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"We just have to learn to corner our sensitivity.". That was all Merida could think about. "Pocahontas is right. I've got to corner the triggers." she said to herself. She sat down in a chair and thought. She thought and thought for the 다음 hour. As she thought, she triggered the stuff that made her lash out. That's when she figured it out.

1. Her anger ALWAYS got the best of her.
2. She'd cry half the time.
3. She thought Shang previously despised her because of her rebelliousness.
4. She thought Pocahontas would always keep secrets from her to betray her.
5. All of the above made her stay angry for weeks on end.
6. Most situations were just a big misunderstanding.

OK, 3 and 4 may not really be the cases, but they were pretty dang close. "Pocahontas would NEVER betray me, and me and Shang are 프렌즈 now." Merida stated. She crossed those things off with a paintbrush. 뮬란 suddenly came into the room. Merida screamed slightly and jumped as she saw her. "You've been in here half the day. Are 당신 alright?" 뮬란 cornered. "Oh, I'm fine now. I was just thinkin' about certain stuff." Merida replied.

"Like what?" 뮬란 asked. "How earlier today was a misunderstanding. Honestly, I'm glad you're not fumin' angry!" Merida answered. 뮬란 let out a slight laugh. "Well, Pocahontas just told me to corner what makes me sensitive. Now, I need some tips on what to do." Merida said changing the subject. "Well, when you're angry, 당신 can always meditate." 뮬란 suggested. Merida wasn't the type who would meditate. Yet, she agreed to give it a go.

"And when 당신 feel like crying, just take a deep breath and think about all the things you've been blessed with." 뮬란 said. Merida was thankful everyday. Though, this taught her how to be extra thankful for the things she had. She jotted those things down. "Don't be too long. 공식 만찬, 저녁 식사 will be ready soon." 뮬란 stated. Merida realized she was BAD starving. Having missed breakfast and lunch all together, she could eat a buffalo's fried remains.

"I can't wait to eat!" she said. That proved to be an under-statement, because at dinner, the young archer ate just about EVERYTHING! Pocahontas, however, didn't touch one thing. "I'm not hungry." she said. She politely walked away from the table. As she walked to the room she and John were staying in, she suddenly collapsed on the floor in a stabbing pain. She grabbed her stomach as the pains got worse. What could it be from? Was she about to lose the baby?
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How is everyone today?
Anyway some of 당신 might know/remember that I am currently conducting a series of 투표 in order to eliminate every DP First Encounter to find out which one is the best. We're currently up to the 상단, 맨 위로 four, but I shall do the bottom half today and let 당신 know the 상단, 맨 위로 five when it's all ready.
I define first encounter as when the couple first communicate with each other and are face to face, therefore when Ariel sees Eric on the 보트 dancing with Max, I did not count that one and instead counted the encounter she had with him in Part of your World Reprise.
So when...
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I'm going to make this short. And I'm not going to include Merida and Tiana because I haven't seen 메리다와 마법의 숲 또는 Princess and the Frog in over a year. My opinions change a lot (although Ariel will always be my number one). I just put these in a rough order. And actually I'm not going to include Anna and Elsa either. I'll make this mercifully short though.

9. Pocahontas
I hate to put Pocahontas last. She deserves 더 많이 사랑 for sure. It's just that I like cute people. She's not very cute. I think she's great because she's wise, strong, brave, and adventurous. I just don't like her as much as the rest....
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Long time no see! Wow, it's been.... over a 년 since I last vidded? I seriously missed it. I don't even know if anyone I used to know vids anymore, but I want to get back into it.
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In the last part Alexandra, Erica, Rapunzel, Flynn and Pascal left the tower and met Maximus. Now they've just arrived to the 성 where Rapunzel was born and Rapunzel now has braided hair so that she dosen't trip with her hair!

After Rapunzel got her hair fixed they decided to go around and see what they where selling at the markets and they bought apples, 컵케익 and much more. Than Rapunzel noticed a picture of a 퀸 and king holding a baby and a pair of girls that laied 꽃 in a fountain.
-This for the 로스트 princess, one of them said.

Rapunzel thought the girl looked similar to her...
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"I'm not sure, Eric," Kuzco shrugged his shoulders. "I wasn't paying attention."

The girls giggled and squeaked. "I can't believe we got Ariel a date!" Arista squealed. "We won't tell Daddy, right?"

"Of course not! He's not going to know!" Adella scoffed.

"What are 당신 girls doing?" The girls abruptly stopped talking and tensed up. They slowly turned around only to see Eric with an amused smirk.

"Gee, Mr. Barnes! 당신 scared us!" Adella exclaimed, putting her hands to her face. The other girls also glared at Eric.

"Calm down!" Eric chuckled. "You are not in trouble." The girls relaxed a bit. They...
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Chapter 13

Later at 8pm, when Eric walked out the office, he only wondered one thing. How am I going to tell Melody? I don't want to disappoint her. But I don't want to disappoint my boss, either! Despite Roy's answer, he thought of asking Walt anyway. No, it would not make much a difference. Eric know how loyal Walt is to the Red Rabbit Company-after all, he was the one who built it. Walt would say the same answer. He sighed dejectedly, got inside his jeep, and drove away. Little did he know, two pairs of yellow eyes were watching him, behind from a silver Saturn.

"He just left the building,...
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