All nine princesses sat in the Dining Hall, laughing and eating and enjoying the whole get-together. 신데렐라 was happy that she 로스트 her feeling of loneliness, and got a new sense of 사랑 and friendship.
뮬란 looked at the clock. "Aya! It is already noon! I must get 집 quickly!"
Belle wiped her mouth with a napkin. "But you've only been here a few hours!"
"Yes, but I was assigned to evacuate the city of Xianghua. Shang told me it's not far from here."
신데렐라 snapped her fingers. "Yes! I know that place! Perhaps I could accompany you."
뮬란 smiled. "Of course 당신 can, Cindy. How nice of 당신 to offer."
"Oh, may I come along?" Aurora chimed in. "Philip has to be somewhere, and I don't like being alone..." she stared off into the window, wondering if her husband felt the same.
And soon enough, all of the princesses packed up and followed 뮬란 and 신데렐라 to the city of Xianghua. When they arrived, the town was empty.
신데렐라 gasped. "Empty! Are 당신 sure this is the right city?"
뮬란 took a scroll out of her pack and read through it. "Yes, it says here. Xianghua. Is this supposed to be some trick?"
Ariel clapped her hands. "Trick? I 사랑 tricks. One time, 가자미, 넙치 and I--"
"Not now, Ariel," Pocahontas interrupted. "There is a 더 많이 important matter at hand."
뮬란 stomped her foot. "This is terrible! A city needs to be evacuated from an attack, and we're not even where we're supposed to be!"
"Maybe someone already did the job," suggested Jasmine.
"But that can't be!" complained Mulan. "I was the only one assigned on this mission, with another man, he was new..."
"Do 당신 know his name?" Snow White asked.
"I don't remember. I know he had a gun, and he was tall with big muscles. He was kind of arrogant, saying that he took on bigger things before."
"Probably he's in one of our movies," Tiana spoke up.
"Yes!" 뮬란 answered. "I've seen him in Belle's movie." She looked at Belle hopefully.
Belle groaned. "Gaston! But he's dead."
뮬란 whooped. "Yes, that was his name! He said to us many times, 'No one could kill Gaston, not even death!'"
"Well, that's Gaston for ya." Belle stated. "But what would he want with a city? Obviously, LeFou was the man who assigned 당신 on this mission, so the whole thing was a fake."
Ariel rubbed her forehead. She was trying to keep up with them. "So why do 당신 think Gaston joined the Chinese army?"
The princesses put their heads together and tried to think of what gaston really wanted, but they couldn't figure it out.
"I know!" Snow White said suddenly. "We could all go back to my 성 and ask the magic mirror!"
"That's a good idea, Snow," 재스민 속, 재 스민 praised her. "But how are we going to get there in time?"
신데렐라 sighed. "I wish we could figure out this mess."
"Did someone say wish?" said a mysterious voice.
"Who was that?!" Tiana yelled.
"Oh, it is just me, child." Tiana felt a hand on her shoulder.
An old lady in a blue 망토, 망 토 smiled at her with twinkling eyes.
"Fairy Godmother!" 신데렐라 smiled with joy. "I'm so glad 당신 came."
"Yes, yes, child. I came here for a reason. So what's with this Gaston business?"
뮬란 told her all about Gaston and his scheme.
"And we want to ask Snow White's magic mirror what's he going to do next!" Ariel added.
"Oh, dear that is horrible!" exclaimed Fairy Godmother. "Well, I hope my magic could be of some help." She searched her pockets. "Oh where could that wand be?"
"It's in your sleeve," 신데렐라 pointed out.
"Yes, thank you, child." She laughed and pulled a skinny wand out of her sleeve. "Bibbidi, Bobbidi, Boo!"
And the princesses were gone.

Tune in to "Disney Princess: The Quest to Find the Missing Princes, Chapter Three" to find out what happens next!