My list never really changes, except for when new people are added to the lineup.

12. Rapunzel and Anna
They are both hyper active, annoying girls. There pretty much the same in looks and attitude. I really cannot STAND them. /.\

11. Mulan
The whole tough girl thing is not something I'm fond of in a princess. She is just too perfect,

10. Merida
Again, too much tough girl going on. She does not have a very good personality either.

9. Tiana
Realistic as can be, but that contributes to boring to me. Ohkay, she works hard and finds 사랑 and turns to a frog on the way. Cool?...

8. Belle
Bookworm, outcast. Nothing I have not seen before. I adore her 노래 voice and she is beyond beautiful!

7. Ariel
Rebellious, which is almost leaning toward tough girl, but i do not think she is to much. She is gorgeous and can sing too!

6. Jasmine
This chica is smart. She has wit, sass, and has the class I think a princess could have. She just isn't as pretty 또는 as to my tastes personality wise as much as the others.

5. Pocahontas
Gorgeous, powerful, strong. She is a 디즈니 classic. 사랑 her! Nothing negative, ohkay?!

4. Cinderella
Perfectly patient, admirable, and the 초 prettiest princess. Who could not 사랑 this girl. She is brilliant and I 사랑 her in my 상단, 맨 위로 five!!

3. Snow White
Great, developed character. For a fourteen 년 old, she is beyond gorgeous. Her voice is perf, along with her personality.

2. Elsa
Gorgeous, relateble, amazing, great singer, amazing wardrobe, personality on point. Just awesome!!

1. Aurora
Do I really need to explain?! The proof is in the pudding. (As in Aurora is amazing, even without explaing) She can sing, is gorgeous, shy, sweet, awesome. Too much great things to list!