Once again this isn't going very good for me and Aurora, we're down the creek without a paddle. Aurora was still crying but after a while she finally stopped crying. Her eyes were all red and puffy from all that cryting and I still felt bad for the poor little princess. But just when I thought she was about to start crying we saw out of excitment the three good 요정 Flora, Fauna, and Merrywheather.

"Aunt Flora, Fauna, Merrywheather I'm so glad to see you" said Aurora as her sarrowful look turned into a smile. She than ran to the 요정 and gave each of them a hug, she almost started crying again.

"Oh my dear why did 당신 run away from home? We were worried sick" said Flora

"Actually that was kinda because of me" I said shyly

"Do 당신 know how much danger you've gotten her and Prince Phillip into" asked Flora with the look of distain in her eyes.

"Hey 당신 were planning to take her to the 성 where Maleficent was just waiting for her! So your no genius either flat foot!" I shouted

"How rude" said Flora with her eye and mouth wide open.

"Now dear don't get all upset" said Fauna

"Flora don't get your pantalunes in a twist" said Merrywheather

"Geez this lady is really bossy" I said

"Tell me about it" said Merrywheather

"I know all 당신 names but 당신 don't know mine, I'm Chris" I said

"Very nice to meet 당신 dear" said Fauna with a happy sunshine look

"So how are we going to get out of here and save the prince" I asked

"I'm not sure" said Flora while thinking

"I say she turn her into a fat old hope toad" said Merrywheather with a pouty face

"Dear we've been over this before out magic doesn't work this way it can only do good to bring joy and happiness" said Fauna

"Well it would make me happy" I said

"Well we still can't" said Fauna

"Well can't 당신 use magic to unlock that door" I asked

"Yes but we can't just go out there without a plan" said Flora

"Well here's one 당신 use your magic to shrink us, me and Aurora will grabb a hold of you, and you'll fly us to the prince so we can rescue him" I said

"But how are we to save him" asked Aurora

"Hmmmm..... let me think" I said

"Aurora dear where did 당신 get those ruby slippers" asked Flora

"Oh Chris gave them to me, he said they would protect me from evil magic" said Aurora

"The ruby slippers! That's it!" I said

"What's it" asked Aurora

"I just remembered that the ruby slippers have the power to send 당신 home" I said

"Why didn't 당신 tell me before" asked Aurora

"Because they only work once and we only should be using them for when we need it most" I said

"Well it's time to take our plan into action" said Flora

So the three good 요정 used magic to unenchant the prison door, used magic to shrink us, grabbed a hold of me and Aurora, and we flew to where Phillip was. We needed to hurry because Phillip didn't have much time left only twenty 분 left. Just when we became normal size Maleficent showed up as if she were expecting us.

"You just don't give up don't you?" asked Maleficent

"Chris take this sword and sheald" said Flora as she zapped them to me.

"Aurora grabb your prince and I'll tell 당신 how 당신 can get out of here" I said

"You can run little princess but 당신 can't hide. I will find 당신 and I will make sure 당신 and your family pay" said Maleficent

At than moment Aurora grabbed the sword and sheald from me and had a look of both anger and bravery in her eyes.

"Aurora what are 당신 doing" I asked out of concern

"I have to end this 또는 she'll never leave me alone! She'll haunt me all me life! She'll make mine and my families lives misrible! I'll never be free!" said Aurora with a scared look on her face.

"So what are 당신 planing to fight her yourself" I ask

"If she is she shall deal with not only me but all the powers of hell" proclaimed Maleficent with a blast of green 불, 화재 she turned into a great big 불, 화재 breathing dragon.

"Aurora give me the sword and sheald" I said

"No this is my battle it's been mine since the 일 I was born" said Aurora

She has completely 로스트 her mind! But I'm actually kinda proud of her and believe that she can do it. Well at least I hope so, wish her good luck. Also leave a 코멘트 on what 당신 feel right now about this!