The prettiest DP ranking( including Anna and Elsa)

Excuse me for not giving detailed descriptions. I am an intuiter 의해 MBTI and focusing on details is not my strengh. So I'll give my general impression.
I am not sure about all placements. I am sure about #13-8 and about my TOP-3 but not about the medium.
I own none of these images.

13. Snow White
The most nurturing of all? Sure. The fairest? Sorry, I don't think so.

Snow White is an only 디즈니 princess whom I don't find beautiful. Her feautiful are too rounded to me and I don't like her hair.


Another princess whose looks I dislike. She is beautiful but there I something about her face I dislike and she looks very plastic. Maybe because I dislike the 애니메이션 style of her movie( in my opinion there is no beautifully drawn characters in Cinderella).

11. Elsa

Elsa is beautiful but not in the way I like. I am not a 팬 of icy beauty. I prefer cuter looks.

10. Aurora

I find Aurora beautiful but not as gorgeous as many people say. I feel pretty neutral about her looks. She has statuesque model beauty I am not a 팬 of. But I must admit that her movie has one of the most beautiful animations in 디즈니 history.

9. Ariel

Ariel and Aurora are very close in my list and can be easily switched. And I will say almost the same about Ariel. She is beautiful but I feel neutral towards her beauty. Her face is pretty but not catchy. I find Vanessa prettier( mostly because of hair color and catchier facial features).

8. Merida

Merida has too rounded features like Snow White and her 색깔 are not my favorite. But she has catchier and 더 많이 memorable than Ariel does. When I saw her for the first time, I was excited. Maybe it is because I have a tomboyish heroine with curly hair and now I know who to use in my originals/Disney crossovers.

7. Anna

Anna starts the list of princesses whose looks I absolutely adore. Anna is gorgeous. I 사랑 everything about her looks but especially her hair color. She has angelic beauty.


재스민 속, 재 스민 is gorgeous, that's all. I 사랑 her body, hair and her eyes. She has one of the best smiles ever. This is the way I described one of my heroines, “her eyes are like dark night with tiny yet bright golden stars coming through it. She is very charming when she has a good mood.

5. Mulan

I 사랑 her body, skin color, her lips and her hair. She looks gorgeous without any make-up. And she somewhat even reminds of Belle( in my mothertongue Russian dub they share the same voice actress who looks like both of them).

4. Pocahontas

It's difficult to rank Pocahontas' looks for me because it's like ranking the looks of your beloved family members. She is definetely higher than Merida but not in the TOP-3. I guess my big and loyal 사랑 to Pocahontas influenced to me like her looks more. I dount that she would have been that high if I hadn't watched her movie. 또는 if Pocahontas had had less likeable personality. She has one of my least 가장 좋아하는 DP bodies, along with Aurora's. I also find her too tall( I find myself too tall and I am 5'4 1/2!) I prefer 재스민 속, 재 스민 and Mulan's bodies to Pocahontas' but in facial department I guess I prefer Pocahontas. I 사랑 her eyes and her lips. Her hair is gorgeous too.
I find Irene Bedard( Pocahontas' voice actress) a bit 더 많이 beautiful than her character. She would be definetely my #1 in my prettiest DP voice 여배우 ranking.

3. Rapunzel

I disagree with those who say she is just cute. I think she is gorgeous( both with long and short hair). My 가장 좋아하는 thing about her looks are her 에메랄드 green eyes. I hate the most green eyes are seemed to be associated with evil and/or sexuality 의해 Disney. I have greenish eyes myself( not that pure green like Rapunzel, greenish like Belle in some shots) and I don't what to be associated with either. I admire the combination of Rapunzel's eye color and her innocent, angelic, virginal personality. Her face is beautiful as well.
Rapunzel also has a charming, sunny personality and my 가장 좋아하는 DP wardrobe which adds even 더 많이 attraction to her fabulous looks.

2. Belle

Belle has a perfect face in my opinion. Her features are not too rounded to me ( unlike SW's) and not too angular( unlike Aurora's). Her looks is both elegant and cute. Her 색깔 are beautiful and relatable. Her body is also very gorgeous. She justifies her name. She is really one of the most beautiful animated heroines ever created. Belle is also very chaste, elegant, well-mannered and has very clever eyes which make her really special. I guess I should teach all of these from Belle to become prettier.


No wonder that Tiana and Belle are so close, their looks are similar( especially faces). My 가장 좋아하는 thing about Tiana's looks are her charming eyes and nice dimples. I wish I had dimples. Tiana is my personal goddess of beauty. I 사랑 her wardrobe and how awesome she looks in feathers.