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WELCOME!!! TO THE FINAL FANPOP’S FAVORITES!!! I know 당신 have been waiting about twenty seven years for this article. Please have to tissues ready because some will cry with joy and others will cry in anger. I cried in anger for this one, because well it wasn’t the way I wanted it to go. But it was the 팬팝 way.
I did ask for people to 코멘트 about why they loved each princess, but sadly I 로스트 those comments. So this is all a personally opinion on what I see on this club, if 당신 find that I hurt your feels, please 코멘트 또는 message better if 당신 message me a short little thingy and I will go to that part of the 기사 and may fix it up*see fine print. Also I asked for 아이콘 but I didn't have ones for all the princesses so I will updated later with 아이콘 that 당신 guys made

11th with point 157 Princess Merida
Even after one 년 of joining the lineup, people still won’t lighten up about her at all. I’ll save my mini Merida rant for an 기사 later. Merida is amazing, and sadly doesn’t get the 사랑 that she should have. I really want to start this rant but I can’t!!! AFDJKKFAJSDKLJFA!!! She wasn’t even close to breaking the 상단, 맨 위로 10…I’m getting angry again!!!! Moving on.
What are your thoughts about Merida and her ranking?

10th with points 190 Princess Snow White
My, what a charming little princess we have up here! Gurls and bros, my I just say the Snow White 사랑 has gone up in this club, I mean besides the people in the Midwest and Canada, we aren’t sick of Snow at all. She’s sweet, charming, sassy, bad***, an all-around good girl, sadly being sweet and 사과, 애플 pies can only get 당신 so far…also Midwest and Canada is sick of your offspring right now.
What are your thoughts about Snow White and her ranking?

9th with 200 points Princess Pocahontas
Some of 당신 are laughing, some are crying and others don’t really care. I’m in the third group right now because well Poca…she’s okay, she can be boring at times, and yet she can be the best thing since sliced duck. So I think she earned the middle ground.
What are your thoughts about Pocahontas and her ranking?

8th with 219 points Princess Aurora
The wait is over! Aurora has made her way out of the bottom three!!! *Gives gold medals out to all Aurora 상단, 맨 위로 2 fans* Aurora, oh Aurora, your 사랑 on 팬팝 has finally come, no other 팬 group can talk about want it’s liking starting from the bottom and working their way up to the top. Personally while I like you, either everyone else, 사랑 당신 또는 dislikes you.
What are your thoughts about Aurora and her ranking?

7th with 229 points Princess Cinderella
The True 퀸 of the Princesses gets herself and even 7th place *Yes I know seven is an odd number but 당신 get what I mean*. 신데렐라 is the symbol of most of our childhoods, we see her songs, we know her story, in fact well she’s one of the most hated princess outside of the Club (Cinderella at my Daughter, none of the other princesses have the honor of getting an “Amazing” book named after them), but anyway, 신데렐라 is the true Walt 디즈니 Princess.
What are your thoughts about 신데렐라 and her ranking?

6th with 239 points Princess Tiana
My Bell, Evangeline!!! I loved her before Naveen even saw her. She is still underrated on this site (Another 기사 for another time). Tiana has to be hands down the best role model. Sure 당신 may say “Well princatcher93 is the best role model of all times,” I laugh at 당신 and your opinion about that (If 당신 see me as one of the best role 모델 please, seek help from a doctor right away). Tiana is just one of those princesses that 당신 just have to smile at and wish 당신 could be just like her. If Walt 디즈니 was still alive, he wouldn’t give time of 일 to a to a lot of the other princesses, he be loving Tiana too much to even see their ice castles 또는 book towers 또는 feet that they just got 또는 magic golden hair.
What are your thoughts about Tiana and her ranking?

5th with 240 points Princess Rapunzel
Well, this is where my 상단, 맨 위로 4 ends. Rapunzel is amazing yet well disliked princess on this club. She’s a great princess, well I find her to be one and wish people would have her higher but 당신 can’t have everything in this world. A lot of her 팬 have put her lower on their lists after 겨울왕국 came out, but I’m still a Rapunzel 팬 until the end of my days (Or at least until The Doctor comes and says, “Run”). She’s getting kind of underrated on this site (Another 기사 another time), yet she still will always be my new dream.
What are your thoughts about Rapunzel and her ranking?

4th with 244 points Princess 재스민 속, 재 스민
Our 초 to most underrated princess, got her little self into the 상단, 맨 위로 4! Can 당신 believe it! I’m so happy for her!!! I’m crying…no wait that’s not a tear…sorry. Anyway Jazzy! Your underrated 팬팝 Days should be over! I have to say out of all the princesses from the Renaissance Era, she’s the best hands down. She’s amazing, sassy, sweet, mean (Good mean, like don’t mess with me, I got a tiger mean) and all around hero. She’s kind of the only princess that can get away with doing stupid things and not have people start wars over her (Think about it everyone). She also owns a tiger, which one ups her over everyone else if we were doing it 의해 sidekick not 의해 가장 좋아하는 ranking.
What are your thoughts on 재스민 속, 재 스민 and her ranking

Okay, the 상단, 맨 위로 3 as 당신 older 팬 can tell are princesses I have a hard time 글쓰기 happiness and 쿠키 about. So please, understand that I will try to say nice things and if I do feel like I’m about to throw up in nicest I will go watch 고양이 on YouTube.

3rd with 265 points Princess Belle
Yay Belle! Much 사랑 for her! Belle is an amazing princess! She gives up her life so her father can live and she goes and lives with an awful BEAST! *Cries in 더 많이 ways than one*. Belle is sweet, selfless and caring to other and a great role model. She isn’t looking for love, she’s want a quest! *I much rather be watching paint dry right now*. She teaches us not to judge a book 의해 its cover and that there is a Beast inside of all of us but after a couple of songs and some tears, he 또는 she will turn into a beautiful(ish) prince 또는 princess 또는 퀸 또는 king 또는 person! YAY!!

2nd with 267 points Princess Ariel
Can we all agree that Ariel is a shellfish person? (If you’re not laughing then I’m sorry for my joke). She gets too much hate on this club for wanting to get her dreams and be free and meet men with forks! She is 메리다와 마법의 숲 enough to go against the rules that a parent set down for her just so she can have her freedom!(Looks down at last place and cackles). She shows us that 사랑 and a dream can get us anywhere as long as we keep on fightings *I’m pretty sure the National Anthem is playing now*. SHE DOESN’T GIVE UP AND GOES BACK TO SAVE HER FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!! She is a flipping Mermaid for crying out! And we all know that Humans are better than Mermaids!! But then again in the 년 2013, we learned Reindeer are better the people, so…sorry Ariel 당신 got the short end of the rope there.
What are 당신 thoughts on Ariel and her ranking?

1st with 268 points Princess 뮬란
Yay for 뮬란 and her fans, final she can stop being labeled as underrated! *sends up a mini cheer*. 뮬란 is BA, everything she does is amazing, she gave up her life to go and fight in her father’s place at war…where people die.
What are 당신 thoughts on 뮬란 and her ranking?

Well there 당신 have it, I'm not doing this thing again so if someone else does I will tell them how to and teach them (I will be the Shang to your armory).

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