Here we go, from least 가장 좋아하는 to favorite, here's the Mother's 일 countdown results! I know mother's 일 was two days 이전 but I'm not waiting a whole 년 to put up the 기사 so here we go :)

13. Evil Queen
So it's pretty obvious why she was taken out first; She forced her stepdaughter to be a scullery maid and tried to have her killed (twice) just because she was jealous of how beautiful Snow White was.

12. Lady Tremaine
Again, pretty obvious why she was taken out early. Like Snow White, Cinderella's stepmother forced her to be a maid. But unlike Snow White at least Tremaine didn't actually try to kill Cinderella. That doesn't mean she's any better though because she gave 신데렐라 false hope of going to the ball and had her daughters tear up Cinderella's dress when it looked like 신데렐라 was able to go, and then locked her in her room so she couldn't marry the prince.

11. Mother Gothel
There's some people who believe that maybe Gothel did care about Rapunzel a little bit, at least enough to make her her 가장 좋아하는 음식 and go on a 3 일 trip to get her the paint she wants. The thing is, though, whether she really cared 또는 not doesn't really matter.
1. Rapunzel was scared to leave the tower because Gothel lied to her about how the world was full of monsters and about how her hair was cut
2. Gothel practically emotionally starved Rapunzel 의해 leaving for a long time and having Rapunzel come to her for hugs and any 사랑 she gave to Rapunzel like kisses was all to Rapunzel's hair

10. 퀸 Leah
Obviously she loved Aurora very much but we didn't see too much of her and Aurora together to really have an opinion of her

9. Arianna
Again, it's obvious she loved Rapunzel but we don't see them together too much in the movie to have an opinion

8. Grandmother Willow
Mother 또는 not, we see that she and Pocahontas have a great relationship and she gives her great wisdom. When I picture a wise grandma, she's always the first person (or tree?) that comes to mind

7. Elinor
There's mixed feelings about Elinor. We know she does care about Merida and she wants what's best for her. On the other hand, she's so incredibly strict and she tries to put her through an arranged marriage. Also she straight up sets Merida's bow on fire. She shows remorse right away and takes it back out of the 불, 화재 but we never actually see her apologize to Merida for doing it.

6. Ariel
Like Elinor Ariel was really strict with her daughter. Almost like King Triton strict. We know that there was a good reason Ariel had to keep Melody away from the ocean; it was for her safety because Morgana was going to use her as leverage to get what she wanted. But the thing is Ariel didn't tell Melody why she had to stay away from the ocean. There wasn't any reason for Melody not to know and because Melody didn't know about Morgana she ended up going to Morgana without a 초 thought to become a mermaid.

5. Fa Li
Fa Li loved her daughter, we can plainly see that. However any time we saw her and 뮬란 together there was some strictness involved, like when 뮬란 was late and needed to get ready for the matchmaker. But at least unlike Elinor and Ariel we don't actually see her yell at 뮬란 또는 be so strict that 뮬란 had to run away. And when 뮬란 did run away to take her father's place in the army Fa Li was obviously really scared for her daughter and was 더 많이 worried that her daughter might die than the idea of her daughter bringing dishonor on the family

4. Athena
We only see her in the prequel and it's only for a few 분 at the beginning. But unlike Leah and Arianna, the few 분 we see her is spent with her family who we see she loves very much. We see her 노래 her girls a song before bed, we see them all together at a family outing on the surface, and we see her watching Ariel play the piano. I really wish we could have seen 더 많이 of her in the prequel.

3. Grandma
Grandma is someone I expect a lot of us to be when we're old. She has some of the best one liners ("sign me up for the 다음 war!") and she practically owns every scene she's in. We don't see her with her son 또는 grandaughter too much but we know she cares about her family.

2. Eudora
Eudora cares about Tiana and she is really supportive of her, something we rarely see in most 디즈니 movies. She's proud of Tiana no matter what she does and she wants her to be happy, she just doesn't want her daughter to run herself ragged to fulfill James' dream of owning a restaurant.

1. Mrs. Potts
Mrs. Potts is just the best. Mrs. Potts wasn't just Chip's mom, she was everyone's mom. She was so nurturing and sweet and loveable, she acted like a mom for Belle and for the beast and she gave 조언 that can be used for anyone outside the movie. I personally saw her 더 많이 as a grandma than a mom (probably because she's a lot like my grandma haha)