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 Loving the hair
Loving the hair
Recently, I have done a public 투표 to find the prettiest princess. It was very interesting to watch the results change 의해 the hour. Most of the outcome was as I had expected, but some things may surprise. Thanks to all 52 people who voted, especially those who ranked all 11.

11. Merida
Yes, to NOBODY’S surprise Merida is last. To be honest, I was kinda hoping she wouldn’t be. I like Merida. I guess people just didn’t think she’s as pretty as the other princesses.

Merida was originally joint tenth with Rapunzel, but due to commented votes, ‘Punzie’ wins.The voters felt that Merida’s eyes were nice but oddly shaped. They also felt her face was a bit broad. Not even her hair (which I LOVE) could save Merida from the bottom spot.

10. Rapunzel
Nobody was feeling the 사랑 for the 3D CGI princesses. ‘Punzie’ comes in just behind Merida. Personally, I think Rapunzel is extremely stunning in some scenes but others were annoyed that her eye size and hair length kept changing throughout the movie. I guess Rapunzel was cute, but not beautiful.

9. Snow White
Snow was originally joint 8th with Cinderella, but the majority of commenters preferred Cindy. Snow’s look is very ‘sweet’ and ‘innocent’ and ‘simple’. People find her expressions bland but her hair looks nice as it contrasts with her skin. Though sweet, she is lacking the beauty that higher ranking princesses poses.

8. Cinderella
신데렐라 has often been placed as one of the prettiest, which is why her low rank surprised me. I think the problem was that Cindy was often ranked third 또는 fourth, but not first. The apparent ‘lack’ of nose may have been a black mark against her in this poll.

7. Mulan
뮬란 often ranked 6th to 10th in the grand scheme of things. Based on this, 7th place was a very respectable finish. 뮬란 is beautiful, but in a 더 많이 subtle way. In some scenes I find her simply adorable. If only she hadn’t spent most of the movie dressed as a man. Altogether, I feel 뮬란 deserved her position.

6. 재스민 속, 재 스민
‘The desert rose’ 재스민 속, 재 스민 ended up in 6th position. Nobody had much to say on the subject of 재스민 속, 재 스민 so I’ve been left to make assumptions. On the one hand, Jasmine’s eyes are striking. On the other, they seem too large and oddly shaped. The confusion about ‘earrings’ and ‘ears’ may also be a factor in her lack of support.

5. Pocahontas
Pocahontas was described as ‘gorgeous’ 의해 the voters. To be fair, I’d have to agree. Her long, luscious hair is even 더 많이 captivating than Merida’s and Rapunzel’s. Her ‘natural’ elegance and beauty was also very appealing.

4. Ariel
As a human 또는 as a mermaid, the general consensus is that Ariel was beautiful. She’s extremely striking with her red hair/blue eye combo. Even her lips highlight her specialness. The only problem I’ve ever encountered with Ariel is the ‘pink dress’ thing. I think it clashed with her hair colour and ruined her otherwise flawless wardrobe.

3. Belle
This one was probably the biggest surprise out of them all. I was certain Belle was going to win 의해 a long stretch (as she often does). She was also referred to as ‘gorgeous’ 의해 the voters. I think what stopped her winning is her lack of any incredibly rare feature. Her eyes are warm and beautiful, but their not shocking like Ariel’s.

2. Aurora
Ah, Briar Rose. Another one with stunning eyes. Her big scene is when she first wakes up from her spell and smiles. I think that is the point that everybody realised she was beautiful. It has been said before that her eye colour changed a lot throughout her film. This may be why she just missed out on first place.

1. Tiana
Tiana was called ‘really pretty’ and ‘simply beautiful’. One voter even went straight out and said she was flawless 의해 commenting ‘she doesn’t have a single unattractive feature’. Her dimples and hair really compliment her eyes. There can be no doubt among the voters that she was 의해 far the prettiest princess.

That concludes our countdown. If 당신 enjoyed it 또는 want me to write 더 많이 articles, please 코멘트 ;) I was thinking of doing another countdown once 겨울왕국 is released. Thoughts?

 Our winner!
Our winner!
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Funny Pocahontas Review 의해 Nostalgia Chick continued.
nostalgia chick
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Merida's condition gradually worsened. The cut on her leg was badly festered, she was still unconscious, her breathing was rapidly slowing down, and she spiked a fever. Mulan, Shang, Pocahontas, and John were waiting anxiously outside Kekata's tent. It wasn't long before Chief Powhatan joined them. "How is the girl?" he asked. "Not so good father." Pocahontas answered sadly. "In times like this, we must be strong for her." Powhatan replied. 뮬란 had tears welling up in her eyes.

"Excuse me for a moment." she said. She went to Powhatan's teepee and began to cry. She couldn't stand the devastation...
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Snow White stood up.

I can't let them give me up for adoption! she thought.

And then, she sat back down.

There is nothing I can do. I'm going to be given up for adoption, no matter what.

She decided to go walk for a minute.

When she was walking, she encountered someone. She could not see what they looked like, for their face was covered.

They accidently ran into Snow White.

"Whoops, sorry!" She said.

Snow White then took a risk she shouldn't have.

"Why are 당신 wearing that on your head? I know 당신 can't see through it."

All was quiet for a few seconds, and then the girl ran away crying.

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This video is just perfect.
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adam jacobs
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kitten version
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've always loved the friendships and family relationships shown in 디즈니 영화 and I really wish we could see 더 많이 of them. While romantic relationships are nice, I've always loved the raw emotions shown through these relationships and wanted to devote an 기사 to them. This list isn't really in any order 의해 the way. I really hope 당신 enjoy!! :)

10. Rapunzel and Mother Gothel

Hmm..I'm not even sure if this classifies as a relationship, but I just find the dynamic between these two characters to be fascinating. I 사랑 seeing how Gothel seemingly brainwashes Rapunzel and how their relationship...
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The Votes are In
4 days ago, I promised 팬팝 I would make an 기사 which is this one
and I made a 질문 asking which users remind 당신 of heroines and the results are going to be put into this article

Coolsinger198 As Princess Jasmine

Coolsinger198 represents Princess 재스민 속, 재 스민 in every way, Jasmines Smart, Helpful and stands up for her 프렌즈 and family just like coolsinger198.
Everybody voted for coolsinger198 as 재스민 속, 재 스민 and she really deserves it + her 프렌즈 tell her she's like Jasmine.

Coolsinger198 song

Manu962 As Elsa

Manu962 is like Elsa because they both stand up for what they believe...
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I cried at the ending!