is like the things that made that princess our favorite, i´ll bassed on the 코멘트 i see in 팬팝 and another sites,i´ll try to don't put personal 코멘트
We are looking at the princess as theirselfs ignoring their looks,the quality of the 애니메이션 , the characters around them , their 사랑 story and (i speak specially for pocahontas;sequels)

1.snow white:
people who don't like snow white says:
she is the weakest of the princess , doesn't even have a sequel to show a rebel 또는 strong side.And she is dump cause she was told to don't talk to strangers and it was the first thing she did

people who likes her says: she is adorable, and is the sweetest princess , when the things are getting bad and hopeless we all need someone like snow to put at least a smile on our faces

who don't like her says: she is also weak and never stand to her stepmother just expecting someone else to help her and cry

who like her says: she couldn't do nothing about her situation , she is perseverating and optimist , strong enought to don't cry in front of her stepmother

who don't like her: she is just flat,don't get character develoment and is not even the main character
She just found out she had a family and the only thing that matters to her is a guy she just met

who like her says: she is elegant and the personification of grace , she would have been 더 많이 develoment if he had enought time to show it,get points to rather true 사랑 instead a prince


who don't like her: she is selfish, she chooses 사랑 (that is a guy she don't even know) over her family
Doesn't get develoment , is not mature enought and seem just think in herself and what she wants.
Also sell her soul to the devil

who like her says: she is funny and pretty , she is rebelious and motivate girls to follow their dreams and be 메리다와 마법의 숲

who don't like her says: she reads but never show to be smart actually, wants the perfection and force beast to change. She did the only thing that she was told to don't do

who like her: She inspire girls to read and it is fun, to 사랑 a guy to who is him and not his apareance.
She chooses her father over her 사랑 and teach us that family is a important part of our life

who don't like her: she acts like Al is not enought good for her , she uses her feminity to gets what she wants , she is selfish (i don't see a lot of negative coments about her)

who like her: she makes a change in her quote "i am not a price to won" showing that girls are people and not objects , she is 메리다와 마법의 숲 and want true 사랑 , even if that means she would be single for ever

who don't like her : she is just not so interesting as the other princess, she is hostorically wrong,
(Yeah,actually almost all her wrong 코멘트 is about she choosing Rolfe over Smith)

who like her: she is diferent, is one with nature and 메리다와 마법의 숲 , fights to make peace between the races

who don't like her: she is too clumsy and lack of grace
she did all that not because her father but herself and take herself in danger,risking her life and her family´s honor

who like her: she is the bravest of all, she is strong, she gets develoment and still flawed.
She got a brain and use it very well
Came back to fight instead of stay save in 집

who don't like her: she is not intersting as the other princess, she is obsesive and temperamental , would rather a boy over her dream

who like her: she has a 더 많이 realistic point about life, she really work for what she want
Is very smart (she build a 뗏목 with sticks and used her frog condition to defeat Facillier)
Has a hobbie like normal girls

who don't like her: she is too naive and paranoid , at the ending she seems to lose her personality and became serious

who like her: she is adorable and extremelly funny, she can care of herself and put her beloved one over her own freedom , is also willing to find her dream

who don't like her: she seem to be rebel but she turn to be selfish and put her own desires over all her kingdom
Neither her 또는 her mother listen to each other and can't behave

who like her: she is determinated to be herself and is well...brave and corageous, she gets develoment as her recognized her mistakes and apologized to Elinor

who don't like her: just don't as interesting as her older sister,annoying , dump enought to fall for the firts guy she met and want to marry him

who like her: she is really funny , and her clumsy personality is adorable , she choose family and her beloved one over her oportunity to be saved.
Nobody can't deny she is the hero of the story

who don't like her: she is overrated , she just says that she can't unfreezy Arendelle and don't try it , she is powerfull but don't use them to something actually heroic , is nothing without her powers

who like her: she can be related to real people who feel hidden from the world , she is actually very kind as she wants anna go back to her home, and loves freedom and be herself but don't hurting people.
Gets points cause she could 또는 not be a LGBT character