Snow White slowly opened her eyes, and found out that something was covering them. She instinctively tried to take it off, but her hands were tied.
"Help!" she yelled.
"Snow?" answered a familiar voice.
"Prince!" Snow White yelled happily. She longed to hug him, but she couldn't even see him. "Where are we?"
"We're at--" But Prince was interrupted when Snow White heard mumbling.
"Prince? What's going on?" she groaned and wiggled in the ropes that held her.
"Ah, Snow White!" said a voice. "I didn't know that one of the princesses would be dumb enough to fall in my trap!"
"G-Gaston?" Snow stuttered.
Gaston ripped the blindfold off of her. "Well, who else would have a beautiful voice like mine?"
Snow White looked around the room. Her husband, and her friends' husbands, were all bound up and staring back at her, shocked.
Snow White tried to find courage. "Why'd 당신 kidnap our husbands?!"
Gaston made a fake yawn. "Why else would I? 당신 princesses could've done so much better than these nubs." He cleared this throat. "Like me! And since 당신 all keep rejecting me, I plan to kill your husbands, and marry 당신 all!"
Snow gasped. "You-you monster!"
He touched her chin. "Now, is that the way to talk to your future husband?"
Snow White bit his finger, and the princes laughed at Gaston's girlish scream. He sucked on his finger, as if it would help. "Maybe 당신 could be the one to clean the house..."
Snow White was enraged, but couldn't find the courage to speak. Her lover looked at her sympathetically.
Gaston stretched. "Well, I have to check on the other royal brats." He climbed up the stairs to a door. "In the meantime, Le Fou will watch you." Then he shut the door and left them in the dusty dungeon.
Snow White fought her tears. "Prince?"
"I'm here," he said softly.
Snow rolled onto her side and inched slowly towards her husband. They cuddled, even though they were tied, and the other princes missed their wives even more.
Snow looked at the other princes. "Do 당신 guys know where we are?"
"Nope," 알라딘 replied. "Gaston had enough brains to at least shut up about where he was taking us."
"He had planned this all along," Charming added. "The whole thing was a scam."
Snow White leaned her head on Prince's shoulder. "I hope the others are alright."
"How is Belle?" a voice roared at her.
Snow White jumped. "Beast?"
"Call me Adam," the hairy beast looked at her in sorrow.
"Of course, Adam. Belle is doing very fine." She turned to the rest of them. "They are all fine, and they're trying their bests to find us."
"How did 당신 get here?" Eric asked her.
"Actually, I still am confused about that." Her cheeks burned after realizing how stupid she was.
Suddenly, a small being shuffled down the stairs with a lantern in his hand. He laughed like an idiot. "Snow White! The 책 said 당신 were much prettier, but I guess they were wrong!"
"Don't 당신 say that to my wife!" Prince yelled at him.
Le Fou ignored him and sat on a wooden chair. "I can't wait 'til Gaston gets another princess! Then we'll have a ball!"
"You think this is funny?" Philip shouted.
Le Four giggled. "Of course I do! And I wish Gaston would tell me how he's gonna kill 당신 guys, so now all we gotta do is wait."
"Why, if my hands were untied--" Shang started.
Le Fou jumped up and put his face very close to Shang. "Well, your hands AREN'T tied, and now 당신 guys have to listen to all my jokes!" he spat in his face.
The princes groaned loudly.
"Here it comes..." Charming closed his eyes and tried to drown out the noise.
"Why did the chicken 십자가, 크로스 the road? What makes an 코끼리 so smelly? What--Hey, answer me!"
John Smith smiled. "I've got one. What do 당신 do when you're trapped in a dungeon with an annoying elf?"
The princes laughed, and so did Snow White.
But she still couldn't stop thinking about what Gaston would do to her friends.

Tune in 다음 time in "Disney Princess: The Quest to Find the Missing Princes, Chapter Seven" to find out what happens next! :D