Don’t get me wrong but I don’t like every 디즈니 Princess. On the 10, there is one I actually dislike. I 사랑 all the others. So, hope 당신 will enjoy my list.

10. Aurora
I used to like her when I was 4 but I've realized she’s the only DP I really dislike. She’s just…boring. I've nothing else to say about her.

It’s not that I don’t like her, it’s just I like others better.

7.Snow White
She’s so adorable, so cute, so delicate, so naïve (too naïve). She looks like a 도자기 doll but I hate her 노래 voice. I also 사랑 her dress, but, like for Jasmine, I prefer others better.

The only thing I can say is that, even thought I 사랑 her personality, I was deceived that she wasn’t in 2D.

I do like Tiana a lot. I've always wanted to live in The 20’s in New-Orleans so I 사랑 her dresses and the atmosphere and the 음악 (oh gosh, I 사랑 jazz) of the movie. I really like her determination and I also 사랑 to cook.

She’s so 메리다와 마법의 숲 and smart, 2 of the qualities I've always dreamed to have…

Oh boy, I 사랑 신데렐라 ,she is just lovely. If I could pick to have the personality of any princess, it would be Cinderella. She's so charming and graceful, and I 사랑 her gentle but kind personality. I completely adore her, she’s my childhood role model.

She’s just AMAZING but I've no others clue of why I 사랑 her so much.

I have a lot of similarities with Belle. We are both French, totally bookworm, stubborn and we don’t care of being different. It’s surely why I 사랑 her so much

Ahhh… Ariel, not very original, I know but what can I say? I just adore her because I've always wanted to live in the sea, because she’s rally pretty (but not beautiful) because she has lots of bad qualities that makes her even 더 많이 realistic and adorable, because she’s simply…I don’t know, because she’s herself.

Thank 당신 for reading!!!