Well, I'm here to show my reasons why I like Frozen’s Princess Anna (who is hated 의해 some and loved 의해 others). But, let's go to my reasons:
First that she is an active and emotionally strong character (yes, she may not fight with swords 또는 bows like Merida 또는 뮬란 that are among my favorites, 또는 have ice powers like Elsa), but she did admirable things throughout the movie like going after her sister who was isolated (even though she knew she could die from her uncontrollable powers 또는 lost/hungry/frozen) and did not give up on her when she asked for it. And I admire this type of female character who fights for what they want rather than waiting for something 또는 someone to come and do it for her. Another notable scene is also in the end that sacrificed her own life for the protection of her sister against Hans.
Another reason (which is also a "cut-off" for me to identify and like a female character) is that she is flawed and human. What even is used 의해 many haters to demean it "but she trusted any guy", but then, in my opinion, it is kind of nonsense since practically all (except 뮬란 maybe) princesses had this "failure" to trust in a stranger (as a normal human being): Snow White trusted the "poor old lady," Ariel trusted Ursula, Rapunzel trusted for years in Gothel and so on. As well as using sexist arguments that she is "very feminine" (implying that being female is a bad thing), "because she is a 암캐, 암 캐 for men" (okay, she was a bit naive to trust Hans, but “bitch” just because she demonstrates her feelings? Is funny that when a male character do it, even if he was a womanizer, they say that they have "attitude" like Flynn Ryder and Naveen) and, above all, because she is sentimental and emotional (giving again, to understand that lovely girls are not strong and even wrong). Anyway, yes, she had these mistakes as any human being commits from time to time, but she learned her lesson and got up shortly thereafter. And again, she sacrificed herself for her sister while she could have saved herself with the Kristoffer (I also admire selfless and kindly characters). Now in relation to her qualities are: her good humor and clumsy way (can be a negative point for some, but for me particularly makes it 더 많이 identifiable and real), sportsmanship to make things 냉각기 (even up to own cold sister) in warm to live and determination to get what they want.
Another and main reason: her message of fighting for the person 당신 사랑 even when everyone (and even such a person) says it is not worth it and optimism that everything will end well even in darkest moments.