This stunning picture of Elsa helped her obtain her 초 best picture in the competition Credit to:selinmarsou
Previously on DNTM: The girls fight to win in a 사진 shoot challenge and the 모델 pose in fashion dresses and needed to be elegant. Elsa, Ariel and Belle all do well while Pocahontas and 신데렐라 struggled. 신데렐라 was the model to be sent home. Only 7 princesses remain. Who will be eliminated next?

Confessionals After Elimination:
Elsa: I got best picture so I am happy but 신데렐라 was a friend of mine so I am sad she left.
Elsa confessional

Snow White: I am last classic princess left. I have to win this competition now for the classic princesses.
Rapunzel: 신데렐라 left and there are only 7 모델 left. I have to try harder now that there are less people.
Belle: I feel like I got a good feedback from the judges and I feel I can get 더 많이 good pictures.
Merida: I had a good picture but they didn't like my profile. I need to have my face towards the camera 다음 time.
Merida in the confessional

Ariel: I was told I looked like I was being a fashion model which is awesome.

Pocahontas: I was in the bottom two last week and need to improve. I was told I have to do 더 많이 in front of the camera.
Pocahontas in confessional (She looks stunning in this image BTW)

At The House:
Elsa: Mickey Mail! Tomorrow the fashion world will see 당신 uncovered 사랑 Mickey
Rapunzel: What does that mean?
Merida: I don't know.
Belle: Maybe our secrets will be revealed to everyone somehow
Snow White: I guess we will find out tomorrow.
Pocahontas to confessional: After John's death and me being in the bottom two it has made me very sad.

Runway show:
Ariel: Today we went backstage of a 통로, 활주로 show and saw Minnie.
Minnie: Hello. Today some of 당신 may be out of your comfort zone as 당신 will be modeling swimwear on a runway. This of course explains the Mickey Mail about 당신 being uncovered.
Merida to confessional: I have never walked around in a bikini in public before.
Snow White to confessional: I am not sure I am comfortable with this.
Rapunzel to confessional: I walk around in my underwear all the time so this should be fine
Minnie to confessional: Today we will be testing the princesses ability to adjust to situations that they may be uncomfortable with as being a model is not always as glamorous as it seems.
After the show Minnie evaluates the walks
Minnie: Some of the girls looked uncomfortable in the swimwear. The most notable examples were Snow White, Belle and especially Merida. Snow White and Belle at least have good 통로, 활주로 walks but Merida's walk was awful. Elsa looked uncomfortable at the beginning but she has a fantastic 통로, 활주로 walk and once she got into it she was great. Pocahontas and Ariel clearly were comfortable wearing a minimal amount of clothing but out of the two of them Ariel had the best walk. Lastly I think Rapunzel exerted a lot of confidence in her swimwear and the audience loved her.
Ariel and Pocahontas walking
credit to AerianR

credit to AerianR

Minnie to models: I felt that some of 당신 did well and some of 당신 didn't. Belle and Snow White 당신 have to be 더 많이 comfortable in swimwear. Merida your walk needs a lot of improvement. Pocahontas 당신 were confident but your walk needs a little 더 많이 improvement.The best three 의해 far were Elsa, Ariel and Rapunzel. 당신 all had confidence and great walks. The winner will be immune from elimination this week.
Elsa: Are 당신 serious!
Ariel: Really?
Rapunzel: Wow!
Minnie: Yes that is right. This is to show how important these challenges are to the judges. The winner who get immunity from elimination is:

Ariel: I can't believe it!
Minnie: Yes and also as a prize 당신 and two 프렌즈 will be getting free swimwear.
Ariel: I pick the other two best, Rapunzel and Elsa
Elsa and Rapunzel: Thanks!

Back at the house:
Ariel, Rapunzel and Elsa see the swimwear.
Elsa: I 사랑 this swimwear! I have to go swimming 더 많이 often now.
Rapunzel: I shall wear these now all the time.
Belle to Rapunzel: Where would 당신 wear this swimwear apart from when 당신 are swimming?
Rapunzel to Belle: I will find somewhere.
Snow White: Mickey Mail! Can 당신 get a head of your competition in the 다음 사진 shoot? 사랑 Mickey
Merida: What does that mean?
Elsa: Maybe we are like racing each other.
Belle: We might be doing 사진 of just our head.
Rapunzel: 당신 mean like a mugshot?
Ariel: For all we know we might be doing a mugshot 사진 shoot.
Ariel to confessional: I am immune from elimination so I can relax a bit 더 많이 in this 사진 shoot.
Pocahontas to confessional: I need to do better this 사진 shoot.
Merida to confessional: I did awful in the fashion show so I need to do well tomorrow
Snow White to confessional: I didn't do well today in the fashion show so I am really worried for the 사진 shoot.

Photo Shoot Studio:
Donald: Welcome to today's 사진 shoot. Today 당신 will be doing beauty shots. Beauty shots are shots of your face only and no body at all. This will be a great way for the judges to see how good 당신 are at beauty shots as your final 사진 shoot in the final three will be for Cover Princess make up and that will be a beauty shot. The beauty shots today will be very natural and environmental. Now go to hair and make up.
Ariel to Merida: I think I can do well in this shoot
Merida to Ariel: Me too I feel the same way.

Donald to confessional: Ariel was the first model. She was just stunning. Her eyes caught the camera and I think that her not worrying about elimination made her 더 많이 relaxed about the shoots. Snow White today was a struggle which is rare. In the middle of her shoot I talked to her and she started crying. After that she did well but 당신 could still see her tears.
Snow White: I started crying and I had to be talked to, to actually get a good shot. I am concerned.
Donald:Pocahontas was way better then last week but I wish she had 더 많이 emotion in the eyes. But I am still impressed with her performance.
Pocahontas: I did better than last week which is great.
Donald: Belle was disappointing. Her face was posing almost behind a curtain and she kept looking her eyes upwards and it didn't look flattering.
Belle: I did badly and am concerned.
Donald: Elsa, for the 초 week in a row, was fantastic. Her eyes and hair and her facial expression was just perfect. I think her and Ariel are tied for best of the day.
Elsa: I did awesome again!
Donald: Rapunzel was good but not great which is what we have been getting from her for a while now. I want to see the Rapunzel from when we did the evil 사진 shoot and the college shoot again. The Last of the 일 was Merida. Her setting which she posed in was beautiful but she didn't add much to it. Her hair was beautiful but got in the way too much.
Merida: I didn't do well. I hope that I still got a good photo.

Back at the house:
Belle: Mickey Mail! Tomorrow 당신 will meet with the judges. Only 6 will continue on in the hope of becoming Disney's 다음 상단, 맨 위로 Model.
Merida: I am so nervous. I don't want to go home.
Rapunzel: I am too
Ariel: I am not.
Elsa to Ariel: Maybe they will revoke your immunity because 당신 are too egotistical
Ariel to Elsa: Don't get your hopes up.
Ariel to confessional: This is probably the only time I will ever not be nervous for the judging.

Judging Panel:
Judges Mickey Mouse, Magic Mirror, Minnie and Donald 오리 sit at a large judging desk. The 7 princesses are standing on a small platform in front of them.
Mickey: Hello. Today we will evaluate the pictures where 당신 did your first ever beauty shot. First up is Rapunzel:
Credit to:Artipelago

Minnie: Your eye are gorgeous and your smile is great.
Magic Mirror: I agree but I think it is just good and not great like earlier in the competition.
Donald: I feel the same as Magic Mirror it is a good 사진 but not great.
Rapunzel: I will do another great picture.

Mickey: 다음 is Elsa
Credit to:sakimichan

Mickey: Stunning
Magic Mirror: I 사랑 the eyes and the hair. The smile is a bit awkward but it doesn't take away from your beautiful face.
Donald: Like last week 당신 were fantastic. I am so happy with your performance.

Mickey: 다음 is Snow White
credit to:yourpsychotherapist

Magic Mirror: I 사랑 it, and like how the tears give emotion to the photo.
Donald: 당신 only gave a good 사진 when 당신 started to cry and give emotion. 당신 need to learn to give emotion without physically crying.
Snow White: Okay I will

Mickey: 다음 is Ariel. Before we go on Ariel has immunity from elimination because she won the challenge.
credit to ryky

Minnie: 당신 don't need immunity from elimination with a photograph like this.
Mickey: I 사랑 the eye and the hair and the face.
Donald: I felt that since 당신 weren't worrying about elimination 당신 were 더 많이 relaxed about the shoot ,which is a good thing.
Ariel: I felt 더 많이 relaxed

Mickey: 다음 is Merida
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Minnie: 당신 look scared almost and that isn't high fashion.
Donald: The scenery of the photograph almost takes over. 당신 need to learn to work with the face better but I do feel like 당신 have potential.
Merida: I will
Magic Mirror: Too much hair in the way, it needed to be controlled better.

Mickey: 다음 is Pocahontas
Credit to AikaXx

Magic Mirror: Now this is how hair is used properly in a photograph. The hair looks great but it still doesn't overshadow the face.
Pocahontas: thanks.
Mickey: I wish there was 더 많이 intensity in the eyes.
Donald: I thought this week 당신 were pretty good. Still got some work to do but 당신 managed to get a great picture.

Mickey: Lastly Belle
Credit to Lady-Mayev

Donald: 당신 look worried and concerned. I don't think 당신 know how to show different emotions with your face.
Mickey: I agree it isn't high fashion enough.
Minnie: I disagree I think this is a good 사진 but it could definitely be better.
Mickey: Thanks so much everyone. The judges will deliberate in private and we will decide who is eliminated

For the first time - Private deliberation 의해 the judges
Mickey: It is time to delibirate and decide who should go home. Last start 의해 discussing the model who is immune from elimination Ariel. Keep in mind that she will still be ranked along with the rest of the girls but she cannot be in the bottom two.
Magic Mirror: I 사랑 Ariel, I think she didn't need immunity and should be ranked near the top.
Donald: I agree with Magic Mirror
Minnie: I feel that both Pocahontas and Elsa both did very well this week. I also adore Rapunzel's photo.
Magic Mirror: Rapunzel isn't getting any better. If we keep her in the competition any longer she probably won't get any better.
Mickey: I think we should keep her in one 더 많이 week to see if she improves.
Magic Mirror looks at Mickey like he is crazy.
Minnie: I think Merida should go home. She just isn't a model.
Donald: I disagree. She has made a vast improvement since the beginning and has taken great photos. I think Belle should go 집 as she just isn't getting it.
Minnie: Belle has great modelling ability.
DonaldI(sarcastic): As proven 의해 this great photo
Minnie(sarcastic): Same with Merida and her photo.
Magic Mirror: While I think neither of them did well I think Snow White should leave.
Donald: Why?
Magic Mirror: If 당신 need to physically cry to get an emotion in a beauty shot 당신 are not a model.
Minnie to Magic Mirror: I thought 당신 wanted Rapunzel to go home?
Magic Mirror: I want a lot of them to go 집 Minnie.
Donald: 당신 have the deciding vote Mickey. Who do 당신 think should go home?
Mickey: I do feel that one of the girls has less potential than the others and I do agree with one of 당신 three. The person who I want to go 집 is......

After Deliberation
Mickey: Every week judging is even tougher than the week before and deciding who is going 집 is always an argument between the judges. However one of 당신 has to go home. I have 6 사진 in my hand and the 사진 represent the 6 모델 who will still be in the running to becoming Disney's 다음 상단, 맨 위로 Model. The princess to get best picture is:
Mickey: 당신 had immunity but with a picture this gorgeous 당신 didn't need it. Keep in mind 당신 could have been ranked anywhere but the bottom two so 당신 getting best picture is not because 당신 have immunity.
Mickey: For the 초 week 당신 have done well. Good job.
Elsa: Thanks.
Mickey: Big improvement over last week
Mickey: The judges feel like 당신 are still taking good pictures but 당신 are wowing us anymore.
Rapunzel: I will improve.
Snow White
Mickey: This 사진 is good but the fact 당신 had to cry to get it concerns our judges.
Snow White: I will do better.
Only two 모델 remain Belle and Merida
Mickey: Would Belle and Merida please step forward. Belle, the judges feel like 당신 don't know how to give different emotions with your face and that your 사진 are just not spectacular. Merida we think 당신 have made the biggest improvement out of anyone here but is that improvement enough to keep your pictures to the same standard as the other girls? The model still in the running towards become Disney's 다음 상단, 맨 위로 Model is:
Belle collects her picture as Merida holds in tears. Merida hugs Belle and the rest of models.
Merida to princesses: Good luck everyone
Merida to judges: Thanks and goodbye.

Merida's Last Words
Merida: No one expected me to make it to the 상단, 맨 위로 7 모델 and everyone thought I would get eliminated first. However I wasn't and I pushed through and did well. I hope I can continue modelling and this won't be the last time 당신 will see me.

Photo Montage:

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Next Time on DNTM: The 모델 network at a high fashion party and the girls go into a whole new world in their 사진 shoot.

(Authors note: I hope 당신 liked it and don't mind that for the 이미지 the artists are different. Merida is gone and I guess a lot of 당신 are surprised she managed to stay so long but I saw potential in her. Hope 당신 liked 읽기 this article.Who do 당신 think is getting eliminated next? Who do 당신 think will win now? What do 당신 think of everyone's photos? Write what 당신 think below in the comments)