Who is that girl I see Staring straight back at me?
I won't rate princesses, just put them into three categories. It'd be difficult to rate them because all princesses from the first categorie would equally be the last. There is no a princess who is absolutely like me but there are some that are nothing like me.

Princesses I don't relate to at all(random order)

It's not my dream job.

Tiana is a definition of hard-working and energetic, while I am lazy, slothful, self-indulgent and dreamy person. I don't like cooking and I'm not good at it. Tiana and Naveen's romance is also unrelatable because Naveen is a) Tiana's polar oppossite, b) carefree and flirtatous womanizer. “Oppossites attract” is not true about me. Naveen himself isn't a type of person that would make me happy. He has positive traits but loyalty, faith, sense of duty, attentiveness and caringness are 더 많이 important to me than them.

Snow White
"Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who is the laziest of all?" "You."

Snow White is sweet, optimistic, naive, hard-working, nurturing and motherly. Nothing of this is true about me. I've never been interested in finding my 사랑 또는 creating new family. I seek for knowledge, while Snow White doesn't. As I've already mentioned, I am not good at cooking. If I were in Snow White situation, I would act much moodier in the dwarfs' house, instead of dreaming about prince, I was dreaming about returning 집 once. Snow White's not a bad character but we are still opposites. I am like Mary to Snow White's Martha.


신데렐라 is patient, tolerant, hard-working and reserved. I am 더 많이 short-tempered and impatient.

It's not what I'd do for the guy I barely know.

Ariel was willing to live her homeland and her family to be with a guy she barely know. I don't judge her. It's not bad, just not relatable. Not only I wouldn't do it, I wouldn't even have a temptation to do it. My homeland, my family and the culture I was raised in are no less 또는 even 더 많이 important than romantic 사랑 to me. I doubt than I would be happy while living far from my family. And it takes a lot of time for people to become close to me.

Slightly relatable princesses(random order)

Similiar at some preferences( purple clothing, drak-haired guys, girly clothing), different at everything else.

This makes me kinda sad because I 사랑 Rapunzel and consider her as one of the best DP role models. But I should be honest to myself. Similiarly to classic princesses, Rapunzel is too sugarly sweet to be relatable. I am not as kind, friendly and patient as she is. Rapunzel is very energetic, active and has a lot of skills, she is has enough energy to develop herself. While I 더 많이 passive and slothful and I am don't get tired from doing nothing. Rapunzel is an extravert while I am an introvert.
Rapunzel is a bit 더 많이 relatable than DPs I mentioned before. Both of us have a childish and playful side. And we a similar fashion style. I also like girly and modest clothing, 담홍색, 핑크 and purple 색깔 and flowers.
I wish we were 더 많이 similiar.

I also 사랑 spending time at the nature and dreaming but my dreams are different.

Aurora is the most relatable classic DP because she seems to be the most childish and the least motherly of them. We both enjoy nature. I also can image myself putting my country's safety above my 사랑 interest( especially new 사랑 interest). I lack Aurora's grace though. And she is still too sugarly sweet and too interested in finding her 사랑 though.


We both 사랑 nature and capable of being rather whiny and naughty. But I am not a tomboyish 또는 athletic. And I guess my antimilitaristic beliefs are strong enough to make bother about the peace somewhat more. Maybe I used to be 더 많이 like her as a teenager.

I've never been that trusting but I've been that aggressive.

I've already mentioned that I am not optimistic, naive 또는 focused on finding love. I can't imagine myself falling in 사랑 with Kristoff. I respect him and find him one of kindest 디즈니 Princes but I need something 더 많이 to be with a gay. I need somebody really cultured because I want to have interesting conversations with my 사랑 interest.
I relate to Anna when she punched Hans. Which means she is capable of being aggressive and hateful and so do I. Another thing both of us are capable of is accepting our flaws and mistakes and taking responsibility. We are both clumsy and idealistic.

Very relatable princess(random order)

I treat my elders almost the same way.

Like Mulan, I am family-oriented the same way 뮬란 is( not motherly but “daughterly”). I am close my elders and enjoy pleasing them( but unfortunately both of us have a conflict between laziness and pleasing elders). Both of us deeply care about our elders' health, safety and longevity and not just the way every good person cares, we are both defined 의해 this. 뮬란 is very relatable when she reminds her father to take a spare ( I act the same way to elders sometimes). Her motivation to go to army is also very relatable. We are both clumsy and can be self-hating.
I care much less about social expectations than 뮬란 does. I don't try even to fit social expectations I find unfair. I am 더 많이 independent thinker ( which still mixes with self-hating). And I can't imagine myself falling in 사랑 with Shang, he is too formalistic and narrow-minded in my opinion.


We are both judgmental, resentful and critical. I relate to 재스민 속, 재 스민 when she doesn't give a chance to visitors. We are both capable of hatred( Jasmine's reaction when she thought Jafar executed Alladin is relaatble to me).
I can't imagine myself seducing and 키싱 Jafar though.

Sometimes I can't forgive myself for a long time.

Like Elsa, I am introverted, pessimistic, moody and self-hating. Unfortunately, it would be much difficult to me to become 더 많이 self-confident.

"Look there she goes, that girl is strange, no 질문 Dazed and distracted, can't 당신 tell? Never part of any crowd 'Cause her head's up on some 구름, 클라우드 No denying she's a funny girl that Belle" This what people mostly think of me.

We are both introverted, romantic, dreamy, imaginative, eccentric and escapistic. Both of us have our heads in the clouds and usually seen as odd 의해 other people. I also sometimes read while walk. Belle's uninterest in Gaston is also relatable because he is a complete opposite to a guy I want. Neither of us is really interested in finding love.
Unlike Belle, I am very connected to my homeland and I consider at something 더 많이 than a “poor provincial town”, despite being treated much worse for my oddness. I wouldn't leave it that easily. Also I not sure I would be able forgive the Beast imprisoning my dearest people. And I barely imagine to the guy who doesn't read. I need someone who is initially 더 많이 equal to me than Beast was to Belle to be happy.

"You think that only because 당신 don't know any better." is what some people say to me when they learn out how much I 사랑 my homeland.

She is my 가장 좋아하는 princess so I like to believe that we are similar but I guess my belief is pretty justified. Both of us are strongly connected to our homeland, our elders and the cultures we were raised in. We are both patriotic. Both us tend to have a very unique and uncommon view on things. Both of us have a strong childish and playful side( people often ask me the same 질문 Nakoma asks Pocahontas, “Don't 당신 think 당신 are getting a little old for X?”) along with an equally strong thoughtful and philosophical side. We both have antiracistic and antimilitaristic beliefs. We both like nature. We both can be indecisive. The same like Pocahontas, I don't believe that opposite always attract. And I don't like Kocoum. Although I don't like him not for be overly serious but for being possessive and jealous towards the girl who doesn't 사랑 him. Neither of us seems to be focused on romance.
There are some differences between me and Pocahontas. I am capable of hatred while Pocahontas seems to be doesn't. I don't have any tomboyish hobbies. And I am not attracted to blond guys.