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 This stunning picture got Ariel her 초 best picture credit to ryky
This stunning picture got Ariel her second best picture credit to ryky
Previously on DNTM: Some 모델 feel uncomfortable at a swimwear 통로, 활주로 show and Belle and Merida struggled but Merida was deemed the worst and was sent home. Only 6 princesses remain who will be eliminated next?

Confessionals After Elimination:
Rapunzel: Merida was eliminated and she was so funny. I wish she could have stayed.
 Rapunzel in the confessional
Rapunzel in the confessional

Belle: I was in the bottom two and was so nervous. I have to improve.
 Belle in the confessional
Belle in the confessional

Elsa: I had a great photograph this week. This means I am doing well.
Ariel: I had best picture! The judges see something special in me.
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posted by CRaZy_rawR
 Team 아이콘 의해 CRaZy_rawR
Team Icon by CRaZy_rawR
I just want to thank the other members of Team Pocahontas, zikkiforever, 324anna, purplerose17, and ShadowintheDark, for being really helpful to the team and being so quick to get everything in for this article! So, aye, here is our team's entry for the 디즈니 Princess Team Games. :D

Paragraphs About Why We 사랑 Poca


Pocahontas is a timeless, breathtaking character in both personality and looks. Her amazing connection with nature and the world is refreshing and brings something new to the 디즈니 Princess lineup. She is energetic, adorable, and is such a great addition to the DP's....
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I've already ranked their films so now I will rank the princesses individually. Share your thoughts. My opinions are always changing so this list might not always be the same in my head.
13. Aurora
I 사랑 her film but she really is the worst, most boring part of it. Sure, she's beautiful and has one of the best 노래 voices of any princess but she is just so bland. And I can't place a character who only appears for around 18 분 any higher on this list. She's nice but really needed 더 많이 of a personality especially since her film has such memorable characters.
12. Cinderella
I used to think...
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Keep in mind this is an opinion article. ;) This is not a "defending the classics article", it is stating why 신데렐라 is the best Classic princess.

While I 사랑 all three classics, 신데렐라 has always stood out to me. And no it is not because of her ball gown( although it is lovely). Many criticize her for being weak and passive but she is not at all that. Many people have been defending Sleeping Beauty and The Fairiest of Them All Lately. Also known as Snow and Aurora. But here is why Cindy is the best out of them all in my opinion.

Cinderella is one of those people who always treats...
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These are just some simple scenarios I created of some of my Non/Canon shippings that involve the 디즈니 Princesses. I don't ship anyone with Snow White, Belle, 재스민 속, 재 스민 (I do, but..), Mulan, 또는 Tiana romantically. I just prefer them in their canon couple. Just Cindy, Aurora, Ariel, Pocahontas, Rapunzel, Merida, Anna, and Elsa are included. So aye, here we go. c:

Cinderella and Jim Hawkins

The perfect scenario is pretty much explained in this video. Ahh.. ♥ I 사랑 the idea of this couple, and this video pretty much sealed the deal with me:


 creds to moi. :3
creds to moi. :3

Aurora and Phoebus

I ship Aurora...
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posted by dclairmont
Third 기사 in three days? I have a life..heh...heh..ANYWAYS, I've heard multiple times people calling Elsa complex, but they usually don't give an argument to back that up, so I decided to write this! I've also heard a lot of complaints from 겨울왕국 haters asking how Elsa is so complex, so I'm 글쓰기 this for that as well. Anyway let's get started! I hope 당신 enjoy! :)

Characteristics of a Complex Character (gotten online):

1. He 또는 she undergoes an important change as the plot unfolds.

2. The changes he 또는 she experiences occur because of his 또는 her actions 또는 experiences in the story.

3. Changes...
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It has been so long since I did an 기사 on here and I felt like it's time to do something and be a part of the DP community.
Anyways,this list might change after today so this would be a current list. So..don't be upset if your 가장 좋아하는 movie is low.
I am also ranking them on animation,music and characters. So keep that in mind!~ (Also,no 겨울왕국 on this list. I haven't seen the movie yet.)

10) Beauty and the Beast.
Now,the movie wasn't too bad. It was just really really dull. The characters were meh and I just didn't see any development. The 애니메이션 wasn't all that bad but it could have...
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 Who is fanpop's most lust-based couple?
Who is fanpop's most lust-based couple?
So, as a lot of 당신 probably know I recently did a countdown for the most lust-based DP couple. Merida is eliminated 의해 default, and I didn't include Frozen, so we'll be looking at ten couples. Anyway, without further ado, let's begin!

10. Snow White and The Prince
For tenth place the only real contenders were these two and Mulan/Shang, so much so that there was a tiebreaker. But, even though they kissed while the latter couple didn't, people found this couple to be less lust-based because of the youth and innocence of Snow White and, to a lesser extent, The Prince.

They are way too asexual to...
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Right now I'm doing a countdown for which 디즈니 Princess is the best role model, and I've seen some people not think they're the best role models, and since personally I see them as the three best role models, I'd like to explain why I think so. Also, I wanted to right an 기사 that was a bit 더 많이 thought provoking other than another countdown and I was bored. I'll go through why each princess is a good role model individually, and at the end conclude what they all have in common, so let's get started! (I literally say "let's get started" 또는 "without further ado" for every single one of...
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Well, as promised, here my thoughts. Careful, though, I intend to go into great detail about the movie. If 당신 haven’t watched it yet, I suggest to leave, 또는 this will ruin the experience for you. I also warn 당신 if 당신 사랑 the movie. For me, it was very much a mixed bag, and I will mostly try to figure out why I wasn’t as 마법에 걸린 사랑 as I was and still am of my favourite 디즈니 Princess Movies.

1. The Animation

Let’s start with the positive: The 애니메이션 is gorgeous! When I saw the scene with the ship sinking in the storm, I kept thinking “wow”. And the snow scenes…let’s put it...
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I decided to do something a little different and do a collab 기사 with my five 년 old little sister! :D Obviously, the descriptions of hers will not be too brilliant, so I will be doing a reporter/interviewee style for her descriptions. The thing in the italics are the things I said. Normal 글쓰기 is her response.

Annika's #11

I 사랑 the color of her eyes, do not get me wrong, but honestly, they have always creeped me out. They have their really awkward moments, and I have just no been a fan.

Sissy's #11

"Why don't 당신 like her eyes?"

"They're too big and that is a weird...
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At long last, the long-awaited Favorites list I always mentioned but was too meticulous about 글쓰기 and incredibly distracted from to actually finish! So sorry it took so long. I talk about things I dislike about some of the princesses, but keep in mind that I still 사랑 them all.

13. Belle:
Previous Position: 12

I respect Belle 더 많이 now and even like her personality 더 많이 after coming here. I just don’t care for her much 또는 really relate to her, aside from being a daydreamer and wanting adventure when I was younger. I don't think her personality is that inspiring 또는 original, which would be...
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 MalloMar's 아이콘 :)
MalloMar's icon :)
1. Congratulations! How does it feel to be 팬 of the Month?

It’s unexpected, but 더 많이 than incredible! Thank 당신 so much to everyone who voted for me. :')

2. Your 가장 좋아하는 Princess and why?

뮬란 and Tiana are tied!
Mulan- She’s an inspiration, but easy to relate to. Her awkwardness is endearing and entertaining. In a culture focused on honor she failed miserably once, and knowing she could face failure again and even death, she did the unthinkable (impersonated a soldier, to quote the Emperor) out of 사랑 for her father. As Ping, her attempts to fit in are hilarious. As for flaws,...
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 We don't need no men!
We don't need no men!
I'm just going to apologize for my terrible humor ahead of time. I wrote this sooo late ahaha. Ahh November. The Season of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is the time of the turkeys. Turkeys are a very important animal in history. They are the animal of love. Don't believe me? Look at all the coincidences; turkeys make 사랑 with each other (bow chicka wow wow), they bring 사랑 to the obese, and best of all they are shaped like hearts...well close enough. With all these coincidences, it would be a crime to not write about my 가장 좋아하는 couples in this joyous time of turkeys and making love. Oh, and...
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posted by disneygirl7
So, I know mhs1025 has written something like this before, but I wanted to write my own. So I will basically talk about what I think about the characters, the storyline, my expectations and just the movie in general. I will try to keep this as spoiler-free as possible, so if 당신 know something about this movie then 당신 probably won't be surprised at anything. Enjoy!

First, I'm going to talk about the 5 main characters (Not Sven because I don't have much to say about him. He is really cute though) And of course, we'll start with:


Ana is so far, my favourite character in the movie. But...
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posted by fiina
 더 많이 또는 less how I look. I couldn't find any actual image.
More or less how I look. I couldn't find any actual image.
So, I decided to do this too. After two years. Being typical finnish I don't give personal information very easily, but this doesn't really go that personal. I hope 당신 like :)

Yeah right, so this is just one of those I don't like reveal on internet. But my middle name is Hellevi, it is real name but please tell if 당신 know someone with same name because I have never met one.

 I 사랑 my country
I 사랑 my country

Mom, dad, elder and younger brother. I also count my 3 고양이 in it, though they live with my grandparents as we could not keep cat in city. One old madam cat and two little and...
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Okay this took quite a while. I got 로스트 in different chinese zodiac -meanings websites some time 이전 and I started worder what characters princesses would be. I personally don't believe horoscopes.
This goes quite backwards as we don't know which 년 princesses are born. Anyway these are the results. There was no dragon 또는 pig so put their descriptions at the end in case someone's interest.

 The 쥐 is hardworking, industrious and shrewd. People born in the 년 of the 쥐 are also charming and have magnetic personalities. It's said that finding a poor 쥐 is rare, since they are good in business.
The 쥐 is hardworking, industrious and shrewd. People born in the 년 of the 쥐 are also charming and have magnetic personalities. It's said that finding a poor 쥐 is rare, since they are...
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posted by Persephone713
Since when is being a daydreamer, and following your 심장 selfish? She did not know completely what she was getting herself into, and it was still hard for her to sign the contract, besides its not like this was a one sided thing- her father didnt make things easier 의해 putting a hold on her, and he even admitted it himself. But there are couple times where she is concerned for her father and her sisters- she says " If I become human, I will never be with my father 또는 sisters again". So I am not going to sit and listen to anyone call her selfish anymore 또는 use the word selfish like its not...
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Due to this being a 월 of fasting for those of the Muslim faith, shanyuisboss was unable to interview princecatcher93, so shanyuisboss asked me if I would (just in case 당신 were wondering why it didn't follow the typical previous-FOTM-conducts-the-interview formula.)

1. Congratulations! How does it feel to be 팬 of the Month?
*Does 집 Alone Scream Face* I can’t believe it! Thank 당신 again for everyone who voted for me! I feel so happy and overjoyed!

2. Your 가장 좋아하는 Princess and why?
Rapunzel, because the two of us are so much alike in many ways; we’re both childish a lot, immature...
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posted by CaiWonderlander
 How can 당신 say this little girl is ugly?
How can you say this little girl is ugly?
I don't like judgy people very much, because I used to be bullied. (I wear different clothes and dream to much) This is also why I adore different people. Merida is in my 상단, 맨 위로 5 list of all the 디즈니 princesses, and I've heard a lot of people saying they don't like her, so I decided to write this 기사 about her, since I find her beautiful and interesting.
This is why I think she's so disliked:

1. People hate her looks!! They say she's ugly. Which I don't really get, because she has long red hair and blue eyes. -Cough, a bit like Ariel, cough.-

2. They don't like the story. I've also seen somewhere,...
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