(what I was doing while 글쓰기 this article) XD
Hi everybody!!! This is my first 기사 in a long time, and I don't think I'm all that good at 글쓰기 articles, so i'll do my best. =)

So just in case 당신 missed it, this is an 기사 about all my 프렌즈 and buds on the DP spot. This 기사 is basically just a thank-you to everyone who ever put up with me. (lol) and maybe some of 당신 may not even know it, but you're my bud. I hope 당신 feel the same about me. =)

WARNING: kind of a long article.


Fullmoonfever: sweet, funny, a good friend. That's all I can really say... just a nice person.

ppv: We have some different likes and interests... i.e I like Bride and Prejudice, she likes pride and Prejudice. Hey, we don't even speak much. But your still considered a friend to me.

Kiraragirl200: how could I forget one of my very teammates? we were on Team Ariel together! Everyone on team ariel is my friend. =)

SailorM91: What can I say? we both 사랑 Sailor Moon! I could compare us to one of the friend relationships on Sailor Moon, but there's no appropriate one. (i.e serena and reenee fight too much, so do rei and serena.) lol. 당신 get me. "I'm sailor moon, and I'm gonna punish you!" maybe 당신 should try that on fancysparkle?

Delilah_Scruggs: Still getting to know you... But we're goin up on the buddy scale. =] Thank 당신 for liking my icons. I like yours too.

madisonsavanna: I 사랑 your icons! but also, your just full of fun and 더 많이 fun. Your not mean to anyone either, that's what I like about you.

LisaForde: I don't even know how we're friends, but we are. Don't worry, I mean that In a good way. lol. your totally brilliant.

peteanco: The same idea as Delilah_shruggs. we're still getting to know each other. But I still think of 당신 as my good fellow.

ppgbelle4: 당신 read my articles...Thanks for that. XD. your also another one of my chaps. Thank 당신 for being one. =]

boolander: you're one of the people who is just plain nice to me. so thanks alot. your awesome.

Dreamygal: so bloody nice! and funny... I would talk to 당신 더 많이 often, but I got so many people on my fanlist I just can't seem to find time to do it. =/. t'ank you. C=

Firegirl1515: 당신 are one of my most bestest 프렌즈 ever, so thank 당신 alot. We worked good together in team Ariel, and we get along good. plus your VERY nice to me. (compared to some users on other spots) thanks a billion!

Princesslullaby: omg 당신 are funny! we have a lot in common, like our interest in two specific guys. ;) (those guys are HAWWT!!!!) lol. u know who i'm talking about. And on 상단, 맨 위로 of that, our like for THE LAST AIRBENDER itself. BTW, go jetko. XD And I like that your not afraid to put your opinion out there, 당신 just say what's on your mind and don't care what anyone else says. I wish I was a little 더 많이 like that. thanks a lotttt!

soxfan89: I think 당신 are the one that I'm closest to... Whenever I'm online we always talk about 랜덤 stuff. that's pretty close. (I wish 당신 were online more!) so thanks soooo much for being there for me.


To anyone who wonders why they are not on the list, is because I'm still getting to know you, the people listed here are the people I know best(as far as internet friendships go).
And to some people who might be freaked out because They're on the list, and they didn't know 당신 were my friend, and 당신 think that's a little creepy... I COME IN PEACE!!! XD
<some people have done that to me> =(

so I guess that's it, oh and one 더 많이 thing.... everyone who was on my list on this 기사 gets 2 props each. =) if 당신 want to make my list 다음 time for props, just be friendly. 다음 기사 on this will be worth 3 props.
peace out.

just for laughs. xD