많이 shallow approach to the 디즈니 Princesses if 당신 ask me.

Prettiest Princess

10. Mulan

Give the girl credit, she dressed like a guy throughout her movie. I think 뮬란 has some beauty to her, don't get me wrong, but in her culture they consider her beautiful when they splash a bunch of makeup on her face to make her look like a doll. If I recall something her father said...
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 Team Merida's 아이콘 - Made 의해 Annabethandco
Team Merida's icon - Made by Annabethandco
Members of Team Merida:
Disneyfan9648 (Vice Leader)
TheFabulousFAN (Leader - Their account has recently been deleted so they have not been able to produce a paragraph)
 Team Merida's banner - Made 의해 Disneyfan9648
Team Merida's banner - Made 의해 Disneyfan9648

To anybody who has watched Brave, it's clear that Merida is not your average princess. Everything about her (her story, her character, her hopes and dreams) is inspirational and refreshing in ways that weren't seen before in the other princesses. I guess she's not everybody's cup of tea, but to some, Merida is truly amazing. She's brave, she's feisty,...
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I know that most people don’t like Snow White, they either don’t like the princess 또는 the movie 또는 even both. I’m not going to try to change anyone’s opinion about this movie but I am going to try and point out what makes this movie important and hopefully I may persuade a few to change their minds.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was Disney’s first movie was premiered December 21, 1937. It was a huge hit and quickly 디즈니 became known around the U.S.A. 의해 its widespread release in 1938 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs earned four times 더 많이 money than any other movie released that...
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posted by princecatcher93
 아이콘 made 의해 made 의해 cuteasprincie
Icon made by made by cuteasprincie
Hello everyone, and welcome to team Rapunzel's Team Article. Now 당신 maybe thinking why is princecatcher93 글쓰기 this? Well I was asked 의해 Team Rapunzel to 가입하기 them because a lot of them got really busy to help them. So I joined the team. I only help make the 기사 but the 팬 art, banner, power came from this team.

 팬 Art made 의해 Emmalou13
Fan Art made 의해 Emmalou13

I like Rapunzel mainly because of her character development. I admire characters who develop in the movie and Rapunzel was one of those characters. She went from being an insecure girl to a strong, mature woman. I also like her art skills and...
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 "A Dream Is A Wish Your 심장 Makes...."
"A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes...."
Well I as almost everyone would 사랑 to see the most beloved animated classics of all time brought to life with the actors of today and the new technology.

A problem to this is each story has something complicated in it that could prevent this from happening.

The Lion King- Ahhhh how wonderful to see this movie brought to life except....honestly we cant make the 동물 look real and talk i mean its close to impossible but i guess after 아바타 it really isnt but it would feel just like 애니메이션 again due to the fact the 동물 wouldnt really be talking.

Aladdin- Well i would 사랑 to see who...
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posted by anukriti2409
Since I'm being so villainous, it seemed like an appropriate time to share MY OPINIONS on DP 영화 villains and rank them in order. (Joke intended :D)

So here goes:

1. Maleficent:
with her one nasty evil stroke, she set the stage, She didn't dabble in small time efforts. Her character is the most alluring and unique. She was a fairy, but an evil one. She has the aura of an enchantress. I loved her confidence when she took the stage while casting out the spell.
The best villainy traits: downright evil, need no disguise, doesn't flaunt but does every act confidently and with most style.

2. Mother...
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* This 기사 does not contain my personal opinion on Belle's best outfit but instead lists the majority of Fanpop's choice in Belle's best outfit.

4. Green Dress

Many people found green not to be a very flattering colour on Belle. The dress is seen while she is playing outside with Phillipe and the dog/footstool as well as the scene in which the Beast gives Belle his library. The dress has puffy shoulders that then descend into long sleeves. It's sort an 올리브 colour for the most part and is worn with a matching ribbon in Belle's hair.

3. Blue Dress

Next eliminated...
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posted by reflection11
 BraBriefs current, gorgeous icon.
BraBriefs current, gorgeous icon.
저기요 everyone! And welcome to the interview for our 팬 of the 월 for June: BraBrief! BraBrief is known around the spot as the saint who organizes the princess of the month. The contests, polls, results: It's all her! Deservedly so, she has finally won 팬 of the month. I hope 당신 enjoy the article.

1. First of all, congrats! How does it feel to be 팬 of the Month?

I haven't expected this surprise because I'm not active as some other users, especially in the FOTM Forum, but I'm very happy about it!

2. Your 가장 좋아하는 Princess? Why?

My 가장 좋아하는 Princess is Aurora. When I was a child, I had a...
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posted by Giyane
Because why not?

13. Jasmine


I never really thought 재스민 속, 재 스민 was pretty, save for several select shots, and know I see why. The shape of her eyes make her look freaky and alienish when they're open all the way. Her nose is alright in some shots, like the above, but it looks plain weird in others. In her bad shots, she doesn't even look human, so of course she's 13.

12. Merida


I had a dream of putting Merida high on my list, yet that dream was sadly crushed when I actually made this stupid thing. So here she is, at 12. Anywho, I find Merida to have a unique but stunning...
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1. The iconic song “Part of Your World,” was almost cut from The Little Mermaid.
2. “Can 당신 Feel the 사랑 Tonight” was also almost cut from The Lion King. Elton John, who saw the film with the song removed, told producers they needed to put it back in.
3. Aladdin’s face was modeled after Tom Cruise’s.
4. And Ariel was partially modeled after Alyssa Milano.
5. The Jungle Book was the last animated film Walt 디즈니 personally supervised; it was released 10 months after his death.
6. John Lennon turned down Walt 디즈니 Studios’ request for the Beatles to provide the voices of the vultures...
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 Me :)
Me :)
Here's a new one!

Name: Claire
Nickname: Clairebear (sad nickname, I know), Snow
Age: 15
Gender: Female
가장 좋아하는 디즈니 Princess movies: Frozen, The Princess and The Frog, Sleeping Beauty,Mulan, The Little Mermaid,and Brave
가장 좋아하는 non-Disney Princess Movies: Quest For Camelot, Titan A.E. (or Titan After Earth), The 백조 Princess 1 and 3, All 개 Go To Heaven
About Me: I'm graduating on the 29th from 8th grade. Thursday was my last day, I'll miss my friends. I live in Michigan (in the United States Of America)
Born: February 2nd, 1999
가장 좋아하는 TV Shows: 상단, 맨 위로 Gear UK version, Ghost Adventures, Winx Club, some of my 가장 좋아하는 shows
I'll be going to Cedar Pointe on Tuesday, never been there before so this will be fun. My 가장 좋아하는 DP is Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty
 My Class Of 2014
My Class Of 2014
 The movie I wanna see, Guardians Of The Galaxy!
The movie I wanna see, Guardians Of The Galaxy!
"Oh. My. GOD. Where the heck are we?" I yelled at the sky. "Why do 당신 hate me?"
Lily rolled her eyes and looked around. "This place looks familiar..."
I pulled at my hair. "Familiar?!" I yelled at her. "I have a 신고 due in three days and if I can't finish it my life is RUINED!"
"You mean your summer," she added quietly.
"Just shut up!" I folded my arms and closed my eyes. It's just a dream, I told myself. You will open your eyes and find yourself back in your room, your beautiful room...
I opened my eyes. "Darn it," I said quietly. I was about to go in a full-out tantrum when we heard someone...
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Princess 완두콩 overheard, and 의해 overheard I mean eavesdropped, the whole conversation.
"The truth is I sometimes dress as a commoner, um, to escape the pressures of palace life...I really am a prince..." said the prince nervously.
"Why didn't 당신 just tell me?" questioned the exotic princess.
"Well, 당신 know, uh, um, royalty going out into the city in disguise, I mean, it sounds a little strange...don't 당신 think?"
"Hm...not that strange."
The princess leaned her head lovingly onto the prince's chest for a nice, peaceful moment...which unfortunately ended rather suddenly when 완두콩 decided to...
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8 months 이전 I wrote link, looking back I realise this 기사 wasn't that great so I decided to write this 기사 instead with songs both from before their first singer left the band and after their first singer left the band, also since I wrote the other 기사 I've listned to 더 많이 of their songs
Too lazy to add all the pictures, Snow White's picture was the only one that was uploaded when I started adding 사진 to this article

Snow White: link

This song totally 슈츠 her, mainly the first lyric "Running for her life", but some other ones too. Also the gasping in the beginning and towards...
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posted by casserola
I'm bored so ...

1.My name isn't Ella Randy

2.I'm obsessed with drawing eyes.I draw them all the time.Give me a pencil and paper and the first thing I'll draw is an eye.

3.My favourite movie of all time is How To Train Your Dragon.

4.Tangled is a close second.

5.My OTP is Janna(Jack x Anna)

6.I ship Elsanna(Elsa x Anna)

7.I ship Pitch x Elsa

8.My birthday is July 4th.

9.I'm tired of seeing Jelsa (Jack x Elsa) everywhere.

10.I don't know whether to laugh 또는 cry at the Merida Redesign petition.

11.I don't know whether to laugh 또는 cry at the Jelsa Movie petition.

12.My favourite DP was Mulan,then Elsa,then...
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