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yes all of the princesses are involved, I'm just a slow writer ;)

[FYI: I'm completely cutting out what happens in Pocahontas 2 for my convenience,(not that I don't like Pocahontas 2, but I don't want to bring in 더 많이 than one man for Pocahontas. John Smith seems to be the 가장 좋아하는 anyway.) So this segment takes place right after John Smith's ship leaves for England at the end of the first movie.]

Thomas was looking back at the new world, so much had happened and changed. All his life, he'd been taught that the "savages" were mindless, uncivilized beings, but he knew now that they were all wrong. They weren't savages at all, they lived and breathed with the land and cared about every creature. Thomas thought it was going to be easy to grab the gold and run--if their was any gold.
Thomas suddenly remembered to check on John Smith. The crew had appointed him in charge of watching the injured captain.
Smith didn't want to leave, but he knew he had to. If he wasn't injured he probably would've stayed. He absolutly hated being injured, it meant he was useless to the crew as well as useless in general. He could hardly 옮기기 and he had to stay like that for months before they reached England! He couldn't think of anything better to do, so he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.
Smith found himself climbing through the forrest with no clear purpose in mind. He felt no weakness, only health and power as he moved through the free, untouched land. This patch of land felt familiar to him and he now knew where he was going. As he kept going, he found Grandmother Willow just where he thought he would. He sat contently bu her, not even caring if she talked to him 또는 not, it just calmed him to be there. To his surprise, she woke up, but was frowning.
"John Smith!" Willow said, a bit concerned.
"Well hi." Smith said, his mood untouched 의해 her corned tone of voice.
"You are in danger!"
"A great evil is after you, but there is nothing 당신 can do."
"Nothing I can do?There must be something--"
"There is nothing. Accept what is going to come. But I will tell 당신 this: if 당신 have faith in the one 당신 love, she will find you."
John was silent, taking in the information. He knew who "the one he loved" was, but what was the danger? Why would he have to be found?
Grandmother Willow's face faded away as Smith felt a tremble in the earth. He didn't move; he only watched his surroundings. He heard an eagle fly overhead and looked up. It didn't look like a normal eagle. As it got closer to him, Smith could see that it had pitch black feathers and no eyes. The eagle passed him, but quickly jurked its head towards Smith once it realized he was there. It swooped down and Smith realized it was much larger than a normal eagle, it was bigger than he was! Although it had no eyes, it knew exactly where Smith was. He dodged the first swoop without a scratch and runs into the thick of the woods, knowing the giant eagle couldn't fly through the trees. He looked over his shoulder, but didn't see anything. He looked ahead and ran into a wolf--but not just any wolf,(like 당신 didn't see that comeing). It too was big, had pitch black fur, and had no eyes. It barked at him and chased him as he started running towards the river. Smith dived into the river and swam with the current. He looked back to the 늑대 and saw it transform into an otter. It jumped into river as well, swimming fast to catch up to Smith. Smith tryed to think a way out of this one, but as he drifted faster and faster towards the water fall, he remembered what Grandmother Willow said.
"There's nothing I can do." He said to himself.
He woke up.
Thomas didn't believe his eyes. Before he even reached the latter to the lower decks, he heard the low voiced screams of the men below. Then, something under the deck was jabbing violently upward, causing the boards to to 스플릿, 분할 and crack. After only moments, Thomaswas thrown back 의해 the giant black wing of an enormous black eagle who had fought its way out of the ship, destroying half of the deck in the process. John Smith was in its clutches, like its prey--only, to Thomas' surprise, he wasn't fighting back.
"Smith!" Thomas shouted, running at the monster bird, ready to attack.
"Stop! It'll only--"
The eagle sensed Thomas' charge and thrust it's wing at him again, causing him to fly across the ship.
"Well, I almost told 당신 so." Smith said under his breath. "Thomas! Tell Pocahantas about this!" That was all Thomas was able to hear before the eagle took flight and dissapeared within a flash of black light against the mourning sky. Without really thinking, he jumped onto a rowboat and headed back to the new world.

"Belle?" Beast's voice echoed through the library.
Belle was sitting 의해 herself 의해 the window, trying to read. In the past, nothing could take her attension away from her 가장 좋아하는 books, but recently, she couldn't get herself to dive into another world when she had enough things to think about in her own world.
"What did the doctor say?" Belle asked. Her voice was calm, but Beast knew she was anything but that.
"It's not a serious sickness," Beast began, walking towards Belle. "He's only caught the flew, but with his weakened condition, it seems much worse then that."
Belle got up from her 좌석 and faced her husband. "He's so fragile."
"I know, we're doing all we can."
Daniel, their nine 년 old son, was always sick. He was a frail boy, but bold at heart; always longing for adventure and a chance to prove his courage. At the moment, Daniel's only adventures were getting out of his room. Today was one of those adventures.
Belle spotted Daniel from outside the open 도서관, 라이브러리 doors. He was creeping out of his room and down the stairs.
"Daniel!" Belle said.
Daniel winced at his mother's voice, not expecting to be caught so quickly. "Hi, mom."
"What are 당신 doing out of bed?" She said as she briskly walked out of the 도서관, 라이브러리 towards her son, Beast following.
"I'm tired of of staying in bed! I want to go outside!"
Belle gazed at him, wanting 더 많이 than anything to have him get better so he could be outside. She looked at Beast and they both sighed
Beast went outside for some fresh air. For a moment he felt a little guilty. Daniel probably hadn't been outside in at least a few weeks. There wasn't a moment when he wasn't thinking about his son. He was physically fragile, but one of the strongest willed people he'd ever known. He knew he got that from Belle.
He gazed at the 겨울왕국 forrest beyond the 성 gates. He never truly found winter peaceful; it was always his least 가장 좋아하는 season--well, that was until Belle came along. His first winter with Belle was the first time he'd enjoyed being out in the cold, only, he didn't feel cold that day.
From the corner of his eye, he saw a rosw. He turned to it to make sure it wasn't just his imagination, but it was still hard to believe. It was a black rose, and he was pretty sure there was no such thing. He went to it and knelt down, not to pluck it, just to look. As he got closer, he could see some sort of motion within the petals of the rose. It looked like the eye of a storm. Suddenly, the rose came alive and recoiled from Beast's hand reaching toward it. It's step rapidly grew four feet taller and it shot its thorns at him. Beast had little time to react and was hit multiple times. He looked at the hand that was hit. In the middle of his palm, the thorn released a darkness that not only penetrated his dkin, but seeped into his body. He grew numb; the only thing he could feel was his mind drifting off into a sleep that felt almost like death. He knew that feeling.
Belle ran outside at the sight of her husband disappearing before her eyes in a 구름, 클라우드 of black dust. The black rose was about to burrow down into the snow when Belle pulled it from its roots. The 꽃 wilted in the hand, and although she didn't know exactly what she was going to do with it, she knew she had to do something. She was too shocked to cry and too into the mystery to wait around. She rushed to the library.

알라딘 was walking through the market place on his way to meet Jasmine. He had just helped the palace guard jail a criminal. He only helped when the accused had truly bad intentions that belonged in jail, but when it came to regular 거리 rats stealing for food, he either made the guards let them go 또는 held them back ong enough for the 거리 쥐 to get away. He enojoyed his authority as prince, he never abused the power, but it was amusing to boss around the same guards the chased him in his earlier years. Now that he was officially royalty, the guards actually tryed to keep him in the palace and out of danger, but everyone knew that wasn't going to happen. Danger always seemed to follow Aladdin, whether he wanted it to 또는 not.
알라딘 saw 재스민 속, 재 스민 ahead, talking to a salesman, but he stopped walking when he heard a quiet "hiss" behind him. He spun around, seeing a snake's tail slither into an open door and hearing the menacing hiss again. This was a normal peasant's building, he thought, there shouldn't be any snakes around. He thought he'd investigate, just in case there was dangerous, he would get it before it got anyone.
재스민 속, 재 스민 spotted 알라딘 enter a building from the corner of her eye. She grew susspicious and decided to follow him. It was very dark inside and there were no windows; she couldn't see a thing. She could hear an echo, though. They were voices, but she couldn't tell whose. She inched farther into the building and navigated herself 의해 touching the walls. Soon, she found a long hallway, and as she walked down it, she could see a dim light and hear the voices 더 많이 clearly:
"Wow, this is no ordinary reptile!"
재스민 속, 재 스민 immediatly recognized these voices and started running. Genie and Aladdin's voices echoed through her head.
"We can't let it get outside! It'll terrorize the marketplace!"
"I don't think it cares about the rest of Agraba, Al!"
재스민 속, 재 스민 was almost at the end of the hallway, which led to a cave, when something slammed into the 벽 and the ceiling crashed down in front of her. She dodged the falling rocks and could no longer hear 알라딘 또는 Genie's voices.
"This snake isn't made of just regular magic! This is some of the oldest magic I've ever seen!I can't tell 당신 the details right now--" Genie pushed 알라딘 out of the way of the giant snake's thrashing tail. It was agrivated with Aladdin's swiftness that it started swinging its head and tail unconrollably. Genie and 알라딘 had to shout to hear each other. "In short, some all powerful being is collecting 당신 with a few other people--I don't know why--but there's nothing we can do about it, I can't beat this kind of magic!"
"Where is it taking me?"
"I don't know, never been there."
"Alright! And one 더 많이 thing! In order to get back from wherever you're going, your true 사랑 has to find you! Anyone else is powerless!"
알라딘 jumped out of the way of the giant snake and looked at Genie. "True love?"
재스민 속, 재 스민 pulled rocks out of her way and made a hole big enough to squeeze through. When she finally made it to the other side, she was stunned 의해 the monster snake smashing its head into the 벽 in attempts to knock out Aladdin. Genie saw Jasmine. "Oh hi, Jas--Jasmine?!" Genie doubled back.
"Jasmine?" 알라딘 saw her too.
The snake moved its head in direction, as if it were about to attack. It held its possision and gripped 알라딘 with its tail. To Jasmine's surprise, he didn't fight back.
Genie appeared from the other side of the cave *POOF* in front of 재스민 속, 재 스민 with boxing gloves and shorts. "I'll knock the socks right offa' this guy!"
The snake flung its head up in the air and through flame from its mouth. It was a menacing black flame that crawled onto the snake's scaly skin and caught it on fire. It spread throughout its whole body and engulfed both the snake and 알라딘 in darkness.
"Aladdin!" 재스민 속, 재 스민 screamed, attempting to run towards him, but was thwarted 의해 Genie.
"I know you'll find me! I 사랑 you, Jasmine!"
The snake coiled itself, and with a bright flash--they were gone.

Part 3 coming your way!
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 1. The 백조 Lake- Tchaikovsky
1. The Swan Lake- Tchaikovsky
Of course in traditional animation.
Here is my list:

1. The 백조 Lake-Tchaikovsky
2. The Nutcracker-Tchaikovsky
3. The Twelve Dancing Princesses - Brothers Grimm
5. Peer Gynt-Henrik Ibsen
6. The King's Equal-Katherine Paterson
7. Melisande-Edith Nesbit

Which are yours! :) (don't repeat).

Ps. Disney's working on HAND DRAWN film! :D
Look it with your own eyes:


Here's WALT 디즈니 애니메이션 STUDIO'S OFFICIAL FB page. link and here's WALT 디즈니 RESEARCH LIBRARY's OFFICIAL FB PAGE: link.

Let's write them 또는 send them e-mails telling them that they're better working for traditional animated films than CGI films. I already sent them a letter. Let's all write to them, so 디즈니 realizes that they're better with hand drawn films than with computer!
 2. The Nutcracker-Tchaikovsky
2. The Nutcracker-Tchaikovsky
 The Twelve Dancing Princesses - Brothers Grimm
The Twelve Dancing Princesses - Brothers Grimm
 5. Peer Gynt-Henrik Ibsen
5. Peer Gynt-Henrik Ibsen
 6. The King's Equal-Katherine Paterson
6. The King's Equal-Katherine Paterson
 7. Melisande-Edith Nesbit
7. Melisande-Edith Nesbit
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EDIT: Since I watched 겨울왕국 thanks to the amazing dclairmont and the equally amazing Safira-09, I decided to include Elsa and Anna in this list.

Hello, hello. Welcome to my first countdown. Today, my pupils, we're going to read "Silverrose1991's Prettiest Princess". Before we start, silverrose1991 wants to remind 당신 that all characters mentioned in this 기사 are owned 의해 Disney.

Let's get started.

13. Rapunzel

Rapunzel is cute. Not beautiful, but plain and pretty in a childlike way. Her seventy-feet long golden hair is her best feature, but the freckles in her face are a very nice touch too....
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 *~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*
 Coming to Magic Kingdom Fall 2012!!
Coming to Magic Kingdom Fall 2012!!

On my last trip to the Magic Kingdom at 디즈니 World here in Florida, I noticed that they were doing some renovations in 판타지 Land. 디즈니 is very secretive when it comes to things like this, but luckily, they 게시됨 some of the changes where visitors in the park could see what they are up to.

Snow White
 Snow White Land
Snow White Land

 The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

It’s about time they paid tribute to the original Princess, if 당신 asked me! Snow White is FINALLY getting her own land. 당신 will get to see the Dwarfs cottage, and most excitingly, get to ride...
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I have been here for a few months, and I noticed that I did not post my opinion of the weakest to strongest DP Film. Since it would not be fair to put all of these films together (as they were made in different times), I will do it in eras. The Renaissance Era is the era when the company was as successful and 인기 as they were in the Classic Era. This was also before the decline of traditional 애니메이션 and before the treacherous Post-Renaissance Era, so I will be doing The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Pocahontas, and Mulan.

Here is Part 1 of this series: My Opinion on the...
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