I'm about to get really creative and original here, and jump on the band wagon of posting about the ideal 디즈니 dream life, started by... dimitri, if memory serves.

Whose name would 당신 want?

Anna. I always thought it was just so pretty, simple, soft and graceful. It's honestly the name I like best of the 디즈니 Princesses, and the one I think would suit me best.

"What? 당신 don't think Anna's a pretty name?"

What skills would 당신 want to develop?

I would want to develop Merida's archery, horseback riding, rock-climbing and other outdoor stills Merida displays in "I Will Fly." I've done a little archery but never stuck with it, ridden 말 most of my childhood but got spooked easily (most riders have to deal with skittish horses, while my bombproof 말 had to deal with a skittish rider), etc. I just 사랑 archery, animals, and nature, and would 사랑 to develop the skills.

"I will ride! I will ride! Loose the arrows into the sky!"

Who would 당신 want for a parent?

Disney's version of Chief Powhatan. Mulan's and Tiana's parents are very 인기 picks, and I can see it. I'll admit they were my first choices too. But after thinking it over, I have to admit I'm very fond of this guy. He's very kind, wise, a strong leader, cares a lot about his people, fights for their happiness and safety, and 당신 can tell he loves his daughter dearly.

A few points against him are his wish for Pocahontas to settle down and marry Kokoum. If memory serves, he never orders her to marry 또는 give up her free spirit, he just encourages her because he honestly thinks it's what's best. He also lets his anger rule him on the settlers, and helps start a huge war that would have devastated both sides. Again though, his intentions are noble and his anger is honestly not totally misplaced. The settlers came without warning, started tearing up the land, attacked his people at first sight, shot some of his warriors, and killed his finest warrior whom he was hoping would become his son-in-law. But he's still not beyond reason, as Pocahontas manages to talk him down at the climax (when she saves John's life), and 의해 the end he's encouraging HER to do what she thinks is right. "You must choose your own path."

I 사랑 this guy. I know he sticks out like a sore thumb against the rest of my white 빵 European 디즈니 fantasy, but but there 당신 go.

How can 당신 not 사랑 this guy?

Who would 당신 want for a best friend?

Cinderella. She's shown to be so kind, gentle, helpful, and supportive. She works hard, she loves animals, and we see her going out of her way to help those in need. The way she saves, protects, clothes, provides for, and takes the fall for the mice in the house, never mind the birds, shows what a true and loyal friend 신데렐라 would be to a person.

"I've got to go prepare for the ball we're to attend, so be sure to stay out of trouble. And don't forget to warn the new 동물 about the poachers."

Who would 당신 want for your boyfriend?

I don't think they had boyfriends back then, 더 많이 like betroths. I would pick Philip though. After all these years, I still think he's the most rounded and desirable prince. Handsome, charming, kind, witty, intelligent, sincere, confident, romantic, adventurous, good sense of humor, etc. And he can DANCE! *.* He's got it all!

Fine. If 당신 don't want him, I'll take him.

Which dance scene would 당신 like to experience?

Once Upon a Dream. The entire thing, from dancing with 동물 wearing the prince's clothes to the dancing with the actual prince. I've loved this since I was a little kid, and still sing and dance to it sometimes when I'm alone.

Careful Phillip. This "dream prince" dance partner could give 당신 a run for your money.

Never mind.

Which place would 당신 like to live?

The fairy tale cottage in the middle of the forest. I guess that's not fully realistic since I'd be so far from civilization, but I guess maybe I'm not so deep in the forest that I can't occasionally travel to town to trade, shop, socialize, etc?

My 마법에 걸린 사랑 fairy tale cottage! Where we live in the 나무, 트리 like squirrels. :3

An honorable mention goes to Powhatan's tribe from Pocahontas. It might be better in the long run, since it would include family, community, steady trade, etc. Plus it would go with my 사무용 겉옷, 전반적인 theme of living in the forest, among animals, in harmony with nature, and using archery. (Then again, not sure how this fits in with the rest of my white 빵 world...)

The neighbors are friendlier here too.

Whose hair would 당신 want to have?

Merida's! I've always loved long, while, untame, unruly hair! Just look at that beautiful mess of unbridled tresses! <3

One shot, and I shall have the finest hair in all the land!

Whose eyes would 당신 want?

Belle's. I think they have just the loveliest size, shape, eyelashes, etc. The color is okay, but I'm not heartbroken over it. Hazel is still beautiful too!

No witty 코멘트 here. Just 사랑 these eyes.

Whose 노래 voice would 당신 want?

Ariel's. I rag on her a lot, but I still think Judi Benson has just the most gorgeous 노래 voice.

"Great, she got my 노래 voice, but she's still tone deaf."

Whose outfit would 당신 like to have?

I wish I could give an original answer here, but...

"Everyone loves my peasant dress."

Although Merida gets an honorable mention.