Well, it seems like everyone has done such an 기사 after dimitri_'s excellent idea so here's mine:

1. What name would 당신 change yours to?

Aurora. I 사랑 how it sounds and its meaning and also I'd 사랑 it if people were calling me Rory.

2. Which skills would 당신 like to develop?

I would definitely want to have Pocahontas' ability of climbing on the trees, jumping off the rocks and doing everything she does during Just Around The Riverbend.

3. Who would 당신 want for a parent?

I really 사랑 my parents, but if I had to choose, I'd like to have Mulan's parents, they adore her and are proud of her when she's herself.

4. Who would 당신 want for a best friend?

Mulan. She's very funny, clumsy and insecure just like me, so I think we'd get along very well and we'd understand each other completely.

5. Who would 당신 want for a boyfriend?

Flynn!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 Sorry Eugene.... I don't think I need to explain, he's f*cking perfect.

6. Which dance scene would 당신 like to experience?

Cinderella's dance scene. I find it very romantic and sweet.... *sigh*

7. Which place would 당신 want to live in?

Where Pocahontas lives. The sight is stunning and I would really 사랑 living in nature.

8. Whose hair do 당신 want to have?

Rapunzel's long hair. Yeah, I know, it's not very convenient but I was always dreaming of having that hair. I used to put a towel in my hair to make them look longer...

9. What about eyes?

Merida's eyes. That color is sooo beautiful... My eyes are just boring brown. :(

10. Whose 노래 voice do 당신 want to have?

Tiana's. I 사랑 her voice and that last note in Almost There.... how can she do that?

11. Whose outfit would 당신 want to own?

Tiana's blue ball gown. It's simply gorgeous and very elegant.