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 # 9 Prince Charming
# 9 Prince Charming

Oh does this guy gripe me. I almost don’t even know where to start. I’ve never hated a 디즈니 character; but what I feel for this chump is probably the closest I’ll ever get. Even though we don’t really get to know him in the first movie (which is what I go by…I don’t count sequels because they piss me off), I think I have a pretty good idea of how he rolls. I can “sort of” relate to him on one thing; his Father wanting him to get married so he can have grandchildren. My Mom wants nothing 더 많이 than for me to find the right guy, settle down, and spit...
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A/N: So I was watching Beauty and the Beast this morning and I read a story
about the prince before he was transformed and it gave me this idea. I
thought it would be interesting to see the individual changes from who the
prince was before to who he was after Belle broke the spell. I also thought that
it would be interesting to see it through the eyes of someone besides Belle
or the prince.

Also I use the name Adam for the prince.

Disclaimer: I do not own Belle 또는 the Beast/Prince/Adam 또는 any of the other
characters...lets just say I do not own Beauty and the Beast. Also I dont remember
clearly how...
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posted by disney_prince
This is a very brief 기사 where I am going to look at each princess and see how much they are like myself.

Snow White
Like Snow White I am usually a fairly up beat person. I always try to look on the brighter side of life, at least on the outside. Compared to some of my 프렌즈 I come across as being the colourful character of the group.

At times I can be a bit of a push over and I have a little bit of intelligent wit that seeps out of me every now and again. Like 신데렐라 I want the fairy tale ending and I also have some inner strength.

I am far from perfection...
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 An Incomplete lineup
An Incomplete lineup
FullMoonFever asked me in which order i whould put the 디즈니 princesses so here it is.
Btw Props to anyone that can figure out the thinking behind the text under the pictures ^^
 The Beauty
The Beauty

Number 1# Belle
Belle is my 가장 좋아하는 for a number of reasons but the main one is that i like her personality, i think she is a very real character because she feels like she doesn´t fit in and many people think that sometime in their life.
I also 사랑 her relationship with the Beast, it evolves from them kinda hating eachother into friendship and then into true love.
 The Desert 꽃
The Desert Flower

Number 2# is...
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I'll compare the countdown 의해 cromulanfav with the countdown I did. I agree mine is 더 많이 "Least Disliked", and this is 더 많이 "Favorite Princess".

Coming in last place, not to much surprise, is Tiana. Frankly no one seems too fond of Tiana, and she's barely talked about on this site. While there are die-hard 팬 of all the other princesses, I can't think of one person who is constantly praising Tiana. It's not like Tiana has qualities we can't adore. She's smart, hardworking, and real. But I think that's part of the problem. 디즈니 Princess appeal to a younger age group, anywhere...
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Welcome, welcome to the Disney's 다음 상단, 맨 위로 Model Competition, located right here on The 디즈니 Princess spot on Fanpop. I'm your host, Breebree446!
Disney's 다음 상단, 맨 위로 Model is based on finding the girl who represents 디즈니 the best. Hopes, dreams, courage, but at the same time knowing the difference between right and wrong, and discipline. Ten contestants have been choosen to take part in the competition. Why don't we meet them now...

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Well, here it is. I tried to be as objective and open-minded as I possibly can, so I hope I am not too biased. Anyway, let's begin!

UPDATE: Okay, now Rapunzel is in the countdown! :)

Number 10: Aurora

Aurora...zzz...she doesn't really do anything. I am sorry. She is cute in the period she is awake, but...that's it. The problem is that her character is not expanded enough. I am sure that if she spent 더 많이 time awake, she would be much 더 많이 interesting.

 Hehe! He is so cute! *sighs dreamily*
Hehe! He is so cute! *sighs dreamily*

Number 9: Rapunzel

Rapunzel, Rapunzel...she kept sliding down my list. Now she is at number 9. The problem...
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posted by lovegypsy64
#9. 신데렐라
Yep. Sorry,Cinderella fans. She's at the bottom of my countdown. I mean,it's not that I don't like her 또는 anything. I 사랑 her. She's kind and beautiful like all the other princesses and her movie is great,too. It's just that it seems like she's the most typical princess and has the most typical story. I understand it's very well known but still,it seems to be told 더 많이 than any other fairy tale. So,she's just not as exciting to me as the other princesses. But,hey,I'd choose her over Hannah Montana any day. ;)

#8. Aurora(Sleeping Beauty)
She's 더 많이 beautiful than Cinderella...
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Disclaimer: I don’t find any of the princesses stupid, sure, some of them may be naive and reckless, but not stupid and 당신 know this is true, because I always tell the true, in like all 30% percent of the cases.

Also, I am going to estimate their IQ, in case 당신 don’t know

Below 90 is under average, but I doubt that any of the princesses has that low IQ
90-110 average
110-130 above average
130- considered incredibly smart
150 and more- genius

Now, it’s unfair to judge about her because we never really got to see what Aurora really is, but from the few things she did in her 18...
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posted by disney_prince
DisneyPrince's Favourite: link//link//Princes
After yet another 일 doing as little as possible, I got to thinking about the 디즈니 Princes. I for one include characters such as Simba and even Hercules to be 디즈니 Princes however in the context of this spot I am only ranking the spouses of the 디즈니 Princesses. Anyway, enough jibber jabber, let’s get going.

 The 6 original princes
The 6 original princes

9. The Charming Prince
Due to the fact Charming is a lazy, pretentious, spoiled prince who we never see develop from, he is my least favourite. The only thing I like about him is his iconic status of being...
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 Who will the children pick?
Who will the children pick?
I was just thinking the other 일 about how children are the ones that 디즈니 makes princesses for and who they like best. So I started a loved 의해 childrens countdown. Here are the results.]
Just remember these results may not be exactly accurate because we are selves aren't children but we tried are best.....

 Many children I know find her boring (MadisonSavanna)
Many children I know find her boring (MadisonSavanna)

9. Pocahontas

Pocahontas was obviously going to be last. She was based to be aimed at a 더 많이 adult audience and children probably won't understand her. Also children don't care about history that much and her film is a history...
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posted by disneygirl
Chapter One

"Why must dis happen? Why why why?"
"Whatchya talkin bout Cwabby?"
Sebastian the 게, 크랩 turned to the two mice before him. "Every 년 I'm all set and ready to retire. And every 년 someting comes up dat makes me wait on and on to do dat!" he groaned. "It's always de same thing...babysitting de girls!"
"No worry, Cwabby. We'll help ya!" Jaq, one of the mice declared.
"Uh, yup!" the 더 많이 chubby one, Gus, added.
"Sides, isn't dere some magic guy comin ta help, too?" Jaq asked.
Sebastian raised an eyebrow at the rodents. "It's called a Genie."
"Did someone call me?" a voice exclaimed. Then,...
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 WORLD 1: 뮬란
    Allie fell further and further, in what seemed like an endless black hole. She looked down, and saw a light at the end of it, and suddenly began to fall even faster. She closed her eyes and screamed, and then landed with a thump in something leafy.

    “Ow! Stupid fairy! What is this stuff anyway?” she whispered as she looked around at what she had landed in. It was a thorny bush. “Thorns? Really, was that necessary?” Allie said as she began to get up. Then, she noticed there was a window right above her, and so she ducked back down. Hiding...
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 But Daddy - just one 더 많이 cream-coated yoghurt 건포도 sponge cake... PLEASE?
But Daddy - just one more cream-coated yoghurt raisin sponge cake... PLEASE?
This idea sort of hit me in the face whilst I was doodling in the back of my French book on Tuesday when I should have been doing a listening exercise about someone wanting to be a doctor. What if Ariel didn't want our world for our 정크 and our legs but our marvellous food? That underwater stuff must be dead gross.
I actually started 글쓰기 this around a doodle of fat Ariel, but yeah. My French book's at school so improvisation time!

Basically, fat Ariel has gained a lot of weight recently and her father has forbidden her from eating any 더 많이 of this awful barbaric human junk. He's put her...
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posted by percyandpotter
"WHAT?!" 뮬란 burst out. "You think I KILLED ARIEL?!"
"Well...it's not like we WANT to suspect you, dear," said Aurora. "But 당신 DID kill Shan-Yu...and all of his Hun army in that avalanche 당신 caused."
"I had to! That's what a soldier does. otherwise it would've looked suspicious."
"You are a girl. 당신 were already out of whack."
Tears streamed down Mulan's face. "I don't know WHO I can trust anymore! Ariel's dead...you all think I did it. I just want to go home."
Mushu popped out from Mulan's bag. "You still have me, girl! Aren't I much better than these catty princesses?"
"AHH!" Everyone shrieked....
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 The most famous 성
The most famous castle
If 당신 wonder why the heck do I have to make mention of every thing in my countdowns, well, I hate to left some thing just like that, so here it is:

24. Mulan's soldier tent
Of course that this one is the last. It was made 의해 poor 뮬란 who just joined the army and wasn't totally herself. It is small, uncomfortable, it looks like it's going to ruin every moment. Oh, and it's right 다음 to pond, so it probably stinks and there are mosquitoes too.

23. Pocahontas's longhouse
Someone told me that proper term is longhouse, I hope it is. So what to say, ordinary wooden house with one room,...
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posted by disney_prince
Everyone knows that as soon as the damsel marries her very own Prince Charming that she will live happily ever after. People forget that happily ever after gets boring every now and again. My name is 신데렐라 and yes I married a Prince and became the Princess Bride of his beautiful kingdom. However I was beginning to feel restless.

I am lucky to have such great friends, only last week I met with Tiana, who was visiting the kingdom in which she is princess of, Maldonia. Another fellow princess of France attended the occasion as well, we both shared a carriage and travelled to Naveen's marble...
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3. If I Never Knew You (Pocahontas) 의해 the Cheetah Girls
Although this song was cut from the original release of Pocahontas, in the special edition version, 디즈니 decided to put this song back in. It was said that this song did not make it in the film because during a special screening, children found it boring. I completely disagree. I think it's one of the most beautiful songs ever. Unfortunately, the Cheetah Girls ruined the song. Not to say that they're bad singers because they can sing, just not this song. They took away from the original magic. It's a song of such 사랑 and passion...
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 Another bun, yay!
Another bun, yay!

10.Tiana's bun from building site
Many people dislike this hairstyle, I have no idea why. Maybe because they, I don't know, wanted to see her hair LOOSE at once. But no, we got another - BUN, yay!

And the person who was really persistent to eliminate this one is: TigerRanma, so I gonna include some of her 코멘트 for this one.
 "If 당신 don't like my bun, one out of 20, I will kick 당신 with this hammer"
"If 당신 don't like my bun, one out of 20, I will kick 당신 with this hammer"

"I don't like buns that much. She's dressed all casual in this scene. Would've been nice to see it loose here for a change instead of all the buns."

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yes all of the princesses are involved, I'm just a slow writer ;)

[FYI: I'm completely cutting out what happens in Pocahontas 2 for my convenience,(not that I don't like Pocahontas 2, but I don't want to bring in 더 많이 than one man for Pocahontas. John Smith seems to be the 가장 좋아하는 anyway.) So this segment takes place right after John Smith's ship leaves for England at the end of the first movie.]

Thomas was looking back at the new world, so much had happened and changed. All his life, he'd been taught that the "savages" were mindless, uncivilized beings, but he knew now that they were all wrong....
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