Created by: Dimtri_

I would change my name to Belle
I 사랑 France and the language it's so beautiful. Anything french, I love. Also it would be nice to have a name that literally means beauty. (Though I'm far from beautiful) Either her name 또는 Ariel, because I heard it means 암 사자, 라이오 네 스 또는 air spirit. I'm fairly sure it was used in one of Shakespeare's plays too.

I want Mulan's selflessness and intelligence
She gave up her life (basically) to save her father. She has amazing wit. She a quick thinker even if at a risk. She is also sort of a anventurerer whilst still being very noble and polite. She tries her best at everything she does. She is still clumsy too. Much like Jane from Tarzan.

I would want Merida's parents as my parents
I would have a mother to teach me the things to be a well rounded person, (even if she is scrict) and a father to kick-back and relax once and a while. It looks like they would be very supportive, fun and great teachers.

I would want Jane as my best friend
I hope I can say Jane. Jane is just so polite, kind and smart. Who wouldn't want a friend like Jane? She is creative and curious. She wants to learn everything she can instead of 'ordinary' things. She can be quirky too. In a way an explorer.

I would want 알라딘 as my boyfriend
I generally don't want any of the 디즈니 princes as my boyfriend, because they are either to vague (Prince, Charming, Phillip, Eric) 또는 go through a big change (Flynn, Beast, Naveen, John Smith) that they can easily bounce back to. Aladdin, Kristoff and Shang are the only ones that appeal to me. I choose 알라딘 because shang sort of can be to serious and Kristoff can be stinky and to 'rugged' at some times. (I 사랑 how awkward he is :3) 알라딘 is very nice, kind and will do anything for Jasmine. He is also honest, at the end he realizes he shouldn't lie and that he messed up. Also Tarzan for the same reasons. (except Tarzan seems 더 많이 loyal, kind hearted and less likely to lie) Both Tarzan and 알라딘 have impecible wit, Tarzan has 더 많이 intelligence than wit though.

I would like to experience the kingdom scene from tangled

It seems like fun. Going to the 도서관, 라이브러리 and reading, doing art work, eating cupcakes, dancing then finishing it off with lanterns. Seems like *Rapunzel voice* BEST 일 EVER!!!

I would want to live in Jasmine's 성
Have 당신 seen her room! It's beautiful! Plus the fountain, the 왕좌, 왕위 room is cool minus that elaphant throne. There wouldn't be much cold weather, I would have doves and a freaking tiger. It's just gorgeous! The palac has a wierd shape to it, but I wouldn't mind. GOLD and WHITE color scheme too (those are my 가장 좋아하는 colors) :3

I would want Pocahontas's hair
I have belle's hair as of now I guess, but it would be AWESOME TO HAVE Pocahontas's HAIR! It's so long and rich. Like <3 I 사랑 it! It's not thick like Jasmines hair but not to thin like Mulan's. Maybe it's a bit long but I could cut it. It's naturally black too. Just AHHH! A girl can dream...

I would want the Belle's eyes
I have brown eyes, but Belle's seems 더 많이 hazel/almond I 사랑 that, I'm not a 팬 of colorful eyes (though they are really pretty) i much prefer brown and boring colors.

I would want the Ariel's 노래 voice

Forget Elsa! Forget Mulan! Jodi Beson's voice is so sweet, youthful and soothing like its perfect. I may not be as spectacular as Mulan/Jasmine's 또는 Elsa's but I just 사랑 it!

I would want Belle's dress blue peasant dress
It's very feminine but still practical and form fitting. Not to restricting either though I would 사랑 to have Cinderella's silver dress, this is the perfect choice. It's simple and lovely.

That's my 디즈니 dream. I hope 당신 liked it. Don't 당신 just wish 당신 could hop into a 디즈니 film? It would be AWESOME. Thanks for reading! :D I hope my awkwardness didn't scare 당신 off :3