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 Looking good guys!
Looking good guys!
Well this be the princes princecatcher93 has caught to keep 또는 let go. (Tell me if I didn't make that sound like a fishing show 또는 something?)

10: Eric
If 당신 know me well enough 당신 know I really HATE PRINCE ERIC!!! I'm going to TRY TO KEEP MYSELF CALM WHILE I WRITE THIS!!! I really don't see what the big deal is over this guy. I felt like he's the middle of the princes, not underdeveloped like the classic three but not amazing and has a great personality like every prince after him. He's just there! My whole childhood I could name all the prince but him because he wasn't anything really to me. He's boring and GOD I'M moving on before I burst 또는 something.

9: Shang
Shang scares me okay. I don't like his temper and I find him really boring at times. But he's cool and nice looking (If he cut off that ponytail). I never thought of him as a prince because he didn't seem to stick out to me much as a prince.

8: Adam/The Beast
Personally I 사랑 him a lot better before he fell in 사랑 with Belle (Isn't that the same way with all the princes and princesses?"), I loved my big grumpy kitty prince. But when he did fall in 사랑 with Belle, I knew he wouldn't last long as my favorites. He's cool but not as cool as the other princes.

7: Prince Charming
I like Charming for so odd reason (Eric 팬 "Must be odd if 당신 have him this high!" Me "Quiet Down Fish!"). He does live up to his name Charming. I know he gets his hate for being boring and a big headed princes but I'm pretty sure most of us wouldn't like to have a big party where we have to find a wife 또는 hubby. He has an amazing voice and isn't really that bad looking to me.

6: John Smith
I really don't have that much to say about him. I like him but not as much as the others. I find him to be a pretty good character, not to boring but sadly not to amazing. He's just right. He has great lines that 당신 have to listen closely to so 당신 can understand, he's funny, and also like a lot of the princes I have this high 또는 higher not that bad looking.

5: Prince Phillip
He has fallen for me. When I started 팬팝 he was second, now he’s fifth 또는 sixth. I 사랑 him but something about him isn’t that cool for me compared to the others. I like his cockiness to his father and his relationship with his horse. Plus I find him to be the King of the 디즈니 Princes with the way he fought a Dragon *Gives big Dream girly-girl eyes*. I hate myself for putting him down here but my 상단, 맨 위로 five/six I 사랑 a lot. He’s 노래 voice is also amazing…I’m moving on before I 옮기기 him up

4: The Prince
Now, I know this maybe one of the highest rankings he gets to see and I’m sure I killed of all the fangirls and boys of the princes below him but I have to say. I 사랑 the Prince. He is the true Dream 보트 of 디즈니 Princes and males. I pull off an Eric every time I watch SWatSD with his voice. It just so dreaming! I also 사랑 how he didn’t grab Snow White and just sang to her. Also he hunted the world for her!!! MY 심장 IS SWELLING WITH HAPPINESS, JOY AND BABY BUNNIES AND I WILL NOW SING ONE SONG!!!!

3 (Tie): 알라딘 and Kristoff
My number threes are tied so I’ll tell 당신 want I like about each.

알라딘 was my 가장 좋아하는 디즈니 Princess growing up; he was cocky, cute and funny. I liked how he’s kind of the odd ball out for the older princess. He’s was the first princess I looked up to growing up, I wanted to be just like him in every way…then I learned he wasn’t a princes but a prince (I was a messed up kid growing up and I still am). I 사랑 his relationship with Abu (Best Prince and Animal relationship hands down) and the way he’s out to make friends. But one thing I don’t like which made him get tied, was he didn’t man up to his lies on time (This makes princecatcher sad and so she goes and cries on her other 상단, 맨 위로 2’s laps) but he does restore himself to his true glory in the end. He’s still my 가장 좋아하는 Childhood Princess!

Fact about Kristoff, the autocorrect on my laptop keeps on changing his name to 키스 Off so if 당신 see that and not Kristoff it’s because I left it there. Kristoff is the newest to be addion to the line up, like the last newest prince he doesn’t bring that much new to 디즈니 Men IMO but like my favorites is he does bring old stuff but he brings it ten times better then they down. I 사랑 how he hides himself behind this mask of being grumpy and tough all the time (Like Ralph) but he is a big sweetheart under all that toughness and grumpiness (Like Ralph and I like Ralph). He doesn’t care for Anna at first but soon he starts to like her not as much as Sven (Who ships Svenoff?). I 사랑 how he left his troll family to get Anna back home, (I want 키스 Off Hugs!). I’m glad to invite him into the prince line up. He’s great but not as great as my 상단, 맨 위로 2 IMO.

2: Naveen
I really don’t know why I like him so much. I find him to be very caring about Tiana even at the beginning of the movie he just didn't want to show it. He’s funny, sexy, caring, good looking. I know this sounds lame and 팬 girlish but I personally 사랑 a guy who is whiling to change himself for someone because they wanted something else. Every time I watch that seen 또는 see pictures it gets me right in my hearts (Yes I have two of them). I always loved how when he was a frog he just acts like, 'Yeah this happens to me everyday.' while Tiana is flipping out. He just always seems to be full of light and reminds me of one of my 가장 좋아하는 movie characters (The one and only Tony Stark). He could take my place for first if it wasn't for the fact that my first left a lasting impression on me.

1: Eugene Fitzherbert/Flynn Rider
Yep, 당신 all know I'm a Rider fangirl. He was the first 디즈니 prince that made me think in so many different ways. I have to explain both Flynn and Eugene just a bit for 당신 to understand why I like him. Flynn Rider is selfish, cocky, he comes across as a guy who doesn't care about anything but what he wants and yet he seemed to be hiding something and he is, Eugene Fitzherbert is so different, he's sweet, caring, a little awkward, 메리다와 마법의 숲 and selfless. Now what I meant 의해 hiding something is all in his real name, Eugene means, son of royalty meaning he could be royal but I just learned something about his last name, Fitz means Bastard Son of and Herbert means Herbert so his last name means Bastard son of Herbert which guessing doesn't make him the most loved person on earth with other people which takes in the fact of the lines between him and Rapunzel, "For the record, I like Eugene Fitzherbert 더 많이 then Flynn Rider," and him saying, "You'd be the first," *Heart breaks in to thousands of pieces*. He selfless gave himself up for Rapunzel not caring about if anything happened to her. Also he's voiced 의해 one of my 가장 좋아하는 actors Zachary Levi.

So there 당신 have my long lame ranking of the 디즈니 Princes. 코멘트 in angry if 당신 agree and 코멘트 in happiness and bunnies if 당신 disagree. With 사랑 princecatcher93
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Well, I just listened to all of the German versions of the 겨울왕국 Soundtrack, since dclairmont and euny 게시됨 them all here on Fanpop!

I will not include the two opening songs, and fixer upper.

I'll start off 의해 first giving 당신 access to the songs, and have 당신 formulate your OWN opinion before I present mine. Since, well, I don't want my opinion to sway what 당신 would originally think.









Well, I guess 당신 should listen to them now?


Do 당신 Wanna Build a Snowman?:

Cute. Absolutely adorable. The lyrics are translated in a way that it still has the same...
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Coming in last place in the countdown is Ariel. This spunky little princess sets a good example with her determination and willingness to never give up, even when the going gets tough. But she also was berated 의해 the community for her reckless decisions and called selfish for leaving her family.

8.Snow White
Snow White is known for her upbeat attitude. Her kindness and positivity toward everyone is a good trait that others should imitate. But she is also disliked 의해 the community for her total weakness and inability to stand up for herself, as well as...
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당신 voted, and here they are- the members of the 2011 디즈니 Princess 팬 Lineup!

Princess Jen- Our Main Princess
Username: princesslullaby
Favorite Princess: Ariel ♥
Least 가장 좋아하는 Princess: Aurora
Hobbies: Spending time on fanpop, playing the piano, singing, hanging out with my friends, taking care of animals....I don't really have a consistent hobby, I do knew things everyday
Disney Character I'm Most Like: Oh god. I should really think about it further, but I'm lazy, so I won't. Definitely Megara, which I am not necessarily proud to say. I have actually had numerous, NUMEROUS people tell...
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겨울왕국 (2013)
animated film
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디즈니 Princesses are often criticized. And while I see some negative points in the franchise, mainly its tendency to reduce the characters to pretty woman in glittery clothes, I also think that those people who rage against the Princesses as if they are the devil incarnates (it’s frankly disturbing), overlook something: They are not just puppets. They are characters in movies, and those 영화 are way 더 많이 feminist than some people give the credit for. At least they should get some credit for being 영화 with female protagonists – god knows there are not a lot of them out there. But let’s...
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