So this is pretty 인기 in the 투표 의해 asking which of your unpopular opinions would 당신 agree with most. I decided if make an 기사 instead because it seems 더 많이 unique and stuff, so here 당신 go, I hope 당신 enjoy hating it :) 또는 maybe even agreeing with it.

I think Rapunzel is 더 많이 attractive than Elsa
To me I don't actually think Elsa is a gorgeous as everyone says. She has a very mature look but Rapunzel looks girlish and playful, I'd prefer that kind of look over Mature and Sexy any day. 당신 see, Elsa looks like a model, Rapunzel looks like that everyday beauty just with a brighter glow. 당신 know what I mean? I guess not, well, Rapunzel is known to be attractive but can't compare to the others because her eyes are 'too big' and such. But it doesn't bother me.
I'm not being biased 의해 the way because I look like Rapunzel, trust me, I'm an ugly version of her.

I think Merida is 더 많이 attractive than Rapunzel
This unpopular opinion isn't as unpopular as it was before now that Merida's beauty is being recognized and Rapunzel's is dropping down in being noticed. I just think Merida is prettier because of her eyes and how they outshine all of the other Princess' eyes. And Merida's hair. Yeah. Stuff like that. Merida is just gorgeous beyond compare when I see her.

I dislike the Prince from Snow White
He's rather well liked 또는 non-opinionized (what the heck, new word) on, but blah blah 당신 know the story. My brother is in 사랑 with Snow White and wants the Prince to back off, and so do I. I don't really like how he looks, but looks don't matter, scratch that. Though I don't care for his 'two 초 screening of personality.' Just kidding, though I just don't care for him, I'd be neutral on him with out my brother.

See the Light is the best 디즈니 Princess song
Yes, that includes the mighty Let it Go. So 80% of this so far was comparing Rapunzel 또는 라푼젤 to other 디즈니 Princesses and their movies. And don't be surprised if that's going to be my 다음 unpopular opinion.
I just 사랑 the 기타 in See the Light near the beginning. It fits the theme so well. Well, the theme with the guitar. 당신 know, I've just noticed a loooong time ago, most of the background 음악 is classic guitar. Where did that come from? I don't see how it fits the story but at the same time I can. I sound like Katniss right now, I'm not making sense. Well, the 기타 just has effect on me.
Oh and Eugene is in duet with Rapunzel and the scenery is just breathtaking. This is surprising to me, I mean, I watch 라푼젤 like, everyday yet it still hasn't gotten old to me. I'm going to be on the news. I'm just so awesome like that.

Tangled is better than Frozen
I told 당신 my 다음 opinion would compare Tangled. *Gets prepared for 겨울왕국 fangirl attacks* 겨울왕국 is overrated. There I said it. I know I said before that overrated was an overused word but I actually didn't like it as much as I thought. Of corse I still loved it. But 당신 know.... Even today {Mar.18 2014} that I am writing, I went out to Target to go get the movie and it's so hard to explain how crowded it was over at the movie section. I went and got a DVD copy and literally and little girl came and snatched it from me because everyone was fighting for a copy. I still got one, but it was hard.
Tangled, like I said before, has a magic affect on me. I used to live in Europe, I travelled to every continent before I turned eight believe it 또는 not, and I lived in Germany when I was six and seven. Near the places with the forests, no cities, small towns, chopping centers, it brings me back to memories and it's just a warm movie that I like to watch all the time literally.

I think Merida has one of the best personalities
I know she's starting to get 더 많이 recognition in good ways now, but she still has some hate. Merida is well rounded and she genuinely learns her lesson. She's not really perfect and she's basically the model of a real girl and what she should be like. Not in looks but in personality. A real girl makes mistakes often, and at least 50%, 더 많이 또는 less, have a bad relationship with a parent. She realizes she was wrong and literally apologizes in front of everyone. It takes a real 메리다와 마법의 숲 person to do that, admitting they were wrong the whole time. Also, when some say she overreacts I make a face like this: -___- Seriously? She hardly has free time and was forced to marry a suitor she didn't know at the age of sixteen. Honestly I think that's being biased.
She has the best personality for me because she realIzes what she does wrong through out the movie and like Tiana works for her goals. I'm not saying the others don't but I'm sure 당신 know what I mean.

That's only like, a small chunk but I'm in a rush, so thank 당신 for 읽기 :) 또는 skimming through, whichever.