It's been 4 years since I last made a princess list and I feel that it needs an update. Unlike my earlier duration on 팬팝 where I could never keep my list constant, my list has stayed pretty much consistent over time since my original departure. It's difficult for me to make 가장 좋아하는 princess lists, not because of being so negatively opinionated, but actually because I genuinely like all of the princesses.

11. Rapunzel
The Pisces

Rapunzel has a quality I find frustrating and regrettably common in modern heroines- she's endearingly quirky. It irks me because I think there is a societal expectation for women to be always lovable and to only have flaws if they're displayed in an incredibly likeable way. Rapunzel seems to be naturally gifted in everything as well as hopelessly inspirational to Flynn, Maximus, the townspeople, and the thugs. She is given no room to make any real mistakes. I find her overcoming her insecurities somewhat superficial in that she is unintentionally charming and lovable throughout the whole film and her flaws are always displayed as adorable; she never has to earn anyone's affections so in the end everything comes easy to her.
I do think she is the 2nd smartest princess and I enjoy the little facets about her like how she charts stars, that's a nice touch.

Princess Movie: Princess and the Frog. Tedious, frustrating, and frankly only watchable to swoon over Naveen
Attractive Princess: Well, Merida. But she's not made to be pretty.
Villain: "Thirsty? Have a Drink! Ha Ha Ha!" Aaaand that's about it for The Queen.
Soundtrack: Snow White and the Seven Dwarf's soundtrack isn't really enjoyable outside of the movie's context.
Sidekicks: I was always against animal cruelty until I watched Pocahontas and had to suffer through any scene with Meeko and Percy

10. Aurora
The Libra

I think I can make this succinct- Aurora is enchanting when she is on screen, but lacks depth and I feel that people who 사랑 her project a personality onto her. While that's certainly within their right, personally I like characters with definable personalities.

Princess Movie: Cinderella, as enthralling as it is to watch the mice do things like get chased 의해 a cat, sew a dress, get chased 의해 a cat, escape a cage, get chased 의해 a cat...oh wait, no it isn't
Prince: Aladdin; liar, liar, pants on fire
Attractive Princess: Mulan has always had 터틀, 거북 lips to me
Attractive Prince: Charming is an android with melted plastic hair
Villain: While Lady Tremaine certainly is quite cruel, I just like the flashier villains. And her hair looks like a croissant.
Soundtrack: Sleeping Beauty's soundtrack is like a nice lullaby. Unfortunately I never listen to any of the classic princess' soundtracks outside of watching the movies
Sidekicks: I adore Bruno, but Cinderella's mice scenes are torture

9. Tiana
The Capricorn

Tiana is fantastic for the first 15 분 of her movie. She has a good balance of realizing it takes hard work to accomplish your goals without turning her nose down on those who can be eccentric in their dreaming, such as Lottie. The scene where she spurns Naveen 의해 rolling her eyes and walking away is a gem and reminds me a lot of myself. I 사랑 that she doesn't want to waste any time on a guy and that she is career-focused. I was looking 앞으로 to seeing a princess on screen whose goal is her professional life and her professional life only, with romance taking a backseat as only something she will have if it doesn't interfere with her dream. Unfortunately, after Tiana turns into a frog, she suffers from an inconsistent, jumbled and ultimately dull plot that doesn't allow her character to expand; and in some cases causes her to seem slightly condescending. In fact I feel that once the frog plot starts, the 더 많이 interesting character qualities are given to Naveen, Louis, and even Ray, and Tiana is sort of left in the dust. Then they do her the further injustice of making her equally preoccupied with Naveen as she is with her restaurant. I see so much wasted potential with Tiana (and her movie in general) in what I think could have been one of the most unique, and potentially my favorite, 디즈니 Princesses.

Princess Movie: Sleeping Beauty: Only getting points for the scene where Phillip is struggling in the chains...HOT!
Favorite Prince: While I think Flynn is a good guy and the bravest prince, I just don't care for wise-cracking pretty boys
Attractive Princess: I really don't get the appeal of Belle. She's always been plain to me.
Attractive Prince: I try to steer clear of guys like The Prince who will give me a lipstick stain on my mouth if they 키스 me. What if it's not my shade?
Singing Voice: Cinderella's voice is pleasant enough but I prefer powerful voices.
Villain: Gothel is 더 많이 like a washed-up Broadway diva than a real menacing villain. In the past I compared her to Rachel from 글리 and although 글리 is no longer relevant, neither is Gothel
Soundtrack::Cinderella. I 사랑 Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo and the Main Titles. My 가장 좋아하는 song is the deleted one, "Dancing on a Cloud"
Sidekicks: What sidekicks does Brave have? Angus? It's a horse

The Taurus

This is the beginning of the list where I genuinely like the princesses and have minimal complaints. 신데렐라 is kind and caring without being saccharine and has a subtle sarcastic sense of humor. Her quiet determination to keep her faith that her dreams will come true if she just keeps believing is prime 디즈니 hokey-ness but beguiling just the same. I think her detractors who criticize her for being passive aren't watching the same movie as me- as a woman in a highly abusive household, whose only connection left she has with her father is the house she lives in and is dedicated to, 신데렐라 absolutely is not weak for leaving; she would have suffered severe consequences in verbally contending with her stepfamily. She is one of the 더 많이 consistently defiant princesses, even if it is a muted defiance. 신데렐라 is simply this low because I like the other princesses 더 많이 and I connect better with 더 많이 brash, outspoken princesses.

Princess Movie: Brave: The trailer was 더 많이 exciting than the movie itself
Favorite Prince: Charming. He's very talented at rolling his eyes
Attractive Princess: Tiana's face is literally indistinguishable without the hair squiggles.
Attractive Prince: Phillip wears form fitting tights and a cape, but I really only care about the dungeon scene. Tied up, slightly sweaty, and angry. MMM-HMM!
Singing Voice: Aurora's is operatic, sure, but not my style
Villain: Maleficent gets touted as Disney's most evil heroine but she didn't get off her rump for 15 years to find Aurora. It also took her that long of time to even catch on that her minions were looking for a baby instead of a maiden. A real villain would have taken care of business herself.
Soundtrack: Brave has a song about decapitating and stringing up a bear's head and mounting it on the wall. Classic 디즈니 fare
Sidekicks: Princess and the Frog. I like Louis, but 레이 is really annoying and Mama Odie drives me crazy

7. Snow White
The Cancer

Disney's first princess is emblazoned with a quality that has rattled me since I first indulged her; nerve. This girl has serious self-possession and stamina that should earn her a slew of admirers, including myself. After receiving news that she is to be murdered 의해 the 퀸 and suffering a traumatic episode in the forest, she collapses on the ground in tears only to awaken moments later, refreshed and regenerated. She breaks into a stranger's home, bosses the 동물 around to clean it up, then takes it over as soon as the dwarfs arrive and doesn't put up with any of their lip- albeit doing all of this with outdated, homemaking womanly domination. She is a crackling 레이 of sunshine who is undaunted 의해 the imminent threat to her life, and while definitely the most romance-focused of the princesses, has an intrepidity about her that continues to amaze and entertain me. She is in the end however, a very dated character and I could make the argument that she borders on the insufferable with her indefinite cheery attitude.

Princess Movie: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Entertaining enough but not much plot
Favorite Prince: Phillip. He's funny. Did I mention the dungeon scene? HOT!!
Attractive Princess: I think Aurora looks like a man in drag at times but I 사랑 her eye shape
Attractive Prince: The shoulders on Beast! The long luscious fur- I mean hair! His strong paws- I mean hands! The way he coughs up hairba- I mean the way he kisses Belle! What a furry- I mean guy! What a guy!
Singing Voice: Yes, I 사랑 Snow White's vibrato, so sue me
Villain: Facilier had so much potential, so little payoff. Really unclear goal. And he shows off his midriff, which isn't particularly intimidating
Soundtrack: Tangled: has a nice, pleasant, fluff soundtrack and I adore Rapunzel's voice
Sidekicks: Sleeping Beauty has some nice 동물 ....

6. Merida
The Scorpio

If Merida had come out in the renaissance era, she would probably be my 가장 좋아하는 princess. She is 의해 far and away my preference of the revival princesses. I find that women in film are never allowed to be selfish-- they are expected to sacrifice their own happiness, to be kind, and to put others before their own goals and I think this is a very toxic attitude to have; it is a way of oppressing women from keeping after their pursuits. Merida's refusal to bow to her mother's whims and decision to put her own needs first ultimately is the reason that she was able to change an archaic and sexist tradition as well as improve her relationship with her mother. If she had just agreed to enter into a loveless marriage her relationship with her mother would continue to deteriorate and I think ultimately her own feelings of resentment would fester and bloom into something possibly 더 많이 destructive. I couldn't be 더 많이 happy with Merida's actions especially since self-care is often 로스트 in 디즈니 movies. I personally see a lot of myself reflected in Merida because I am often called inconsiderate (often true, and I'm working on that) and self-focused but I refuse to give up my own morals and well-being to please somebody else.

Princess Movie: I saw Tangled 3 times in theaters! I give it a B
Favorite Prince: The Prince... He does his job, that's all I can ask.
Attractive Princess: Jasmine's looks are out of this the sense that she occasionally looks like an alien
Attractive Prince: I used to think Flynn was plain but he actually has some stellar eyebrows
Singing Voice: Although I think Mulan & Jasmine sound slightly different, Lea Salonga has a nice voice.
Villain: Mor'du actually is a very compelling concept but unfortunately the execution was convoluted. I think the moment where the prince is released from his 곰 form and nods at Merida is quite poignant.
Soundtrack: Beauty and the Beast has a phenomenal score that's even better than the soundtrack but the soundtrack still isn't anything to sneeze at.
Sidekicks: Snow White has that adorable 터틀, 거북 and cute little spiders, the 동물 are really nice and help her clean and protect her. Dwarfs are ok too

5. Mulan
The Leo

There's not much to say about 뮬란 that hasn't already been said 의해 others. She is intelligent, courageous, quick-thinking, and has an ego to prove herself. One thing I really appreciate about 뮬란 is that this is an example of someone who is allowed to be clutzy and quirky without it bordering 또는 drowning in hackneyed adorable-ness. She is sloppy and her actions border on reckless stupidity but on the flip side are unmatched genius. She isn't spunky, bubbly, 또는 verbally brash and her timing is often terrible but I think this is what makes her one of Disney's best characters, heroic actions aside. 뮬란 is never forced to sacrifice her femininity (that final scene where she defeats Shan Yu with her 팬 rather than her sword) despite having to dress up as a man because she never gave up on her own personality, her girly habits, and never for one 초 managed to conceal herself into the world of men.

Princess Movie: Pocahontas;(without historical context): mawkish, yet moving (with historical context): WHO DECIDED THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA?!
Prince: Beast, I 사랑 furries
Attractive Princess: Rapunzel is gorgeous in some scenes, and looks like a 12 년 old in others.
Attractive Prince: Eventually I knew I'd be forced to say something nice about Aladdin. Lack of nipples aside, he's an attractive guy. There. Don't make me do that again
Singing Voice: Tiana's voice is powerful, clear, and dexterous.
Villain: Radcliffe says "Just think how they'll squirm when they see how I glitter!" That's reasoning enough for me!
Soundtrack: Mulan has a really awkward soundtrack (4 songs, and the movie just stops having them halfway through the movie) but "I'll Make a Man out of You" and "Reflection" are both powerhouses.
Sidekicks: All of Beauty and the Beast's sidekicks are helpful and kind but I can also easily kill them just 의해 dropping them

4. Pocahontas
The Sagittarius

I have, in the past, criticized Pocahontas for her dullness in the 초 act but upon reflection over the past few years I realize that it's not really dullness at all but rather someone who is faced with the heavy weight of a responsibility that she's never had to conquer before. If 당신 recall in the beginning of the film, Powhatan returns from an important battle of some magnitude and Pocahontas is nowhere to be found. She returns to greet him and immediately flitters off again; political encumbrances are of no concern to her. But after her impactful meeting with John Smith she cannot ignore her involvement in imminent war but at the same time doesn't want to abandon her principles of peace. She is not above being confused, unsure and contradictory, which makes her even 더 많이 relatable. And, unlike other princesses who have come to a definite emotional turnaround 의해 the end of their film, Pocahontas is still internally conflicted and that is consistently 더 많이 realistic than all emotional variance being wrapped up nicely. I have strong ties to Pocahontas with her "should I choose the smoothest course? steady as the beating drum? Should I marry kocoum? is all my dreaming at an end?" because it remains cryptic and unanswered. "Just Around the Riverbend" itself is about a vague feeling like there is 더 많이 to come but she just hasn't figured herself out yet. I still feel like I haven't found my path and it's soothing to see this reflected in a 디즈니 character.

Princess Movie: Mulan is funny, exciting, touching, and all about a woman proving she's better than all the men around her. WORKS FOR ME!
Prince: Naveen, I 사랑 any character who's as carefree and selfish as him, because I wish to be so unconcerned with anxieties. I know I would hate him in real life, but since he's animated he gets a pass
Attractive Princess: Completely make-up free and with 라푼젤 saltwater hair, Ariel is still a stunner
Attractive Prince: Okay, so John Smith has 헬멧 hair. He's still a babe.
Singing Voice: When I was a kid I despised Pocahontas' 노래 voice but I have since matured and grown as a person and one of my many accomplishments is coming to appreciate Judy Kuhn in all her hippy-lyric glory
Villain: Even 더 많이 flamboyant than Radcliffe, Jafar makes a zesty, funny duo along with Iago (who is one of the most hilarious 디즈니 characters ever).
Soundtrack: On my last favorites list I put Princess and the Frog last and I am personally offended at myself for doing that.
Sidekicks: The Little Mermaid. Sebastian is just fantastic!

The Aries

This is the princess I find myself most fiercely defending because people repeatedly call 재스민 속, 재 스민 "spoiled" 또는 "bitchy" and I think she is, hands down, the kindest and most understanding person in the film (along with Genie). 재스민 속, 재 스민 is probably the most reflective of myself in personality (I am ALWAYS ready to verbally throw down anytime, anyplace, and anywhere and I NEVER compromise myself for others). She also is way too forgiving when she loves someone because I think she should have kicked 알라딘 to the curb from the first time he lied to her. But I also had (until very recently) a tendency to keep forgiving repeatedly and only now have I learned to put an end to it after it happens once. I like that she doesn't kindly spurn suitors- she treats them exactly as they've treated her and isn't afraid when to let them know to buzz off and call them out on being shallow. People call her spoiled because she isn't impressed 의해 Aladdin's grand parade but I think that makes her anything but- she wants someone who takes the time to get to know her as a person and be humble instead of assuming she is shallow and will be won over 의해 riches. What prevents her from going higher is her tendency to be naïve; following 알라딘 back to his hideout, jumping on the carpet after he had admitted he was attracted to her royal status and money, and looking the other way to his repeated lies. I can and will fault her for that because I've done the same thing.

Princess Movie: Aladdin: I met Robin Williams, he signed my DVD, and now I must have it in my 상단, 맨 위로 5 as a sacrificial offering to his memory
Prince: John Smith: Also known as "literally the same personality as Phoebus", he's adventurous and 메리다와 마법의 숲 but still with a sense of humor and pretty good at rolling with the punches. "Pocahontas, that 나무, 트리 is talking to me."
Attractive Princess:Snow White is so delicately pretty, but also reminds me of JonBenet Ramsey
Singing Voice: I don't have a clever 코멘트 for putting Ariel at this ranking- It's Jodi Benson!
Villain Shan-Yu may not be one of the most well-defined villains but he's just plain murderous and menacing.
Soundtrack: The Little Mermaid, I can't tell 당신 the number of time's I've acted out Ursula's part in "Poor Unfortunate Souls" in the car
Sidekicks: All of Mulan's sidekicks are great because they don't care about Mulan's gender

2. Belle
The Aquarius

I'd like to start 의해 saying I never found Belle particularly selfless- her father was the person she loved most in the world and I think anyone would trade places with the person they cherish most if they truly loved them because they wouldn't be able to live with themselves. She wouldn't agree to marry Gaston to save her father from the asylum which again shows the self-love that I think often 디즈니 Princesses aren't allowed to have; there is a to her selflessness. Belle has the improvement over 재스민 속, 재 스민 in that she doesn't forgive the Beast for 연기 cruel and temperamental and ONLY starts warming up to him when he begins to treat her with kindness. The scene where she refuses to come down to 공식 만찬, 저녁 식사 is particularly ballsy considering she's got a 8ft tall monster outside her door. I could care less for Belle's propensity to read, what I do 사랑 is her unheeding curiosity especially in the case of The West Wing; I like this intellectually exploring quality to her. Belle also has serious conviction- like Jasmine, she doesn't bend her morals for any reason but I think she walks the walk better.

Princess Movie: Beauty and the Beast- it's a great story to begin with that's really hard to mess up. Check out the 1946 French version, it's my favorite
Prince: Shang, selfless, smart, subtly humorous, secretly dorky, and self-sacrificial. I've always liked the serious types (not to be confused with brooding. Get that Cullen boy out my face)
Attractive Princess: Cinderella is just precious
Attractive Prince: In real life, I always go for tall, dark and handsome with beautiful hair so Naveen was a sure win when I saw the movie. Actually I was watching this in theaters with a friend and as soon as Naveen appeared he goes "oh god. I made a mistake coming to see this with you."
Singing Voice: Yay for Belle! Bring on the altos!
Villain:Ursula. She's fabulous, plain and simple. And the only female villain who isn't jealous of the princess.
Soundtrack: Every one of Aladdin's songs are just fun.
Sidekicks: Tangled has Maximus!! I 사랑 HIM!!

1. Ariel
The Other Leo

As mentioned previously, I enjoy flawed characters and Ariel definitely makes a lot of mistakes. My passion for Ariel comes from several factors. She is allowed 의해 the narrative to dream big and never settle for less, very uncommonly seen in female characters. She doesn't let anyone else's opinions on her dreams drag her down and pursues what she wants without a 초 thought. She rebels against her father's misguided oppression and perceptions and had plans to meet Eric and have him get to know her when she was a mermaid- giving up her voice had little to do with Eric. It was only done after her father destroyed her valuable possessions in a moment of serious overreaction stemming from his fallacious beliefs. I've always seen Ariel as a very feminist princess given that she actively obtains her own agency since her father would not allow her to have it and is the effective pursuer in the romantic relationship between her and Eric- I cannot think of another princess couple where the male is the pursuee. Almost always the female is swept up in the male's narrative 또는 the male goes after the female but Ariel is the only princess who makes plans to see Eric and win him over. Her boundless determination and sense of confidence is inspirational and she, like Belle and Jasmine, does not compromise in her beliefs 또는 dreams but unlike those two creates her own story instead of being entrapped in someone else's. Ariel is the catalyst of her film and is a brash, bold, courageous heroine.

Princess Movie:The Little Mermaid, It just makes me happy, simple as that.
Prince: Eric- In a world of sweet-talking, rib nudging heroes, the modest guy who rescues his dog and admires Ariel's zaniness is a rare find.
Attractive Princess: Pocahontas- she knows how to SMIZE better than Tyra
Attractive Prince Honestly Eric is hands down the most attractive guy I've ever seen ever, which is very sad. I hold all men to standards of Eric so I have a good excuse to stay single forever.
Singing Voice: I always like these breathy, pop-sounding voices (give it up for my 퀸 Britney) and I can't get enough of Rapunzel's
Villain: Gaston is a well-rounded villain who's not only evil but wildly entertaining. There's a song dedicated to how great he is! I hope to achieve that someday.
Soundtrack:Pocahontas is probably my 가장 좋아하는 디즈니 soundtrack, period.
Sidekicks: Aladdin. 재스민 속, 재 스민 has a pet tiger! Genie is one of the best 프렌즈 당신 could possibly have! Carpet is so cute! Iago is hilarious! Abu better as an elephant.

And there 당신 have it! Congrats to those of 당신 who read the whole thing. I notably left out some categories because I didn't want it to be too self-indulgent. Thanks for reading!