Ever since my mother decided to buy my first movie when I was the measly age of 3, and which so happened to The Little Mermaid in VHS, I was forever doomed.

And when I say forever doomed, I mean forever doomed in the best of ways... If that makes any sense?

After that, I basically became a 디즈니 addict. Disnerd to be exact. I loved pretty much every 디즈니 film that I came to encounter. Sure, the early 2000's 디즈니 영화 were kinda off for me, and to be honest not all that memorable (Except Lilo and Stitch, God how I 사랑 that movie.) but my immense 사랑 for the past 디즈니 films never died down, and I always found my self going back to watch them. Luckily, recent 디즈니 films have captured my attention again, we're in the making of new classics from what I see! 더 많이 than anything though, my main connection and 사랑 for 디즈니 isn't just based off of the amazing stories it gives us one after the other, but the girls.

Those girls are the 디즈니 Princesses, 또는 also in other words, the 디즈니 Heroines. Each one holds a story, and while some are 더 많이 damsels in distress than others, they all leave a mark. There's a reason we can recall so many of these girls from our childhood, like them 또는 not.

So, I had to make a list and share my thoughts and 사랑 for these royal gals. Let it be clear that while I do have my picks from least to greatest, it doesn't necessarily mean I dislike 또는 hardly care for them. One way 또는 another I 사랑 em' all! So here it is, my 상단, 맨 위로 10 디즈니 Gal list.

Also my list always changes, so take it as a roughly put together list. I really wanted to put Snow White and Merida here, but for now these are the girls I'm feeling the most!

10. 신데렐라

Seriously, I was close to placing Snow White as my number 10, but I'm feeling 신데렐라 a bit 더 많이 here. I guarantee a huge percent of us girls at one point 또는 another wanted that magical 겉옷, 가운 of hers, and lets not forget the glass slippers.Cinderella for obvious reasons is the representation of the classic 디즈니 Princess franchise. She has a beautiful magical story, that while it can be cheesy and a bit overrated, is what many of us would sigh over. Who wouldn't want a magical night out at some ball and meet prince charming? Heck sign me up. 신데렐라 is 더 많이 than her fairytale story though, while some can see her character as merely black and white, in her own way she's a strong women. She might not be strong in way that's like "BAM!" in your face but she kept it positive and never let her spirit die down, regardless of the abuse her step family made her go through. In the end, the message I got from 신데렐라 after her well deserved happy ending, is that we can pursuit our own happy future, regardless of the hardships and life we went through.

9. Tiana

Seriously, this girl and her movie deserved waaaay 더 많이 recognition when they came out, but that's another story. Tiana, what can I say? She's a strong hardworking women that many girls should look up to. It's admirable how she never gives up, 또는 when her dreams seemed so out of reach, her 모토 was to simply keep working harder. Getting personal here, Tiana hits 집 의해 reminding me of my own mother. Both working constantly to achieve their goals, and both hold strong personalities that are just contagious and easy to love. Also, Tiana seriously has one of the best gowns, indeed she does.

8. Anna

One way 또는 another, us girls can find attributes in the 디즈니 Princesses that we can relate and compare our selves to. With Anna though, she holds so many real qualities that many of us while watching her in 겨울왕국 can say, "Yea I would totally handle that situation in that way." 또는 "I'm also ungraceful and dorky as her!". While I do find Anna's character a bit... flat at times, she's admirable in her own sense, and while she should think twice in a couple of her decisions (Wanting to marry Hans, who is a total D*%& and I feel like I'm the only one from the start who had a feeling he'd turn out that way.) we can relate to those mistakes. Plus, she was part of the phenomenal message everyone is loving in this film that 당신 don't necessarily need a man to save you. That it's sisters before misters....see what I did there? (;

7. 재스민 속, 재 스민

Besides "Aladdin" being one of my very 상단, 맨 위로 가장 좋아하는 films of all time, 재스민 속, 재 스민 on her own is a pretty favorable character to me. 재스민 속, 재 스민 can be sassy and while a few people tend to pick on that, I dig it. She knows what she wants, which is freedom from her royal title, 또는 더 많이 precisely from the palace, and she is set to get exactly that (Kind of reminds me of my nights sneaking out of the house in my teens, shame on me I know.) . Of coarse in the end it didn't really work out how she thought it would, and she didn't seem to mind one bit (or even notice,) which is one thing that kind of irks me to date, but she still found a great outcome either way and that was Aladdin. Who 의해 the way, I had the biggest crush on as a kid, and still do.. no shame here. Alright, going back to Jasmine! Besides being a gorgeous headstrong character, her duet with 알라딘 in "A Whole New World." never fails to give me the chills. So thank 당신 Jasmine, for the chill feels.


OMGEE that hair. Bless whoever has Pocahontas hair. Pocahontas is pretty much the first leading female in a 디즈니 movie to not end up with the guy (Pocahontas 2 in my mind never existed and may I never see it again.) and her ending is so 쓴, 쓰라린 sweet and beautiful that it left a permanent place in my 심장 as one of the most beautiful movie scenes I've seen. She's a woman that wishes to fallow her own path and not fallow the traditional ways. She doesn't want to settle down, she wants to explore and create her own mark, in a sense I see her as one of the important stepping stones for the present 디즈니 Princesses and heroines we have. Also, Pocahontas is wise and holds a natural poise, not to mention her character 디자인 is just beautiful. And her songs, oh my gosh her SONGS! "Colors of the Wind" is hands down my ultimate 가장 좋아하는 디즈니 melody. I just 사랑 Pocahontas period.

5. Ariel

People say she's bratty, I just justify her actions 의해 saying she's just being a teen. Besides Ariel being gorgeous, (heck the prettiest 디즈니 gal in my book) her curious yet cheery personality, her passion to be human and live on land, and the risk taker she is makes her just so fun to watch. She's like a door of nostalgia to my childhood, since she was the FIRST 디즈니 princess I watched and would watch possible everyday. Moreover, Ariel added more..... color to the 디즈니 Princess franchise. Not saying the 디즈니 Princesses before her were bland 또는 boring, but Ariel had 더 많이 of a detailed story that consisted 더 많이 then simply ending up with the Prince. Even if Eric did turn out to be one of her main goals later on, 당신 have to admire her main dream was to be human. Also "Part of That World" and her voice in general are hard not to love. Seriously, I have her jamz on repeat on my ipod. Did Ariel make the best decisions? Pff no. But 저기요 she's a trooper and I adore Ariel. Plus, I want her red hair..


To be a 퀸 당신 gotta be cold, and literally Elsa proves this. With the HUGE but I mean HUGE success of Frozen, and "Let It Go" playing literally everywhere, it's easy to see why soooo many people are ranking 겨울왕국 and Elsa as their number one 디즈니 movie and royal gal. I'll discuss my opinion on the movie some other time, but going back to Elsa, I can't help but adore her as well. Her character 디자인 is just amazing and those ice powers of hers are just...agh...awesome! Sure, her character had plot holes. How did she get her powers? No freaken idea whatsoever. How was she able to build a huge ice 성 if she can't even control the blizzard in Arandelle? Again, no clue. But besides the flaws, Elsa is such a raw and damaged character that 당신 can't help but applaud 디즈니 for taking a 더 많이 real and darker tone with it's characters. Also, the fact she didn't end up a with a man emphasizes how much of a strong independent 퀸 she is. All hail 퀸 Elsa!


Going back to Frozen, I 사랑 it but it irks me when I see people claiming 겨울왕국 was the FIRST movie to show 당신 don't need a man to be your own hero. I guess we never had a heroine who risked getting killed just to prevent her father from going to war 의해 taking his place as a soldier, dressing up as a man AND basically saving all of China? Common people don't strip 뮬란 from her glory! 뮬란 is just...... pure awesomeness. She "fails" to be the supposedly ideal women to marry and raise a family. Soooo she decides to settle in basically saving all of China. 뮬란 gives us so many messages to take with us, that 당신 don't have to be perfectly feminine, 당신 don't have to fallow the norm, and that any girl can be her own hero. Even if 당신 have an army full of men 당신 can be the main hero! Wrapping this up, 뮬란 was very important to me as a child, I WANTED to be Mulan, and "Reflection" is always a must to hear when I'm at my worst. I just 사랑 당신 Mulan.

2. Belle

A beauty but a funny girl? 더 많이 like a masterpiece of a 디즈니 Princess. Belle, comes very but VERY close in second. For the longest run Belle never failed to be my number one. Belle is mature, Belle is different, Belle is an open nerd, and Belle shows there can be so much 더 많이 to a girl than her pretty face. How she embraces the Beast for what he is and actually develops feeling for him instead of a 큰 덩어리, 한 조각 like Gaston, is just admirable. Makes 당신 wish there was really 더 많이 people like that, Belle can really teach us a thing 또는 two. Not only that, Beauty and the Beast is literally one of my all time 가장 좋아하는 films and has been around with me practically my whole life. If 당신 were to ask me who my hero was as a child, I would easily say Belle. She's a mixture of both traditional yet modern, and I can go on but I prefer to save 당신 readers from 읽기 half a page of why I simply 사랑 Belle.

1. Rapunzel

I LOVE, BUT I MEAN 사랑 RAPUNZEL. Actually, 사랑 is even an understatement. Anyone who knows me, knows just how much I 사랑 "Tangled" and Rapunzel. It's a bit unhealthy, not gonna lie. So, it was really hard not to write a full page dedicated to why I 사랑 Rapunzel, and 당신 know what? I possibly will now that I think about it, but I'll try to keep it short here! Rapunzel is a bit of a mix of the past 디즈니 girls. She's curious like Ariel, seeks freedom and has a bit of sass like Jasmine, holds her own ground and is no damsel in distress like Mulan, and holds an open 심장 like Belle. And yet she hold so much more, she's determined to make her own dream come true, she takes the risks, she changes peoples lives and perspectives ( The thugs pursuing their dream and Flynn Rider embracing he's Eugene.) she's quirky, humorous, and not all that graceful, which I actually like. In a sense, like Elsa she can be considered a damaged character as well. I mean come on, being isolated in a tower for 18 years from the world? There's gotta be some effect there. Lets not forget how gorgeous her character is and that voice.... I 사랑 당신 Mandy Moore. Not to mention she had magic hair the glowed when she sang. Forever I truly believe Rapunzel will be my number one girl, and I know for a fact "Tangled" will always be my all time 가장 좋아하는 movie. Seriously, my kids and their kids will grow up loving Rapunzel. I adore, love, and admire Rapunzel.

Thank 당신 if 당신 stuck around till the end of this article! I would 사랑 to hear what 당신 guys have to say and even hear your own list !