Dark & Lightness
Hi guys, so this 기사 is literary my first impressions on the 2017 live-action reboot of the 디즈니 Classic that we all grew up with it.

The Cast

I was initially a little disappointed that 디즈니 didn't get either Emmy Rossum 또는 Anne Hathaway for Belle, but one problem with the latter is that Anne will be typecast as a royalty. So, Emmy would be the possible choice due to her 노래 experience.
Whereas the Beast may either be play 의해 Gerard Butler, Patrick Wilson 또는 Joaquin Phoenix, but with Emmy as Belle. It would be like Gerry has played the Phantom's ancestor while Emmy is Christine's ancestor, 또는 that Patrick is playing Raoul's ancestor after all!
I have basically no 코멘트 about the rest of the cast at all, honestly speaking.

The Songs

This was another disappointment for me, because I thought that the songs for the musical were going to make way for the film, but it didn't!
But on the other hand, it was great that Alan Menken had written 3 new songs for the film especially.

The Costume

Belle's dress during the ball scene was so unconvincing, she was like time traveling to modern time and got a dress. They should make 더 많이 like Cinderella's dress, but slightly different.
Prince Adam's outfit at the end was like Mozart, it's like Mozart has a long-lost twin brother!

True As It Can Be

So, here are my first impressions on the live-action film. If 당신 disagree 당신 can write to me on the 코멘트 box below!
A Typical 사랑 Triangle.