I loved the 기사 about the dream life so I decided to make one

1. I would change my name to Rapunzel it seems like a beautiful name

2.I Want rapunzels skills shes really talented and I 사랑 HER

3. I want rapunzels mother the real one not mother gothel 또는 I would like jasmines father

4.i want Rapunzel as my best friend were so alike she would be fun to hang out with as we both share the same hobbies and dream

5.i want Eugene as my boyfriend Eugene supports Rapunzel and hes soo charming I just <3 또는 알라딘

6.i want belles dance with the beast its so romantic I 사랑 how they're both 로스트 away in their own dreams

7.I want to live in kingdom corona it looks beautiful I 사랑 the pictures of it
its my dream 집

8.I would like rapunzels long hair 또는 belles hair as their both really beautiful and is very unique
또는 jasmines hair

9. I want Rapunzel eyes their so pretty her eyes are like the best feature I 사랑 the shape the colour it just described beautiful

10.i want rapunzels 노래 voice I 사랑 her 노래 voice it remind me of me LOL her voice is just gorgeous

11. I would like rapunzels purple dress I 사랑 that dress it looks so simple and its not to puffy and 당신 feel free

LOL ik I want lots of rapunzels stuff
cant a girl dream?