Snow White woke up to a big horn. It was actually Le Fou still going on with his "funny" jokes. He didn't seem to notice that his audience had fallen asleep.
Snow White looked at the watch on Prince's wrist. It read 6:00. She couldn't tell if it was morning 또는 night. She longed to get up and stretch.
"And what does a bird say to a--Hey!" Le Fou finally noticed what was going on. "Why are 당신 guys sleeping? I was on my seventeenth encore!"
His only answer was a snore from Adam.
Le Fou clenched his fists and lunged at Charming. "Wake up, Princey!" He slapped Charming across the face.
Charming shook him off. "Why, 당신 sick little--"
"Shh," Le Fou hushed him, and pushed his chubby finger to Char's lips. "No talking during the show!"
"It's not nice to slap people!" Snow White screamed at him.
Le Fou snapped his fingers. "Great! Snow is up! I could make a play!" He pulled Charming to the center of the room, and then put Snow White 다음 to him.
Le Fou cleared his throat. "Ladies and gentleman, please welcome the musical stylings of Jingo and Lady Rana!"
"You're Lady Rana," he whispered to Snow White.
"She's not stupid," Charming snapped at him.
Le Fou ignored him, and bowed to the invisible audience. "Thank you, thank you." He then bent down and got Char's cheeks like a grandmother would do to a baby.
"Hi everybody! I'm Jingo," Le Fou made Jingo's voice sound like a dying bird.
Charming struggled against him. "Don't touch me!"
Le Fou snarled and pinched Char's cheeks even harder. "Stick to the lines, Jingo!" he growled.
"He's not Jingo, and nobody wants to hear your sickening voice!" Snow White said.
Charming gasped. That was the first time he heard Snow White say something mean.
Le Fou was about to protest when Gaston stomped down the stairs. "All is going well," he boomed. He looked at Le Fou. "Stop raping the Royal and celebrate with me!"
Gaston spun around like a little girl. "The princesses are here, and about to fall in my trap!" He looked at the other sleeping princes. "Great, it'll be easier to get them upstairs."
Gaston motioned to the stairs. "Le Fou! Get those two in the cages. I have something special planned for them."
"But sir, what about the rest of them?" Le Fou asked.
Gaston thought for a moment. "They'll be next. I was listening to your little show. How 'bout I make my own?"

"It smells awful!" Aurora pressed her nose.
"It must be all the mold," Belle mused.
뮬란 stepped over a piece of broken glass. "I've never even seen this place before."
Tiana gazed at a ripped up portrait. "Do 당신 guys know her?" she pointed at the woman in the picture.
신데렐라 looked closer. "She does look familiar..."
재스민 속, 재 스민 gasped. "That's Odette!"
"Odette?" Ariel said.
"Princess Odette from The 백조 Princess. She told me she was on vacation to Derek's home!"
"Wait until she finds out what happened here," Belle muttered.
Suddenly, there was a clanking sound. The princesses followed where they heard the sound. They came across a brightly-lit room with broken windows. The rain from the outside poured in, and with one lightning bolt, Gaston appeared.
"What are 당신 doing with our princes!" Belle yelled at him.
They watched Le Fou drag their sleeping husbands to one corner of the room.
신데렐라 noticed that her husband wasn't there.
Gaston spread his arms out wide. "Awaken!"
All of the princes woke up from their slumber.
Prince looked around. "Where's Snow White?" he demanded.
"And where's Charming?" 신데렐라 yelled.
Gaston muttered a few words, and bright green pit of slime appeared in the center of the room. "Let's just say I learned a few tricks from a certain fat octopus."
"Ursula!" Ariel exclaimed.
"Bring in the cage!" he ordered Le Four.
Le Fou pushed a cage toward Gaston.
"Help!" Snow White screamed.
"Snow!" Prince struggled against his ropes, but Le Fou had bound them to the chair.
Le Fou walked toward the cage and opened the door. Charming kicked him as hard as he could.
"Ouch!" Le Fou held his foot protectively.
"Let him go!" 신데렐라 snarled.
Gaston pulled out his gun and pointed it at her. "Don't move," he said menacingly.
Cindy's feet stayed stuck to the ground in fear.
Le Fou tightened Char and Snow White's ropes and tied a blindfold around their eyes.
Gaston cleared his throat. "Please, stay seated, the show's about to begin." He snapped his fingers, and vines emerged from the ground and held the princesses so they couldn't move.
Gaston looked at Tiana. "I tried to find that frog, but he never showed up!"
Tiana sighed in relief, but still cared about the rest of the princes.
Gaston set his gun down and pulled out a dagger. "Let's make this a little 더 많이 interesting," he growled. He lumbered toward Charming.
"Charming, watch out!" 신데렐라 screamed.
It took only a 초 for Gaston to plunge the dagger into Charming's stomach.

Tune in to "Disney Princess: The Quest to Find the Missing Princes, Chapter Nine" to find out what happens next!