Part of your World
Hi guys, I am currently watching a scene from The 백조 Lake ballet. I actually notice a number of similarities between the 인기 ballet and Disney's retelling of The Little Mermaid. Since some Ballet Company has tragic endings, I will also cover on the original Hans Christian Anderson's novel in this article!

The Story

Both stories revolve around 2 young heroines and how they meet their fate, Odette is actually a young girl who was suddenly turn into a 백조 upon meeting Rothbart, the evil sorcerer.
Now upon seeing this, it reminded me of when Ursula turns Ariel a human after she storms out of her destroyed grotto 의해 her father. Prompting the latter to regret his mistakes later on.
Another interesting scene that I would like to point out is when Vanessa hypnotises Eric to marry him, this particular scene reminds me of when Odile, Rothbath's sister who has an uncanny resemblance to Odette fools Prince Siegfried during the ball scene.
Considering that the original Hans Christian Anderson's novel has a sad ending, some companies have both Siegfried and Odette dying. Others have Siegfried and Rothbath die during the fight and so on, depending on which Ballet Companies that 당신 are watching. But others have a Happy Ending!

The Characters

Prince Eric is very much like Prince Siegfried, both princes are hopelessly trying to find both girls who are infatuated with. Both men are fooled 의해 the main antagonists.
Ariel is in a contrast with Odette, because the latter is innocent while the former is headstrong at times. So, I can't blame Ariel for that because she has a reason to do so.
Ursula is very much like Rothbath, but I prefer the latter 더 많이 because he has 더 많이 wickedness in him!

Two Lives

Do 당신 all agree with my personal observations on both stories? If 당신 haven't seen 백조 Lake 또는 the 백조 Princess (the latter is loosely base on the former), go ahead and watch it!