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10.Beast gives Belle the 도서관, 라이브러리

This 도서관, 라이브러리 is KICK ASS. Seriously, when I was a kid I wanted to run through it and open every book, climb all the ladders. It's like Chuck E. Cheese for nerds. The majesty and enormity of the room astounded me, but the fact the Beast can't read makes me think this room is just a big slap in the face :D Anyway, the scene is wonderful, but not as important as others.

"...this scene is cute, but to me it is not as significant." (ppgbelle4)

"To compare this scene with others, it's less important. Sure, it's sweet, but... Oh... It's impossible to pick one. :( I 사랑 them all." (ppv)

"It wasn't that important to me 또는 anything that special." (PrincessVandal)

9.Something There

The only part of this scene that I like is when Belle smacks Beast in the face with a snowball, and when he's like "Duhhhhhhhhhh" holding all the birds. It's a romantic scene that shows the turning of friendship into love.

"I really hate this scene. It makes Beast look like a ponce, Belle looks sort of freaky in it, I hate the song, and Beast's 노래 voice makes me want to puke." (Straggy)

"As I said before, this song is a bit too repetitive for my tastes." (AllegroGiocoso)

8. Into the West Wing

This is personally my 가장 좋아하는 scene in Beauty and the Beast. The score is spectacular; it's my 가장 좋아하는 piece of score in any 디즈니 movie. I 사랑 how there's no talking, the West Wing itself is beautiful in its catastrophic state, Belle has some wonderful shots in this scene, and people loved how it set the tone of Beast's past. But some people just don't feel as gripped 의해 it as others. It's a fun scene until the Beast shows up and goes all Grace Jones on Belle's ass.

"I 사랑 this scene. The score is absolutely brilliant. I also 사랑 the 애니메이션 in this scene, I 사랑 the darkness and suspense. To me, 당신 can learn a lot about the Beast from this scene, with the picture being torn and how it's all messed up, becuase 당신 assume he did that out of anger." (madisonsavanna)

"I think this one is one of my least 가장 좋아하는 scenes in BatB. The rose is the only good thing about the scene." (FullMoonFever)

"It's sort of an introduction to the Beast's past and it explores the darker side of him. I honestly 사랑 this scene a lot because the score was amazing and 사랑 how the tone and mood was set almost instantly at the beginning of it." (leptitsouris)

7. Balcony / I release you

A very poignant scene in Beauty and the Beast, this is the turning point of Beast's inner transformation from monster to human. 당신 see that the beast inside of him is gone, because he releases Belle, who was, and is, his everything. Some people found this scene touching, others found it boring.

"Anyway, I really like this scene because it reveals another part of the Beast's character, how he changes. He's shy and insecure at first, going to Belle at the bench, and then when he sees Belle is upset, it hurts him. However, what hits me the most is when he looks 앞으로 after he hears Belle being upset, and he has this selfless/determined look in his face which pretty much says, "'Even though this will hurt me, and I will be stuck like this if I do this, I am letting her go because I want her to be happy.'" (ppgbelle4)

"Belle just whines... And the "Are 당신 happy here with me?" is kind of boring and weird." (FullMoonFever)

6. Beast's transformation

My 초 가장 좋아하는 scene in the film, I think it's the best 디즈니 transformation there is. It's bright, magical, and I always sit there anticipating the final moment where the light shines and the human face appears, and 당신 see the man beneath the Beast, although he looks like Fabio and Belle's lovechild. It makes his character 더 많이 real to me. Some people 사랑 this scene, others say it takes too long.

"The Transformation Scene Was Really Spectacular, But I Wasn't Moved. It Was Not My Best Scene In The Movie But 저기요 It's Like That In Fairy Tales Sometimes!" (soxfan89)

"The transformation wasn't very impressive to me at all. It was supposed to be this momentous time, but all I could think was "'hurry up and be human already'" (chameron4eva)

5. The Beast Dies
Maybe the only scene in a 상단, 맨 위로 ten of a 디즈니 princess movie that includes someone's death, this scene is incredibly heart-wrenching. It shows that Belle showed her love, so she thinks, a little too late. Here Beast finally can confess his true feelings for Belle. But others found this scene dragged out.

"Hm, it wasn`t much 더 많이 than Belle`s crying." (LionaChoco)

"Please...please don't leave me. I 사랑 you." is losing?!? Come on.
I don't understand how it can be worse than the 1st scene, really.
It's touching, dramatic. Tears of real suffering do mean nothing for people, yes? (ppv)

4. The Stained-Glass Intro
A breakthrough in an intro to a 디즈니 film, this scene wasn't composed of active characters but rather stained glass 이미지 portrayed photo-like. The narration in this scene is brilliant and touching, and sets up a stellar mood to the film. While this scene is wonderful, some people found it unimportant compared to the ones remaining.

"It's visually appealing, but the movie can live without it."(ppgbelle4)

"I'd say I 사랑 the others 더 많이 than this one." (fhghu)

3. The End
Funny that the end comes right after the intro on this list. I've always found the reprise of "Beauty and the Beast" quite beautiful. I like how Belle and Beast don't talk in this end, they just dance and gaze at each other, and the stained glass ending is brilliant. Most people said it was a touch repetitive, and that they found the 키스 더 많이 to be the happy ending. Babette skanks out. Plus we see Lumiere and Cogsworth have a 연인들 quarrel, because they clearly want each other. :D

"Wow...this was difficult. "Beauty and th Beast" is such a sweet romantic scene, especially when Belle lays her head on his chest, and the 키스 is so powerful...I 사랑 the end...especially how it ends with the stained glass window, I just like the other scenes more." (Dreamygal)

"For me, the happy ending was when Beast turned back into a prince and Belle and him had that fireworks kiss. Although I 사랑 "Tale as old as time...", it was a bit anticlimactic due to the 이전 scene. "(leptitsouris)

2.Beauty and the Beast
Probably the most iconic scene of the movie, it's no wonder it made it this far. 당신 really see Belle and Beast fit together here, and it's the true show of their love. Their dance is so harmonious and yet humble. Some people found it boring, though, leaving it just short of the first place spot.

"This scene is one of best 디즈니 scenes ever.
Angela Lansbury is so great there. And the ball room is gorgeous. 당신 want to be there, want to see how they dance, how Belle leans to the Beast, how he's unbelievably happy, how he first doesn't know what to do, and 당신 cheer his up with Lumiere: Go, Beast, we're with you! And then the light is putting out, and song is too... And 당신 feel how it makes 당신 feel creepy all over. Because it's a perfect scene. "(ppv)

"It's sweet but a little boring" (SailorM91)

1. "It is you!"
It's a perfect, perfect moment. Beast reveals himself as a human finally, Belle looks in his eyes and can tell it's him. Belle and Beast finally kiss, and it sets off an explosion of fireworks as the 성 changes back.

" 키스 is so epic, with the effects and the score!" <3 )ppgbelle4)

"They just went "erm, this is boring, I KNOW FIREWORKS"... and let's be honest, when you're over like 8, fireworks aren't quite as fun." (Straggy) [<---have to disagree with that, I still love fireworks!]
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I didn't make this- It's 의해 AmaterasuTao on youtube. The song is Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy 의해 Tata Young. I thought it was really well done, and I 사랑 the song!
음악 video
재스민 속, 재 스민
The rankings list for the ten lowest places in the Best 디즈니 Princess Sequel Outfit Countdown. I know I didn't have to do this, but hey, 디즈니 did a pretty good job on the clothes in their sequels, even if the sequels suck. Thanks to cromulanfav for the idea of doing a sort of "honorable mentions" list!

 디즈니 Princess 마법에 걸린 사랑 Tales- Jasmine's Peacock Outfit
Disney Princess 마법에 걸린 사랑 Tales- Jasmine's Peacock Outfit

31) Jasmine's Peacock Outfit

"This is just completely gross." ~Straggy

"This is weird..." ~AllegroGiocoso

"No, no, no!!" ~becca85

 신데렐라 2- Fancy 담홍색, 핑크 Dress
Cinderella 2- Fancy 담홍색, 핑크 Dress

30) Cinderella's Fancy 담홍색, 핑크 Dress

"This is just so bad. I mean a lot...
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There's no denying that 디즈니 has produced some beautiful princesses, as well as some.. well, not so pretty princesses. I'm going to give 당신 my list of the 상단, 맨 위로 ten prettiest princesses, based on the way they look in their original movies.

I think everyone saw that coming. I'll give her this at least: she has nice eyelashes. And nice.. lips? I'm really trying to be nice here. There's nothing about this girl that is very attractive. Her alien-looking nose, her hairstyle, the fact that she looks about 12 years old.. I know that's close to her age, but still. There's really no pictures...
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 Go ahead, take one! 당신 deserve it for being so patient with me =]
Go ahead, take one! You deserve it for being so patient with me =]
I AM SO SO SO SORRY! THIS TOOK WAY TO LONG TO WRITE! It's time for my finals and state exams, so I didn't have the time to compile all the info, but now that the tests are mostly over, I did. Again, sorry! I really have to remember not to start a countdown that ends right before we get the five tons of 년 review homework.

*NOTE: These rankings were voted on 의해 the 디즈니 Princess fans, and don't necessarily reflect my own views/opinions*

 "i mean, she only wears one outfit. and her outfit in the 초 영화 SUCK!"- princesslullaby
"i mean, she only wears one outfit. and her outfit in the 초 영화 SUCK!"- princesslullaby

9) Pocahontas: Our Native American beauty takes...
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 DreamyGal Productions
DreamyGal Productions
I started this countdown when it was Couples Month, but I had a lot of personal stuff going on, so it took me a while to get back on track and finish it.
Whether it's a 키스 at a wedding, a 키스 that brings about a wondrous transformation, 또는 if it's a 키스 for a dead person, we all voted and the results are in!

13. 신데렐라 & Prince Charmings Wedding Kiss
 Have faith in dreams, and someday, your 무지개, 레인 보우 will come shining through...
Have faith in dreams, and someday, your 무지개, 레인 보우 will come shining through...

Cinderella has just married her very own "Prince Charming". There are plenty of people who 사랑 Cinderella, but her relationship with Charming lacks a hell...
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This is a list about the most comfortable bedrooms in 디즈니 Princess movies. I made the countdown some months ago, but I just have time and mood to write the 기사 now. I included almost all bedrooms we see in the movies, except Mother Gothel's bedroom and Grandmother Fa's bedroom, because theirs are seen too little in the movies. I hope you'll enjoy 읽기 this. To all participants, I say a huge THANK 당신 for picking and commenting.

21. Aladdin's 거리 bedroom

It's just a corner up in the ruins of an old building, but to 알라딘 it's his only bedroom. He doesn't have a house, so he tries...
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A/N: So this just randomly came to mind and I decided to write it out...so in the movie Rapunzel and Flynn/Eugene never said "I 사랑 You"(...They only knew each other two days!) Anyway I wanted to write a story where it's there first time telling eachother that...and this takes place about 4 months after the movie...I think...haha use your imagination!

"PASCAL!" I screamed staring outside my window as my little cameleon jumped from being startled awake. He turned a bright red before glancing at the smile on my face then calmed down. "It's snowing!"
I had woken up that morning to the beautiful...
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