OK, I just got finished watching 겨울왕국 and what did I think about it?

It. Was. GREAT!!!

Let me start off with the animation. Fantastic. The visuals are stunning, especially when Elsa uses her powers. Hell, she practically steals the show in this category. The lighting and brightness in this film were great; during the dark and light scenes to be specific.

Now for the songs. From 상단, 맨 위로 to bottom, the songs are fantastic. From "Love is an Open Door," to "Let It Go," and "For the First Time in Forever." Although I'd have to say my least 가장 좋아하는 one would be "In Summer," mainly for the visuals and I wasn't too fond of the lyrics.

Now I'll get onto the characters.

First, there's Anna. Anna is a great character. She is bubbly and at times, she's awkward and clumsy. And she is fearless and strong. Now I've said in a 이전 기사 about Belle that strong females in general annoy me, but unlike Belle, Anna is not perfect. She makes mistakes and has poor judgment; the perfect example being her relationship with Hans. Plus, she isn't preachy and doesn't always succeed at everything she does, plus when 당신 see her at first, she doesn't really come off as the ultimate role model. Anna is definitely a cut above the usual 디즈니 Princess.

Next, there's Anna's sister, Elsa. Elsa is quite possibly one of the most powerful 디즈니 characters ever. She's able to make a permanent winter, she can make ice castle, snow monsters, icicles, and blizzards; she can even stop a snowfall. She's quite possibly almost as powerful as Maleficent. I'd 사랑 to see the two of them duke it out in a fight. Honestly, I would've like it if she were the villain, but it's nice to see her show concern for what she's done and how it affects the people of Arendelle.

Olaf the Snowman is OK. He can be annoying at times (but hey, what 디즈니 comic relief character isn't), but he's harmless and can be funny and I like that he was willing to let himself melt just to keep Anna alive. I also like how he what to know what heat is like. No other snowman has thoughts like that.

Sven is also OK. Not much to say about him. He's Kristoff's best friend and that's it. I do like how Kristoff seems to understand him though.

And speaking of Kristoff. He's great too. I have to admit, I came into this movie expecting him to be a stick in the mud, but he was comical at times, especially when it came to his 사랑 of snow, and his relationship with Anna was a nicely built one.

다음 is Hans, our dashing villain. Now, I gave 더 많이 than my two cents in a 이전 기사 how I felt about him being the villain, but after seeing this movie.......yeah, I still kinda feel the same way. However, I will say this, in terms of the story itself and the moral, Hans is a perfect character. He serves the point well of how 당신 shouldn't just go off and marry someone 당신 just met, because they may not turn out to be who 당신 think they are. In that sense, Hans is a great villain. I just hope that if there is a 겨울왕국 2, that Hans will redeem himself. I'd really like to see that.

Overall, in what is being considered a 초 renassiance era for Disney, "Frozen" is yet another great addition. It proves that 디즈니 is back to the glory it once had, capturing the magic and majesty as if it was crafted 의해 the hands of Walter Elias 디즈니 himself.