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Merida searched and searched. Knowing Shang and John were cold and hungry worried her. *What if they're dead?* was a 질문 that went through her mind. That worried her the most. Nearing the sight Shang and John once were, the young princess silently gasped in pain as she felt a painfully tingling sensation go through her leg. She had no time to worry about a simple wound now. She had to find her 프렌즈 and FAST.

Suddenly, there was a flame in the air. A real visible flame. Merida rushed over to it, only to find Shang and John alive and safe. "MERIDA!" they both screamed. They hurried over...
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posted by GreatLance_30
 뮬란 going to Ursula
Mulan going to Ursula
She found out that 뮬란 is secretly communicating to Ursula. Aya then hides and heard their conversation. 뮬란 said "Please make me a spell that will change me back into a strong 디즈니 Princess again!", Ursula answered "Sure warrior, but remember, in every spell there is a condition..." 뮬란 replied "What?", Ursula quickly said "She!" pointing to Aya...

Aya then accepted it bravely, but 뮬란 contradicts she said "No I don't want anybody hurt because of me" Aya replied, "But what about you?" 뮬란 said "Maybe there is another way?". Ursula said "There is a harder way, since the princesses...
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posted by luthorlex
겨울왕국 is a 2013 animated 디즈니 film that has become slightly 인기 if 당신 consider slightly 인기 to mean a worldwide hit beloved 의해 millions of people. It has become 1 of the most 인기 animated films ever made as well as the most successful in theaters. Because of all that there's several people that think the film is overrated as well as people who thinks it's 1 of the best films ever made. This film is about what I think of the film.


People say that the film is about the 2 main women (Anna and Elsa). 겨울왕국 is actually about several different things. There's Anna and...
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 J-Pop Moment.
J-Pop Moment.
Hi guys, this list is something like the K-Pop list that I made previously. Only this time, it's their Japanese counterparts. Ready?

1) Moonlight Densetsu (DALI)

Taken from the 인기 Japanese anime, Sailor Moon. This song has always been part of my childhood and being a Die-Hard Sailor Moon fan, the princess will support them, especially on International Women's Day!

2) Shunken Sentimental (Scandal)

This is the first time that I'm listening to it, and while doing so, I notice that it sounds like some of Paramore's songs. In particularly, Misery Business.

3) Hitohira No Hanabira (Stereopony)

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posted by TheMusicalMolls
My friend Rowan (Bubblegum139) recently joined Fanpop, and to get her off to a good start I'll write about her! This is her page: link I hope 당신 guys give her a warm welcome :)

With Rowan/Bubblegum139, there's lots of fun and games to be had. She is a really fun person to hang out with, and is very crazy. She's also smart and in advanced classes. She is friendly, cool and funny. She likes to post weird selfies and make up dance moves. Here are some 인용구 about Rowan/Bubblegum139 from people who know her:

"She's weird and crazy. Rowan likes quadricorns."

"She scares me sometimes!"

"She's crazy, but Rowan's very nice. She's very full of energy."

That's what I have to say about Bubblegum139!

*P.S Everyone knows to never give Rowan scissors...*
As the sun settled down into the sky, Ariel watched as steam poured out of the crock-pot the cook was using. It made a popping noise once in awhile from all the boiling it was doing, which made her jump. She was curious, and wanted to ask what made it do that. But, she couldn't. Not after she gave her voice away. She touched her throat a bit, until someone pulled on her back. She turned her head to see the maid, short and plump, grumpy faced.
"You should be getting ready! Dinner's only in less than thirty minutes."
Ariel had a strong urge to fight back and tell her she couldn't boss her around...
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posted by andy10B
I promised I would write a biography about myself so here goes:

I am andy10B my first name is Andrew. I am 23 years old(24 on March 12th) I come from England in a town called Northampton. This is based in the centre roughly 60 miles north of London. It's not the prettiest place but it will do.

I'm mildly Autistic which means I'm not the best speaker but that does not mean I can't do it at all and I do have 프렌즈 in Northampton. At the 분 i am a mail sorter for a British company called Royal mail. I would like to be a journalist 또는 news reporter 또는 an actor. I don't have any of those degrees...
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This is an 기사 that disputes whether the events that take place in 겨울왕국 were Anna 또는 Elsa's fault. These are my own observations so I apologize if 당신 don't agree, but feel free to 코멘트 your opinions below.

Disclaimer: Most of the actions depicted 의해 Anna and Elsa are not really their own fault, but I thought this 기사 could be fun to see how they're actions had consequences to each other's lives. I hope I don't upset anyone with this post, it is honestly just me thinking out loud. Also, a lot of the parts I point out aren't really that characters fault at all and it was really just...
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Ayeeee. It's been a while since I 게시됨 my last article, and while I've kind of gotten tired of the whole "list" thing, I was out of ideas so alas :P Regardless I hope 당신 enjoy and thank 당신 so much for 읽기 c:

13. Ariel

Yeah..I just can't cut this girl a break :/ Sorry..but really, her hair is the main reason she's my least prettiest. The red ketchup color it is is just extremely artificial looking and while the hair can look AMAZING at times (Part of Your World) on land it looses the magic of how it looked in the water. If her hair was a 더 많이 muted red it probably would've been higher....
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This is my first 기사 here and I hope 당신 like it. I'm getting tired people calling 디즈니 (Especially 디즈니 Princess) sexist. So I decided to write an 기사 about why I think the Princes don't really save the princesses.

Sorry for no pictures!

1.Snow White
The Prince in Snow White doesn't really do anything. He just sings a serenade and disappears till the end of the movie.
He didn't fight the Evil Queen. He didn't really do anything.
Snow White should thank the dwarfs for saving her life not the Prince. If the dwarfs buried her, the Prince would never find her and 키스 her.
So all he did...
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posted by magicfairydust
I haven't seen 라푼젤 yet, so Rapunzel's not in this. (these are in no particular order)
Aladdin and Jasmine
Romantic Chemistry: scale of 1-10 (10)
These two are just so in 사랑 당신 can just feel it. They've had this indescribable bond right from the start. Sure, they've had their fair share of arguments, but in the end, it's just two kids in love. <3
 eh ma god what is she doing......
eh ma god what is she doing......

Belle and the Beast
Romantic Chemistry: 8.5
Here's a couple that had to learn to 사랑 each other from hating each other from the beginning. It shows that they really trust each other and were able to see beyond...
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저기요 guys! So the last time, I started the list for link. So here's part two.

First, I'd like to apologize for taking the 초 기사 so long to make, I've been busy and I haven't had much time to make it.

Next, I'm also sorry since I've only made four villains for this list. I'm really having a hard time finding and editing pictures. I've been trying to find pictures of Governor Ratcliffe's costumes, but the only ones I could find were the face characters from Disneyland, which has an incredibly large body and weird head.

As of August 29, 2011, these are the results:

1. link
The 팬 picked:...
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 Just coz ;)
Just coz ;)
Okay, I'll try not to totally bore anyone who reads this, and I know a lot of people will seriously feel like killing me after 읽기 this, but hey, it's just my opinion. I never bag yours :P May be some bad language, but chill.

I know plenty of 당신 are probably thinking "Wtf? Is she on drugs?" .. and the answer is no. I don't even have a real reason for her being this low. I think maybe it's the short hair, sickeningly sweet voice, and the fact that she takes an 사과, 애플 from the freakiest looking old lady I have ever fcking seen! If I had one piece of 조언 to give...
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I would just like to say, I think it would be a good idea to have this countdown every 6 months. Then we can notice patterns in favorites and such.

9. Snow White
First Countdown: 9th Place
Second Countdown: 9th Place
Change: None.

Well, I don't want to write a 설명 about poor Snow White, so I'll let another user explain:

"My issue with Snow White is the rumor that she is 13 years old, which isn't a big deal in and of itself, but she's 노래 and pining for true love. Even though, once upon a time, girls did marry that young, that concept has always...
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Princess 완두콩 will face her most suspensful adventure yet when a war erupts between the Natives and the English settlers. Will 완두콩 be able to help Pocahontas and her true 사랑 John Smith be together 또는 is sass just not enough this time? In this sneak peek, here's a glimpse of 다음 week's chapter.

"Pocahontas!" yelled Pea. "Are 당신 nuts? 당신 can't go around making out with hot white boys! Unless there was some tongue, then it was totally worth it."
"But Pea," replied the beautiful chief's daughter. "I love John Smith! And even though Kocoum was killed, I can't help but think...
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Hello everyone! I dont know if 당신 remember me 또는 if any of the people I use to talk to on here still come on here...but im going to try to come to this group 더 많이 often...I miss it.

I was watching Beauty and the Beast tonight[Diamond Edition;] and I realized something so strange...I cry during this movie...

But only at two parts...when the beast "dies" and the other part....the ballroom scene.

The scene isnt sad and I know that...but does anyone else find it painfully beautiful...it never registered in this scene that Belle was dancing with a Beast, All I could think is:

Look at how much in love...
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We decided to write this 기사 together because we have almost the exact same list.

9.Prince Charming
PL: Yea, whoever said Charming looked like a melted Ken doll, you're right. I just hope he doesn't have metal balls in his thighs to help his legs rotate like my Ken doll did. For someone who's supposed to be modeled after Gene Kelly, Gene's hotness did not pass along. Gene Kelly is a fine piece of ass, and Charming is just a piece of ass. Okay, okay maybe I'm exaggerating. TBH, I don't find any of the princes ugly. Charming is just incredibly plain and plastic looking. Basically the...
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 “This kiss,” Pocahontas thought. “It’s nothing like the 키스 of John Smith. He kissed me with such passion and love.”
“This kiss,” Pocahontas thought. “It’s nothing like the kiss of John Smith. He kissed me with such passion and love.”


    Pocahontas slowly made her way to John. When she finally reached his side, he put his arms around her and gave her a hug. She sighed because for once, in a long time she liked hugging John, only because her imagination let her think it was John Smith.
    “I can see that you’re worrying about something.” John finally spoke.
    “That is true.” Pocahontas agreed.
    “Let’s go for a walk.” John said.
    He wanted to get away. Maybe if they were alone,...
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I've noticed that there are actually a lot of similarities between these three girls and wanted to make an 기사 about why they're all so similar. They're all in my 상단, 맨 위로 5, as I think they're very similar and I'm going to say why, so let's goo! I'm not trying to convince 당신 all to place them in similar places 또는 that they're the same person 또는 anything, just pointing out some similarities between the three of them.

They're Elegant, Yet Playful

These three are all very elegant; in the way that they handle themselves, in the way of their diplomacy and selflessness, yet they're also very playful....
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posted by madisonsavanna
I want to be known as the DP leader
Take away personalities
And if I don't get the things I am after...
I'm going to SCREAM!
I want this spot, I want this whole spot!
No opinions, pick killing, no princesslullaby ruling
And NOW!
I don't care how, I want it now!
Don't care how, I want it NOW!


Oompah loompah doompa dee doo
I've got a 팬팝 puzzle for you
Oompah loompah doompah da dee
If 당신 are wise you'll listen to me
Who do ya' blame when you've turned into a Nazi?
When all your cyber 프렌즈 are in a terrible posse
Blaming the 팬 is a lie and a shame
당신 know exactly who's to blame!
Oompah loompah doompa dee dah
If you're not a troll then 당신 will go far
당신 will live in happiness, too
Like the DP 팬 who aren't STU...................................pid