Since I did an 기사 about my 가장 좋아하는 Princesses I thought what the heck! why not do an 기사 about the Prince's after what is a Princess without her except Merida and Elsa of course :)

11- Prince
While this prince is sweet and kind like his princess having only one 심장 and one both for her sadly we don't get to see much of him and therefore it's somewhat hard
to depict much of his personality.

10- Prince Charming
Like the Prince I'm afraid for me falls into the same 보트 unless even with the sequels I find it hard to depict his personality except that he is very determined and daring an example would be in 신데렐라 three when rides after 신데렐라 before she is gone forever sailing away on a ship bucked off his horse he flies into the air and slides down the sail and says "Remember me" so cute and romantic I also find him graceful due to is dancing.

9- Kristoff
An outdoorsman and loves reindeer this thrill-seeking prince is devoted and loves his work harvesting and selling ice a loner, a bit grumpy, and realist he does have a sweet soft side especially when it comes to his best friend Sven however he just doesn't click with me perhaps its his shy, awkwardness but none the less he certainly has a 심장 of gold that would be worth winning.

I find to be very focused and strict which are good qualities for a captain of the army however I find him a little to strict he definitely needs to learn how to lighten up a bit 더 많이 other than that I find him very kind and considerate.

7- 알라딘
From rags to riches, a 거리 쥐 to a prince 알라딘 can steal a girls 심장 his quick thinking gets him out all of sorts of trouble although it can be hard to trust when your unsure if he's telling the truth 또는 not which is the main thing that bugs me about him but his adventurous, wild, reckless yet warm and passionate personality make up for it 당신 can take me on a magic carpet ride anytime Aladdin!

6- Prince Phillip
This 메리다와 마법의 숲 and dashing prince will ride in to save 당신 from any dragon! I find him to be very charming this really shows during "Once Upon a Dream" like The Prince, and Prince Charming he isn't in the movie enough to really see his personality he has a higher ranking due to his acts of bravery let's face it fighting a 불, 화재 breathing dragon to save the one 당신 사랑 is pretty awesome!

5- Naveen
Jazzy and swinging this prince definitely has rhythm with the ladies swooning over him for his charming, dashing, and oh so flirtatious behavior its hard to find something to dislike about him because he has so much personality I 사랑 seeing his transition from being a lazy, selfish spoiled little rich boy into a 더 많이 confident loyal and compassionate young man.

4-John Smith
With a complete sense of adventure leading the way this prince yearns to discover new worlds brave, selfless, and determined to make peace with the Indians after learning they aren't so different and the savages he thought they were is what I really 사랑 about John he sees things from a completely different perspective realizing he was wrong and fights to show what he has learned.

3- Flynn
"Alright listen I didn't want to have to do this but 당신 leave me no choice here comes the smolder" I 사랑 Flynn! He's a funny, charming, romantic thief I can't get enough he seems like such a fun person to be around just like his princess and could definitely show a girl a good time seeing how he completely changed from being a self centered thief only interested in money into the trustworthy compassionate prince we love.

2- Beast
Completely insecure, rude, mean, selfish and full of hopelessness the Beast seems like he can not be tamed but then when he saves Belle everything changes we see the true side of the beast as he transforms into someone that is a kind, gentle, loving, and compassionate who completely sacrifices his own happiness setting his 사랑 free to take care of her father knowing he may never see her again is one of the most beautiful acts of selflessness I've ever seen I absolutely adore the beast with all my heart!

1- Prince Eric
"Oh he's very handsome isn't he?" besides his dreamy looks, the romantic 보트 rides, and his 사랑 for the sea what I 사랑 most about Prince Eric is that he's just like any other guy just looking for the right girl knowing she's out there somewhere he's determined to find her after he is saved even though he has just heard her voice. I also 사랑 despite Ariel not being able to speak he takes her to his 성 anyway showing his sweet, kind, and caring side he's also incredibly protective, loyal, courageous, brave, and selfless when he saves Max and Grimsby but this really shows at the end of the movie as he rushes to defend Ariel from Ursula when it comes to the ones he loves 당신 can bet Eric will be right there to save the day!