The princesses quickly realized that the wand's magic had taken them somewhere far away, and they all felt a refreshing feeling as they began to 검색 for their loved ones.
Ariel wanted to say something, but she couldn't breathe! They were underwater! They all scrambled to the surface as fast as they could, and found themselves in the middle of the ocean.
"Oh, no!" cried Aurora. "The magic didn't work!"
"Actually, it did," Belle pointed out. "We're near Ariel's home, Atlantica."
"Woo-hoo! I'm home!" squealed Ariel.
"But how are we going to get down to your palace?" 뮬란 wondered.
Ariel wringed some water out of her hair. "Hmm, I've got an idea!" She cupped her hands over her lips and made an irritating popping sound.
"What is she doing?" 신데렐라 yelled over the noise.
"Calling a whale?" 재스민 속, 재 스민 joked.
A few moments later, a blue-striped yellow 물고기 emerged out of the sea.
"Flounder!" Ariel greeted. She swam over to the 물고기 and the two 프렌즈 rejoiced at seeing each other again.
"Girls, this is Flounder." She rubbed Flounder's head.
가자미, 넙치 looked concerned. "I've heard that some ogre captured all your princes!" He looked at Ariel sympathetically. "He came to your 성 just an 시간 ago. King Triton tried to send troops to save Eric, but we were too late." The 물고기 frowned into the water, looking guilty.
Ariel smiled a small smile. "It's okay, Flounder. We'll find them. Don't worry."
"What are we gonna do now?" Tiana asked.
Ariel's eyes widened. "Flounder! Go down and tell Daddy that we need his trident quickly."
가자미, 넙치 saluted her. "I'm on it, Ariel!" And he zoomed back under the water.
"Such a nice friend," commented Snow White.
가자미, 넙치 came back with what looked like a golden fork. "He said to be extra careful with it," he said as he handed it to Ariel.
Ariel rolled her eyes. "Daddy needs to trust me 더 많이 often."
The princesses watched as Ariel turned herself into a mermaid.
"Whoa," 뮬란 stared at her curiously.
"Okay, guys!" Ariel pointed it at her princess friends. "Now it's your turn!"
They formed a line, and with the trident, they too turned into mermaids.
"This is wonderful!" exclaimed Pocahontas. "Grandmother Willow would 사랑 to hear this story!"
Ariel pointed to the beautiful world below them. "We have to go see Daddy now that we could breathe underwater. Come on!" She 비둘기 into the water before they could say anything.
Belle gulped. "Ready?"
They held each other's hands and 비둘기 in, wondering what mysteries lie before them.

Tune in to "Disney Princess: The Quest to Find the Missing Princes, Chapter Five" to find out what happens 다음 time!