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Here's part two of link.

As of August 22, 2011, these are the results:

1. link and link
The 팬 picked: Daniel Henney and Zhang Zi Yi

2. link and link
The 팬 picked: Naya Rivera and Alexander Skarsgard

3. link and link
The 팬 picked: Zachary Levi and AnnaSophia Robb

4. link and link
The 팬 picked: Chris Pine and Amanda Seyfried

5. link and link
The 팬 picked: Leighton Meester and Logan Lerman

So these are the actors and 여배우 chosen 의해 the majority of the 팬팝 users as to portray each 디즈니 character. What are your comments/reactions on these results?

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This is my list of my 가장 좋아하는 디즈니 Princesses Couples. Enjoy :)

10. Mulan and Shang

 Can I borrow your dress for tonight? 당신 can borrow my armor ;)
Can I borrow your dress for tonight? 당신 can borrow my armor ;)

Honestly I 사랑 뮬란 and I 사랑 Shang as individuals. However I just can't see them as a proper couple. They are a great team and they are great characters, but they are not given the chance in the movie to show their emotions towards one another. I can only really see them as very good friends, who enjoy dressing up going to war together.

9. Tiana and Naveen

 당신 promised you'll ask your dad to give me money for my restaurant if I marry you. 당신 haven't forgotten, right?
You promised you'll ask your dad to give me money for my restaurant if I marry...
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읽기 some of the comments, I realized there's much thing that people are wrong about princesses, well, at least I think they're wrong, so in association with princesslullaby, JonnaSe, lepetitsouris and CureDiana I tried to cover them as objective as possible. Thanks princesslullaby for awesome pictures.

Snow White

*She is stupid (for taking the apple, running away, going into a stranger's house...)

It's unfair making such a big deal out of it considering other princess didworse things.

princesslullaby: first of...
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I thought it would be really interesting to do this sort of countdown involving the princes, since most of the countdowns we do with the princes have to do with best looking, favorite, 또는 something directly involving the princesses. It would be really cool if we could seperate the princes from the princesses (even though they mostly serve to be princesses' counterparts) and give them an individual spotlight, unlike the other princes. Another thing to note when 읽기 this is some users voted for the princes being good role 모델 for boys specifically; others chose to view them in a general...
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Continuation of my link.

I think 신데렐라 is one of the best role 모델 of the princesses. The thing she was given the most flack for was not standing up for herself and not running away from home. C'mon, run away from home? And go where? Secondly, she's not gonna leave this house she grew up in. It's the one of the few things she has left of her father and mother, it has so many memories, if she left it she would feel guilty and disloyal. Also, people blamed her for not standing up to her step-family. Just because she doesn't start screaming at them doesn't mean she doesn't...
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I'm lazy and don't want to write too much so: I didn't include characters rankings, only how many times they were on the lists, and here is a copy of our skype conversations for each character.I didn't really need to write anything, it was about the ranking, so I just put in conversations.


V= Cromulanfav
D= CuteDiana
J= JonnaSe
P= Princesslullaby (also referred to as Jen in a couple of chats)


J: Poca is hot, but looses her personality. And I liked her personality in the beginning of the movie, it´s fun. Then she...
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The following is written 의해 someone that's going into the 8th grade so it's not going to be as well written as everybody else's 기사 I also have no pictures because I don't know how to 업로드 them yet and because I'm on my iPod touch....ok enough talking let's get to the article

10. Aurora
My Least 가장 좋아하는 princess is Aurora.I don't hate her 또는 dislike her at all I'm just neutral about her. Many of 당신 say that she doesn't have a personality but she does. Many of 당신 just don't see it 또는 may not like it. I found out that Aurora is a romantic person. Well....that's it. I mean 당신 can't blame...
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 “I can’t leave you.” She whispered. “You never will,” he said. “No matter what happens, I’ll always be with you, forever.” “Forever?” she asked. “Yes,” he answered. “Even through death.”
“I can’t leave you.” She whispered. “You never will,” he said. “No matter what happens, I’ll always be with you, forever.” “Forever?” she asked. “Yes,” he answered. “Even through death.”


“I can’t leave you.” She whispered.
    “You never will,” he said. “No matter what happens, I’ll always be with you, forever.”
    “Forever?” she asked.
    “Yes,” he answered. “Even through death.”
    “Death,” she cried. “No! John, 당신 can’t leave me, 당신 just can’t!”
    The darkness overcame her and his whisper disappeared.
    “John!” She called for him, but there was no reply. “John! Where are you?! Please...
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 He grabbed her other hand and held onto them tightly, which only made it harder for Pocahontas.
He grabbed her other hand and held onto them tightly, which only made it harder for Pocahontas.

    Pocahontas took a deep breath, thinking of how she would tell John it was over. Since she had just recently seen John Smith and found her 사랑 again, she knew the only way to be happy was to leave John.
    When she was back in her village, she saw that John wasn’t there. When she asked where he was, she learned he was 의해 the river. She made her way to the river and saw that he was alone.
    “Good,” she thought. “At least I can do this in private.”
    She walked up to John...
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 It gave her a sense of peace that she so often longed for.
It gave her a sense of peace that she so often longed for.

Her hair blew with the wind and danced with the leaves that flew through her hair so gracefully. She loved the feeling of the wind blowing against her face. It gave her a sense of peace that she so often longed for. She stood at the 상단, 맨 위로 of the cliff, looking at the water below. The waves crashed upon the 육지, 쇼 어 and she was very tempted to dive into the river below.
    She turned her head when she heard the small pitter patter of footsteps and she knew at once that it was Meeko, her mischievous raccoon friend. Meeko ran up a 나무, 트리 that stood 의해 Pocahontas, so he could...
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"Who are you?" said Phillip, starting to emerge from the tub.
I gasped and scrambled onto my feet. I was too chicken to talk to him, so I ran out of the bathroom.
But I'm not a lucky girl. I slipped on water, and slammed hard on the linoleum floor.
Damn it, I muttered, standing again. Phillip was in his 옷, 가운 now.
I couldn't take any chances. I ran out of the bathroom, back in the hallway again. My only options were the staircase that had a sign that read "Dungeon", and a shiny armor.
I picked the armor. I stuffed the camera in my pocket and climbed in, making sure the 헬멧 closed tightly...
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I walked to work the 다음 일 with my head in the air. I never felt better in my life--I couldn't believe that my mother actually fell for the phony note.
I opened the door to my boss's office. "Mr. Anthony, I got the note signed 의해 my mother. What's next?" I sat down in the plastic chair in front of his desk.
He dug through his 책상, 데스크 and pulled out a black suitcase. "The task begins," he announced, handing it to me.
My 심장 stopped. I felt the cool texture of the black leather under my palm. "What's inside?"
"Your suit, a camera, notepad, laser pen, and a bar for defense," he counted these...
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posted by CodyVenusTrent
 My 팬팝 아이콘 (since I don't have pictures of me on my laptop)
My Fanpop icon (since I don't have pictures of me on my laptop)
First Name: Isabel. I don’t mind being called that because I like my name but I always go 의해 “Isa”. (My mother was thinking of naming me "Fabiola")

Country of Origin: Mexico, Merida.

Favorite 디즈니 Movie: Tangled. (It used to be "The Little Mermaid").

Hobbies: Reading; Dancing; Singing; Watching movies, TV and anime; Fanpop; Play with my dog Kin; 글쓰기 stories; Hanging out with my BFF; Practicing my old ballet dancing moves; Painting.

Education: I’m going on my first 년 of college 다음 년 as I dropped out last 년 because I wasn’t sure with the career I was studying. And for...
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posted by faithtrust
First Name:
Katie-Louise (Kate)
Country of Origin:
Favorite 디즈니 Movie:
Gosh, that is difficult. Its always been Beauty and the Beast, that 또는 The Lion King. (my 고양이 even called Mufasa haa)
Erm.. I write a lot of poetry. Go out with my friends, charity 샵 shopping things like that. I like old things 당신 see. Antiques if that be to wear 또는 just little trinkets around my bedroom (my mother calls it mess ha).. I have a large close family so spend a lot of time with them..
Education: I left high school in 2008 and finished college last year, is studied my A levels (English Language,...
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Everyone please congratulate Tiffany88 for being Marches 디즈니 princess 팬 of the month. She really deserves it. She makes incredible pictures and contributes a lot. She also just recently got her finatic medal for this spot. Here is what she had to say.

1. How do 당신 feel about being 팬 of the month?

Thank you!I’m so grateful for everyone who voted for me.:) And I try to do my best for this spot.

2. Who is your 가장 좋아하는 princess and why, least 가장 좋아하는 pricess and why?

My 가장 좋아하는 princess has always been Jasmine! I grew up with a her. I 사랑 her personality,her sassy attitude and her...
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 저기요 YAL IT'S ME
First I made an 기사 saying how 팬팝 users remind me of 디즈니 characters, now I'm going to do the same with people I know in real life. I'm gonna talk about my dad, mom, sister, sister-in-law, my three best friends, niece, dog, and brother. Sorry if I get too personal about somethings on here. Please leave a 코멘트 of what 당신 think.

My Dad

Me and my dad's relationship is alot like Ariel and Triton. 의해 dad get's easily upset, if something doesn't go exactly his way he freaks out. Just like Ariel, I can't talk to my dad about anything because he just doesn't understand. He thinks...
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Ariel stared into her brother's eyes, trying to follow what her sister had said. "Belle's right, did 당신 get contacts?"
"Were 당신 guys recently brainwashed? Because you're actually agreeing with each other," Charming said, confused. He waved the subject off. "So, um, who's up for a dance?" He and 아나스타샤 quickly left the room.
Ariel looked into the terrified eyes of her younger sister. "His eyes were green!"
"And 아나스타샤 looks like Mom!" Belle added.
"He swore that he'd never marry a woman that looked like Mom," Ariel breathed.
Melody put her sketchbook down for once. "I think the two of...
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posted by cuteasprincie
I have High Expectations for BRAVE,You know!!!!!!I Think Its Kinda Good Movie and Gonna Win Oscar...I am :( Because Can't Win The Oscars,But I Expect 메리다와 마법의 숲 to win...I Don't Want Alan Menken To work in Movie!!!!Because Just Of him(I think)Tangled Cannot Win The Oscar,But I don't Want this to Happened With Brave.
I think 메리다와 마법의 숲 is Kinda Like Mulan(Somewhat)...I hope Merida Become a 디즈니 Princess and Merida's Beloved The 디즈니 Prince....I like conception and Art of 디즈니 in This Movie..Even Concept arts are so good!!Would 당신 like to listen My opinion About The characters of Brave??If 당신 so...
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I watched all the 디즈니 princess 영화 recently (except one)and I decided that I can relate to a lot of them. So here they are in order. oh yes, I'm not going to add Rapunzel. I've watched 라푼젤 once, But I don't remember it enough to say she is like me.

Snow white:
I don't know what it is that I don't like about her, But I think it's because I can relate to her the Least. I don't Wait for my prince, I'd go after him! And I would've acted MUCH differently than snowy if I were in her position. I wouldn't go into somebody's house, clean it up, let a scary old lady with apples in it, 또는 take...
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Well.. I sorta got bored and decided to compile a list of my favourite DP songs in order and then averaged out the results to come up with a favourite soundtrack list. All 이미지 are mine. Hope this 기사 turns out okay! I doubt many will agree with me ahah. Here goes..

(I'm ONLY counting songs btw, NOT the background score otherwise the list would be completely different)

#10. Sleeping Beauty

Coming in at last place is Sleeping Beauty. To be honest the only song I like from this movie is Once Upon A Dream, which I find is the perfect duet. The others are all well composed - maybe with...
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