Hi there, everyone! I've been thinking the 년 that I've joined this site I haven't said much about myself, so I hope this 기사 can break the ice a little bit, (though with my awkward way of 글쓰기 I'm sure it'll just reinforce the strength of the ice) I hope 당신 guys enjoy getting to know me!

Well, first, I guess 당신 can call me Cini (short for Cinico), it's Italian for cynical, but I originally intended it to be an English phonogram for cynical, anyways I don't really think of myself to be too cynical, but it's one of the most commonly used adjectives people tend to describe me with so I decided to use it in my 아이디 since people are bound to call me cynical anyway, but I guess I'm 더 많이 of a bubbly type of cynical? Go figure.

It's pretty obvious I'm a 팬 of 애니메이션 and animated movies, they're my passion. My favorites animated pieces tend to be 2D, but I've started opening my 심장 to 3D/ CGI too, especially with amazing pieces like Moana starting to be my favorites.

I've always loved animated 영화 they're a perfect mix of art, story telling, and music, which are all my 가장 좋아하는 subjects in school, I'm in AP Art V, Honors English and Honors History, those are the only subjects I really excel in because I'm standard, if not drastically below standard, in everything else.

Ever since Middle School I've wanted to be an animator at Disney, with the switch of art style I don't know if I can make it, but I'm still trying at it, since it's my Senior 년 I'm really cracking down on what I want to be, and I plan to take other routes as "back-up" plans for the future, but it's always been animator 또는 Graphic Novelist for me.

Even though I'm really anti-pep and preppy kids I can't help but really 사랑 my school, I even want my class ring to be in the 색깔 of the school (black and teal).

I was born in Virginia, but I currently reside in Pennsylvania, but I think both states are my home.

I'm a Person of Color, I'm mixed, but I take a lot of pride in being the way that I am. I won't go into specifics, but it's probably one of the reasons I'm obsessed with "exotic" (for lack of a better term) characters and stories. I 사랑 Arabic, Italian, and Gypsy culture and mythology, they're probably what I base my taste off of.

I lean atheist, but I can't help believing in spirits and ghosts and the values and cycle in life, I think I have a lot of ideals that can be found in Animism and Buddhism though I am apart of neither religion. I also appreciate religious ideals and influence on modern culture and art like in The Prince of Egypt and other things like it.

My 가장 좋아하는 색깔 are all rich deep tropical 색깔 like teal, orange, maroon, yellow, I 사랑 color, just not super bright ones, 또는 dull life-sucking ones like grey, olive, 또는 light pastel shades. Nice vibrant 색깔 accompanied 의해 gold 또는 a warm brown pretty much do it for me.

These are the 색깔 I am trying to describe, they're just the prettiest 색깔 to me
Aesthetic I guess?

I love, love, 사랑 digital media and art surrounding it, but I frankly suck at it, but aspiring 아이콘 guru I continue to dream of being. I think Tumblr 디즈니 edits are what really made me appreciate the talent.

I can't believe I almost forgot, but my 가장 좋아하는 애니메이션 company is probably Dreamworks, especially old DreamWorks, if they return to form they'd blow 디즈니 out of the water honestly. <3

I think of myself as kind of a tomboy, because I never wear anything but sneakers, and I've never worn make up, but in all honestly I like fashion, cooking, and gardening, so I can't be so much a tomboy.

Uhm, I think I mentioned earlier I wanted to be a graphic novelist right? Well that also probably stirs from American comics and Korean Manhwa, I read a lot of them (especially the BL ones whoops) and I'm obsessed with King's Maker, Captive Prince, and Royal Tutor.

King's Maker 의해 Kang Jiyoung

I watch some anime/animated tv shows as well, my favorites are Avatar: The Last Airbender, Samurai Champloo, Sinbad: Gift of the Magi and so on.

I dislike sweets and sugar, I could only ever really stomach 쿠키 또는 some relatively unsweet pastry.

Even though I prefer modern times (and can appreciate modern movies), I've always preferred stories that take place in the past pre-20th century, I'm not sure as to why, but I've always enjoyed stories in times long 이전 and in places far far away about people who don't exist any more.

My favorites 디즈니 Princess is a 3 way tie between Jasmine, Mulan, and (hypothetically) Moana, but occasionally I can reason enough to put them in rankings.

I 사랑 글쓰기 기사 about my many fandoms and opinions, I could talk about them for days.

Some of my 가장 좋아하는 영화 of all time are Road to El Dorado, Sinbad: LotSS, Moana, and Aladdin.

I like the Thor movies. I also occasionally watch Game of Thrones 또는 Spartacus as well. Live-action isn't really my thing, but those are some I enjoy and watch casually, oh, and the Pirates of the Caribbean 영화 as well.

Come to me my dark prince!

I adore classic literature, my favorites are Dante's Inferno, The Odyssey, and most of Shakespeare.

I enjoy mispronouncing words I clearly know how to pronounce. like "space" I might pronounce "spa-say" in an awkward attempt at being funny.

I say "la duh" a lot, probably too much... 또는 not enough.

I try to sketch and practice on my art as much as possible, but I end up throwing it away 또는 starting over before I can even finish a piece, I have good work ethic, I guess I'm just not applying it properly.

I do a simultaneous giggle and cringe whenever I do something that is probably considered embarrassing.

I have a scar on my nose from when I attempted to pierce it in middle school (I was trying to look like a 발리우드 star, lol).

I play a lot of Just Dance and I 사랑 the beach.

Does anyone listen to DNCE? They're my 가장 좋아하는 band! They're recent, but I'm in 사랑 with all of their songs. I'm into that pop-rock and funk music, though I like reggae too.

I can watch the most boring of documentaries with an excited look on my face.

My 가장 좋아하는 season is the summer! I can't stand too cold of weather, though I do appreciate the outfits that come with it.

My 가장 좋아하는 girls in my 가장 좋아하는 type of weather!

Well I don't want to make an 기사 all about me too terribly long, so I guess I'll end it here! I hope 당신 found it interesting, I didn't intend to babble on and on about myself, so sorry if it was a bit annoying to read, thank 당신 for 읽기 though!